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How to Start Curtain Business in Nigeria



Curtain Business in Nigeria

If you do not want to go into the clothing business another profitable business you can go into in Nigeria is the curtain business. So in today’s article, we will be guiding you on everything you need to know about curtain business in Nigeria. So read this article to the end.

Curtains are one of the most important materials used to cover the windows of homes. They are not just used for privacy but they are also used to beautify homes and offices. There are majorly two kinds of curtains. There are cloth curtains and there are window blinds.

Window blinds are most used for official purposes while cloth curtains are used for residential houses. These two types of curtains are expensive but Nigerians still buy them to beautify where they live.

Is Curtain Business Profitable?

Curtain business is a lucrative business because all homes and offices need curtains. It is impossible to live in a house without curtains. Curtains are a necessity. For this reason, many people will buy them whether they like it or not. If you go into the curtain business in Nigeria, you will make profits selling curtains and fittings to interior designers and homeowners.

There are different types of curtains containing different designs. Even customers that have curtains will change them regularly just to give their homes a different look.

Capital Needed to Start Curtain Business

The cost of starting a curtain and fitting business is intensive in Nigeria. This is why certain businesses can be regarded as medium or large-scale businesses. To start a curtain business in Nigeria, you will need a capital of #500,000 – #1,000,000. Your ability to start a business is determined by how fast you can get the capital.

How to Start Curtain Business in Nigeria 

Steps to start curtain business in Nigeria.

1. Conduct a Market Survey

The fact that curtains are a necessity does not mean that you should not conduct your market survey before going into the business. No matter how lucrative a business is you need to ensure that the business will be lucrative in the area you have chosen. And one of the best ways to be sure is to conduct your market research.

There are different ways to conduct market research, especially for new businesses. We have shared this in one of our articles. You should read how to conduct market research for more guidance on this. It has everything you need to know.

2. Write a Business Plan

Not all business plans are good enough however; all business ideas are good enough. There is the belief that no matter how unsure a business idea is, it can still be profitable if there is a business plan to back it up. On the blog, we have explained how important business plans are, so our readers know our stance on this.

It is important for you to write a business plan for your curtain business to make the business sale-proof. We have an article on how to write a business plan in Nigeria. You need to read the article for details on how you can go about this or contact us via our email address to write for you at a stipulated price.

3. Get your Required Capital

Due to the current situation of the economy, capitals are not easy to get. However, it does not mean that they are impossible. You need to get the capital needed to even start this business first before you can even proceed. There are many ways you can source for capital to start this business.

We have listed them in an article. You should read our post on how to get funding for your business in Nigeria for more guidance on this. 

4. Register your Business

Business registration is very important in Nigeria. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. You need to register your business so that you can be taken seriously as an entrepreneur. In Nigeria, the body responsible for business name registration is the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

We can also help with your business name registration. However, if you feel you have the time to do it yourself you should read our post on how to register your business name in Nigeria. This article contains a step-by-step guide to getting your business name registered within fourteen days.

5. Rent and Furnish your Shop

A shop is important. You need a place where you can stock and display your curtains. This is why you need to rent a shop. When renting a shop you need to make sure that the shop is not expensive and it is properly situated. After renting the shop, you need to furnish the shop so that you can arrange your curtains very well for display.

Led lights should be installed in your shop to help make your shop attractive to passersby (prospects).

6. Buy your Curtains and Fittings

As I mentioned earlier, there are markets in Lagos where you can buy your curtains at wholesale prices. These two major markets are Eko and Tejuosho markets. Depending on your location, you can go to either of these markets to buy your curtains.

It is important you note the prices of these curtains in order to be able to add your own profits before selling. Clothes curtains are usually sold in yards. So you need to know the prices of your curtains in yards. You can also buy fittings because anyone that buys curtains will certainly buy fittings too.

This is to make sure that your customers do not need to go anywhere else when it comes to anything curtain related. A tailor is also needed too so that when your customers are done buying their curtains it can be sown for them. You can hire a tailor to sew curtains for your customers.

7. Increasing Profits in Curtain Business

Increasing profits in your curtain business is not hard and should not be hard even if you are new to the business. If you know how to promote your products it will be easy for you to make profits from the business.

Here are a few ways you can increase sales in your curtain or window blinds business in Nigeria.

1. Inform your family and friends about the business so that they can patronize you.

2. Make sure your shop is properly located so that customers and clients can easily locate you for patronage.

3. Send proposals to interior designers to convince them to buy from you. You can read our article on how to write a business proposal in Nigeria for more guidance on this.

4. Promote your product on social media to get patronage from people staying far away from you.


The curtain business is a lucrative business in Nigeria. It is highly untapped because only a few are in the business. You can start the business today and start making a good amount of money year in year out.


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