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How to Make Money with Chapgpt (Proven Ways)



How to Make Money with Chapgpt

In today’s article, we will list, and explain the proven ways you can make money with chatgpt and what chatgpt is all about. So many bloggers and YouTubers have shared different ways this artificial intelligence app can be used to make money but many of them are not visible or actionable.

Those that are visible take time before they can be used to make money. In this post, all the various ways we will be mentioning are actionable. In fact, you can start making money immediately as long as you are ready to put in the work.

What is Chatgpt?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence Chatbot (chat robot) developed by a tech company called openAI. It was released in November 2022. The name Chatgpt was derived from four words. “Chat” which refers to its chatbot functionality and “GPT” which means Generative Pre-trained Transformer, a type of large language model (LLM).

ChatGPT is a sibling model to InstructGPT, which is trained to follow instructions in a prompt and provide a detailed response. Chatgpt is open to the public, anybody can use it. However, a paid subscription version was launched sometime in February.

How can You Access Chatgpt?

To access Chatgpt you need to first visit to create an OpenAI account. Once you sign in, you can start chatting with Chatgpt. To get your conversation started you need to ask it questions just like you ask Google questions. As I explained earlier, the artificial intelligence app is free to use so there is no limit to the answer it will give you when you ask it questions.

How Much Does it Cost to Use Chatgpt?

You do not need to spend your money to use Chatgpt because it is free regardless of whether you are using it to make money or not. However, there is a paid subscription option which costs 20/month. This paid subscription guarantees its users some perks such as faster response time, access to the internet through its plugin, and more. You can use Chatgpt to earn more even without paying for its subscription.

How to Make Money with Chatgpt

Below are the proven ways to make money with Chatgpt as a beginner.

1. Start a Professional Blog

This is one of the best ways you can start making money with Chatgpt especially if you are passionate about creating content and having a good side hustle. Chatgpt can help you to draft out content ideas and it can also create or write articles for you without spelling errors or drifting out of line all you need is to ask the question.

To start making money with Chatgpt as a blogger. You first need to create a blog. There are many blogging platforms for you to choose from as a newbie and different hosting companies. For different blogging platforms, we have Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Wix, and more.

You can choose any of these platforms to kickstart. For the hosting companies, companies like GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, DreamHost, and Hostinger amongst others. You can choose any of them as they are the very best through their outstanding performance.

You can create your website yourself or simply hire a professional to do it for you if you do not have the time. After creating your blog, you can then use Chatgpt to draft your first 10 topics. After doing this, you can then use the AI to write all the posts.

SEO plug-ins like RankMaths can help to make sure each of these articles is fully optimized before posting them. It takes a few days – months before your post starts ranking on search engines, especially Google. When your traffic start coming in, you can then monetize using Google Adsense, Adsterra, or any other advertising platforms.

Using Chatgpt to make money from blogging is very lucrative. This method is sure as long as you are consistent and patient.

2. Become a Copywriter

Another proven way you can make money with Chatgpt is to become a copywriter. Since Chatgpt is good at writing content all you need to do is to ask the artificial intelligence to write a sales copy for a particular product and it will up with it. Chatgpt is so good with writing content that it can also write in any tone with no grammatical blunder.

To start making money with Chatgpt today you need to first create a portfolio explaining what you do and mentioning different companies or businesses you can work for. Even if you have not worked for any company you can come up with at least one or two companies just for experience’s sake.

Adding this to your portfolio will make it attractive and irresistible. When you are done with all this, the next step will be to go online and start promoting yourself. To gain visibility easily you can also sign up on popular freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork to create campaigns.

To retain your clients you need to make sure you understand their expectations and perform beyond that. Making money with Chatgpt as a copywriter is a very good way because you can make a good amount of money in a deal.

3. Start a YouTube Channel

You can also make money with Chatgpt by starting a YouTube channel. It is possible. Let us explain how. One of these ways is by starting a faceless YouTube channel. To create content for your faceless YouTube channel you need to first create a channel using your Gmail account.

After doing this, you need to create a thumbnail and channel art for the channel. You can use Canva or any other graphic design app to do these. The moment you are done setting up your YouTube channel you can then proceed to use Chatgpt to check out the most profitable niche for you.

This AI tool can help you select and you can handpick the best suitable for you. After doing this, the next will be to use Chatgpt to draft your first 10 topics before you start creating articles for each of these topics. The moment this is done you can text-to-speech apps to convert your article into audio then use any audio-to-video app to convert your audio to video before uploading them on YouTube.

Thumbnails increase the click-through rates of your video so you will need to create attractive thumbnails for your videos. When your views increase and you have surpassed 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours you monetize your YouTube channel.

4. Write E-books and Self Publish them

The third way you can make money with Chatgpt is to use AI to create ebooks and sell these ebooks on Amazon KDP. Gone are the days you need the services of writers, editors, and graphic designers to create ebooks. Today, you can write ebooks and not spend any money making the ebooks.

Chatgpt makes it easier for you to get topic ideas, it can write an ebook for you and edit it. Then you can then use graphic designing apps to create a book cover. After doing all this, you can then put the ebooks on Amazon KDP to start making money from it. This kind of income can be regarded as passive income.

Money made from the sales of the ebook can be used to handle minor to major expenses.

5. Content Editing

If you are an average writer you can use this proven method to make money on Chatgpt. As a writer, you can also make money by editing articles, journals, and ebooks. And if you are not you can still make money with this method as long as you know how to prompt Chatgpt. All you need to do is to copy and paste your writing on the AI app and prompt it to either write in a particular tone or correct all the spelling mistakes.

To get clients as an editor you will need to create a portfolio. It is the portfolio you will promote on social media websites and freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork. Once your clients start connecting to you it will be very easy to finish their jobs because you are using artificial intelligence to edit their writings.

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing is another great way to make money with Chatgpt. If you have thousands of emails you can either make money through affiliate marketing or by directing leads to your own products. All you need to do is create sales copy for your products using Chatgpt to convince buyers to click through your links to purchase your goods.

Chatgpt is very good at creating sales copy all you need to do is give it a command and copy the sales copy to send to your email list then you start making money.


Inasmuch as Chatgpt is an artificial intelligence that performs some tasks, we should not completely rely on it to do all the jobs. There are some aspects that the human factor should come in to make the outcome come out completely well. There are more ways you can make money with Chatgpt however, the methods I listed above are still the most guaranteed or reliable ways.


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