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How to Toast a Girl Online: Facebook and WhatsApp



How to Toast a Girl Online

With the arrival of the internet, it is now possible to do almost anything from your sit WITHOUT pulling a muscle. You can NOW get to know people from all corners of the world and to do so many other things like apply for jobs, apply for VISA, pay bills and most importantly toast a girl without even seeing her face.

So we will be talking about how to toast a girl online on WhatsApp or how you can toast a girl on Facebook today because it is still the same format. You see, God bless the creator of WhatsApp & Facebook and the day it came into existence because if not for them, we will not be writing this article today.

The internet platforms specifically the WhatsApp platform have made so many heartbroken men meet love again. In fact, it has created more romantic stories than the regular story of Romeo and Juliet. In terms of meeting it has made so many men meet thousand ladies all at once unlike our traditional men (our fathers) that are limited to their immediate environments.

So if the internet can be a good thing in helping you to meet people specifically girls. How do you communicate with them (girls) when you like them or you have chemistry with them? We both know WhatsApp and Facebook is just a medium; it’s can’t toast girls online for us.

Well with the little experience I have gathered over the years from online dating experts, this is how to toast the women I fancy on WhatsApp. The killer guide on how to toast a girl online through social media (WhatsApp or Facebook).

What is Toasting?

For those of us here that don’t know what TOAST means, toast in Nigeria actually means asking a girl out on a date or telling her how you feel. Toasting a very popular word used by Nigerians as asking a girl out. The english word for toasting is wooing. In the eastern part of Nigeria chiking is used instead of toasting.

How to Ask a Girl Out on WhatsApp or Facebook

Here are steps to toast or woo a girl online though the whatsapp platform.

1. Know her DP and WhatsApp Status

You see it’s funny the way we men act today (I said we men because I used to do this also before I learned my lesson). We are always in a hurry to get nowadays maybe that’s part of the reason we are called the jet age generation. We love fast cars, fast deliveries, fast transactions, fast food, fast internet, fast everything.

We also like fast toasting. We want to toast a girl today and take her out on a date the next day. Please, that shouldn’t apply to toasting a girl online on WhatsApp except you already know the girl. In as much as women also like fast things, they do not like fast toasting.

Note: Only girls who are just in for the money will say YES when they are just meeting YOU. So I’ll say here take out time to know here from a distance after you’ve gotten her number, after all, she is not running away.

Take time to know what picture she uploads on her DP, pictures, and videos she uploads on her WhatsApp status also. Trust me, this will tell you more than what you need to know about her even without her saying a word (Social media always tells you about people’s personal life).

You unveiling her likes, if she is the clubbing type, a fashion freak, a business geek, a nerd, and so on will make her feel relaxed around you when you finally start chatting with her. This is the first step to toasting girls on Facebook or WhatsApp.

2. Use Her Interest to Chat with Her

Now that you’ve taken time to know her, it’s time to chat her up but please don’t start with you are beautiful, I like you and I want to date you. Start with something that fascinates you about her (something you see or like about her). Trash this line too ‘HI’ ‘I am so so so, I like you, will you love to be my girlfriend?’

That line is shameful, awkward, and lame. You will understand this if a girl has told you this to ask you out. I do because girls have used these lines on me and I must say it sounds awkward (even though I am a guy). Rather than sounding awkward and lame, tell her, for example, you love the gown she is putting on that she sew it herself.

That is if you detected she is a fashion freak. Then from there tell her your name and that you have been liking her DPs and her WhatsApp status. Keep the talk smooth and be calm. Take your time to understand her replies before answering her chats.

You can also use her replies to prolong your chat by using them to ask further questions (I do this almost every time and it works for me like magic). This is the second step to toasting a girl on Facebook or WhatsApp.

How to Toast a Girl on WhatsApp or Facebook (Examples)

You: Wow, I love the gown you’re putting on. Did you sew it yourself?

Tolani: Yes. I did. Please, who is this?

You: Oh fantastic! This is Ralph. One of the friends you’ve ignored.

Tolani: Ignored? First off, I don’t think I have a friend named Ralph.

You: Are you sure you don’t have a friend named Ralph? So you’re not just ignoring me, you’re denying me like the way Peter denied Jesus?

Tolani: LOL! First off, we are not doing bible study. So don’t bring the bible into this.

You: ehn ehn, because you know that’s my strong point abi?

Tolani: funny, I said I don’t know you o…

And so on…

3. Back Off for Some Time or Days

After chatting her for that little time it is ideal to back off for some days. I mean if the chat has ended at that moment.

For example, it ended at I don’t know you.

Let it sink and let her think (think of where she knows you).

