How to Make Money on Pinterest: Fast Ways (2023)

Make Money on Pinterest
Make Money on Pinterest

In today’s article, you will learn how to make money on Pinterest. Pinterest is a distinctive social media network that encourages users to post a wide variety of content, with the goal of assisting users in finding fresh and interesting concepts. Each of the 431 million users of the attractive interface can compile a variety of photographs, links, and other content.

Pinterest has now made it possible for active contributors to access financial rewards as the platform continues to see exponential growth. We will go into greater depth about how you may use your Pinterest account to generate extra income.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest was introduced in January 2010, and ever since then, it has distinguished itself from the competition with its nifty and unique user interface elements. Users of the platform have the option to ‘Pin’ material to their very own board after browsing through products, photos, blog posts, and more.

These forums allow users to search through other forums and read suggested content from other users in a manner akin to traditional social media feeds. In order to foster a vibrant community on its platform, Pinterest also makes use of a messaging system that enables users to share boards and pins with their friends.

The website also makes use of Pinterest Lens, which enables users to examine pins and boards that are pertinent to the image they are currently viewing. As a result, you may utilize the camera on your smartphone to look up information on nearby objects and relevant products.

What are Creator Rewards?

Pinterest has established a sizable group of prosperous influencers after 12 years of operation. Early access to Pinterest’s Creator Rewards program, which provides qualified creators with access to financial rewards from the platform, was made available in October 2021.

The program pays influencers who create and distribute original content, especially those who are able to consistently achieve high reach and engagement. It should be mentioned that in accordance with Pinterest’s creator criteria, creators must complete a set of monthly goals in order to access the maximum number of incentives.

These reward targets are based on a monthly prompt that the platform created in order to motivate and inspire content producers to regularly produce original material. The prompt will have a detailed description, creative specifications, and payout details. Each month, creators are only permitted to submit one Idea Pin per prompt.

Pinterest Monetization Requirements

What prerequisites must you meet to be eligible for Pinterest’s creator rewards? Users must register for a business account on Pinterest in order to get any financial rewards. Either you can change your personal account into a business account or you can connect your contact information with a brand-new company account.

When you have accomplished this, you may access your analytics information and run advertisements on particular pieces of content. The Creator Rewards has its own sequence of requirements that must be met.

Here is a list of them:

1. 18 years of age or older is required.

2. Reside in one of the District of Columbia’s 5 wards or one of America’s 50 states.

3. Have a follower count of 250 or higher.

4. Produced three Idea Pins within the last 30 days.

5. 150 saves in the last 30 days are required for published pins.

6. Create unique stuff.

7. Access to the Pinterest app is required.

You can then begin applying for Creator Rewards if you feel that you have satisfied all of the aforementioned criteria. You must access your Creator Hub and click the “Earn” icon at the very top of the screen in order to achieve this. You can then submit your application after confirming your email address and accepting the terms and conditions.

How to Make Money on Pinterest through Affiliate Links

Pinterest now enables creators to make money through affiliate links in addition to the Creator Rewards. Similar to other pins, they can be made, and the original post can connect to the item or company. Additionally, by including a variety of pertinent and interesting tags, these pins can be improved for SEO.

This can help your business and Pinterest experience more visitors and interaction. Utilizing optimized images is also advised if you want to increase conversions on the site:

Here are a few pointers to help you create better images on Pinterest.

1. Images must be 1000 x 1500 pixels.

2. Make sure the typeface is readable and the text is written in an easy-to-read style.

3. Take away all human faces.

4. Make use of a captivating image.

The use of affiliate links by creators must be disclosed, it is vital to remember this. They do this in order to successfully monetize their material in accordance with the FTC’s rules. Simply include #ad or #sponsored somewhere in the post to make this information clear.

Top Ways to Make Money on Pinterest

All that’s needed for a Pinterest strategy to succeed is some planning. On Pinterest, there are numerous ways to earn money. Here are some alternatives to think about.

1. Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

This is the first way to make money on Pinterest. Accounts are managed by virtual assistants on Pinterest for other users. For brands, you may make pins, promote them, and schedule content. Create your own account to showcase your skills if you want to become a paid Pinterest VA. Then, promote your services on your website or by getting in touch with your preferred businesses.

2. Collaborate with Brands

Another way you can make money on Pinterest is to collaborate with brands. For shoppable concept pins, you can also work closely with brands to promote their goods and services. You should typically have a large number of followers and a lot of traffic to your pins before using this method. Create rates you’ll charge brands for individual pins and other content to monetize Pinterest in this way.

3. Offer Pinterest Consulting Services

You can think about providing Pinterest consulting services to other brands if you have experience developing your own effective Pinterest strategy. You must first show that you can use the visual search engine to market your own website. After that, advertise to other Pinterest users who want to profit from their Pinterest strategies.

4. Drive Traffic to Your Blog

You can make money on Pinterest by also driving traffic to your blog. Bloggers can also utilize Pinterest to increase traffic. If you monetize your website with sponsored content or affiliate links, your blogging income will improve. Your chances of having a profitable and successful blog increase with the number of visitors you attract through Pinterest.

5. Increase Visitor Volume to your Online Store

Pinterest can be a great tool to increase sales if you offer tangible goods. Make pins with images and links to your merchandise. Then your pins can increase brand recognition and drive more potential customers to your website.

FAQs on Making Money on Pinterest

Here are some often-asked questions about how to monetize the social media site Pinterest.

1. How Many Followers do you need to Make Money on Pinterest?

You can make money on Pinterest without having a million followers. In fact, using the previously described methods, anyone who uses affiliate links in their pins or sells things on their own website can earn money online.

2. Can You Make Money From Pinterest?

You can make money from your unique interests or hobbies. Utilize your enthusiasm to expand your Pinterest following and eventually make money off of it. Simply define your target audience and provide high-quality content for them.

3. Can You Get Paid to be on Pinterest?

If you are a member of the Creator Rewards program and your material satisfies the qualifying standards and objective requirements, Pinterest will pay you directly. Additionally, you can earn money using Pinterest by using Google Adsense to display adverts on your blog.

4. How Much Does Pinterest Pay Per View?

Regardless of your marketing goal, Pinterest, a must-have site for visual marketers, offers rather reasonable ad prices. If you’re looking to increase brand recognition, you should budget between $2 and $5 per thousand impressions (CPM).

5. How Much Do Influencers on Pinterest Make?

Although not many Pinterest influencers are wealthy, there are undoubtedly some who are. The top Pinfluencers of today receive an average of 1.8 million followers and make about $250,000 per year.


Pinterest is indeed a very dynamic platform that aids users in producing and disseminating insightful material to a larger audience. The platform may attract more influencers and see a quick increase in the production of interesting and shareable content as a result of the new monetization capabilities.

As a result, these features are assisting in the development of a new source of income within the growing field of influencer marketing. We think this article was beneficial if you wanted to learn more about earning money on social media using Pinterest.



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