And chat her again just at the perfect time again.

4. Use the ‘You are Intelligent’ Guide

Proof to her that She is Intelligent and you’re kind of attracted to Intelligent Girls. You see one thing I have noticed about girls/ladies/women (with the little experience I have so far) is that they like validations a lot. They are beings who like to hear validations from men. I talked more about this in father’s article.

Note: Women like to get validation from men. For Example, A beautiful girl who knows she’s beautiful still wants to hear SHE IS BEAUTIFUL from her boyfriend/fiance/husband. She wants to hear him say it, sing it to her ears every day and night. A lady once told me she loves it when her husband tells her how beautiful she is and she’s never tired of him saying it one thousand times.

Here, I am not saying you should sing it to her literally that she is special and intelligent except of cus you are Wande Coal or Justin Bieber. I am saying here that you should prove it to her. How do you prove this to her? With some chats…

How to Tell a Girl She is Special on WhatsApp or Facebook

You: Hey, What’s up? Do you know you sew really well?

Tolani: Hmm mmm,

You: Yes of cus, or you don’t believe in you?

Tolani: And who told you that?

You: Well, it shows from your response…

Tolani: Then you got my hmmmm wrong…

You: Ok then, So what are you doing about the promotion of the outfits?

Tolani: Well, there’s nothing on my mind for now.

You: How about visiting some boutiques here on the island and giving them irresistible proposals on some mouth-watering deals.

Tolani: hmmmmmmm…

You: You have started with this hmmm again. Don’t you believe your sewing is worth it? Seriously I would have patronized you if I had a boutique but I don’t. SO trust me when I say you sew really well (people need to hear about and know you) and your dresses should be worn by models on runways.

Tolani: Loooooool, now you’re overblowing the whistle.

You: No I’m not

And so on…

5. Tell Her What You like About Her

You: That’s why I really like you.

Tolani: Hmmmmm, I don’t get you know o.

You: stop pretending as if you don’t know what I’m saying.

Tolani: I do understand you; I’m just surprised at what you’re saying.

You: Is it strange when a guy says he likes you?

Tolani: LOL, I have heard that a million times.

You: So that means I’m the 1,000,001 person to tell you I like you right?

Tolani: You’re funny… So funny!

6. Demand for a Meet or Date

Tell her you’ll like to meet her (A date)

You: #smiles, I’m not shy about it, unlike other guys.

Tolani: Be shy na, as if that will help you.

You: LOL, will like to me to meet you one-day sha.

Tolani: Thank God it’s one day, not you saying very soon.

You: You’re very funny. What if I say today?

Tolani: Then you are in OYO…

You: #lol, Is it bad to hail from OYO state that means you can’t date an OYO man?

Tolani: I never said that o…

You: There’s this church program I’ll be attending by the middle of this month, will you like to go with me?

Tolani: Where is the church?

You: It’s on the island, Lekki.

Tolani: Ok, I stay on the island too. Let’s see how things turn out.

You: Ok then, I’ll chat you up before then but that doesn’t mean you should not chat me too when you feel like o.

Tolani: LOL, have we started dating?

And so on…

Yes, all your chats on toasting a girl on WhatsApp should look like this. I purposely gave this illustration on how you should go. I hope this helps. If you have any questions or you find any of the steps I’ve mentioned earlier confusing please ask in the comment section below.

Toasting a Girl on WhatsApp (What You Shouldn’t Do)

1. Do not compliment her beauty when you see her pic on her WhatsApp Display picture or status. If you have to do this, compliment her body part

Please stay away from her thighs and her breast when complimenting or else you will look like a jerk. Compliment the unbelievable parts like her nose, her ears, her lips, and so on, a birthmark if she has one that can easily be seen.

2. Do not flash money on her face or try to use the money to impress her

Most guys are always doing this I don’t know why. Please stop this if you do it makes you look like a jerk.

3. Do not choke her

Yes, don’t choke her, allow her breath. If you see that she is becoming tired of the messages, take a break, and only send her messages once in a while. How you do this is totally up to you.

4. Be funny but don’t be a comedian

I brought this to the last because I really need to stress it. Please don’t be a jerk all in the name of trying to impress a girl, in my case her Tolani. Be yourself and everything will flow easily. And note you might not get it right at the right time but with time it will surely be easy for you, in fact, too easy.

That’s all about this topic! I wish you success as you try it out on WhatsApp. Don’t forget don’t give up.


That is all on how to woo a girl online in Nigeria. Toasting is very easy online especially if you are scared of one on one with girls. When you scale through the toasting part it will be easy for you to be comfortable with her physically.


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