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How to Know a Wife Material in Nigeria: Top 5 Ways



How to know a Wife Material in Nigeria
Wife Material in Nigeria
Wife Material in Nigeria

Many men are still single today not because they can’t afford to marry a wife of their choice – someone they love but because they have not found a wife material – the woman who has all the characteristics of a good Nigerian wife.

Back then, during the time of our father’s singleness, it was easy for them to choose a wife due to proximity advantage and background checks and they also know which state in Nigeria has the best wife material but now it no longer this way.

The slay queen and the hunger for money from women had made it worse. I mean these days it’s hard to tell women who don’t want to slay even church ladies want to slay. Married women are even slaying more than single folks. This is why everybody doesn’t want to be left out.

But before we go into the full gist of this article, what is the meaning of wife material? For the TheInfoWorth blog readers who don’t know the full idea behind the meaning.

Who is a Wife Material?

Wife material” is a phrase that has two words “wife” and “material”, “Wife – which we all know the meaning and ‘material’ – which is used for a piece of cloth like Ankara, lace, trouser, and so on. The combination of the two words wife-material which means a wife as beautiful and treasured like an expensive clothing material, in other words, a lady with good wife qualities.

Who is a Husband Material?

We also have what we call ‘husband material’ which is a term used by single Nigerian ladies for a man who has all the qualities of a good husband but we are not talking about this today. So the question is – how do you recognize a wife material especially in a place like Nigeria when you’re desperately searching? I will say this is still a controversial question despite the fact that I told us the meaning earlier. So today I’m going to show us 5 signs I’ve mastered over the years to recognize a wife material.

Top 5 Qualities of Wife Material in Nigeria 

Here are 5 qualities a wife material must possess in Nigeria.

1. Dress Sense

They say the way you dress is the way you’ll be addressed. This fact has not changed until today especially now that nudity is now the other of the day. Where you see slay mamas putting on anything because they want to attract men, you will see wife materials putting on good clothes and still get noticed. For those who don’t understand the ‘good clothes,’ I’m talking about. The good clothes I’m talking about are clothes that are not expository in any form and are not too tight.

2. Make-Up Sense

Another quality of a wife material is they do not put on too much makeup. Yes, and that is probably the reason why you are yet to recognize her presence. She doesn’t like making noise with her make-up. A wife material will just rub a powder and lipstick for an outing. Sometimes, she may even get the make-up wrong. This is to tell you this is not number one on her charts.

There are days she will not be putting on any make-up at all so you might one to be very observant to notice her.

3. Money Management

This is another perfect want-notice-a-wife material when you see her. Wife materials are never impressed with how much you have and how much you can offer them. They are impressed with who you are and what you have upstairs. She wants to know you, your likes and dislikes, see how friendly you are with people, what you think about money and life in general – your perspective on life.

This is why they are not in a rush to be in a relationship with you. A wife material can decide to be your friend for years just to be sure you are who you say you are. She might not be as rich as you are, not even be able to afford the little things that make life sweet but she’s still satisfied with what she has. She values hard work.

4. Prayer Warrior

Wife material might not be Holy Spirit tongue-speaking but she’s prayerful. But the problem is – how do you recognize a prayerful girl when you barely know her in the first instance? I guess the answer here is to get close to her first – if you really like her.

5. Respectfulness

I’ve met ladies who just say “hi” and I’ve met ladies who really great. Most ladies who are wife materials don’t just greet you and be on their way. They take their time in making a connection. Questions like, how have you been? What have you been up to? How’s your family? And the rest makes you just want to continue the conversation after the exchange of pleasantries.

Aside from the way she greets, the way she respects men is also one of a kind. I’m not talking about the respect in which she goes around licking men’s shoes. No! I am talking about the due respect a woman is supposed to give a man she fancies. Her respect for your family is also a pointer. Wife materials like family, whether nuclear or extended and she respects everyone.


Above all, it’s all based on opening your eyes to observe and pray. It takes prayer to know everything that is not exposed to you physically. Now you know the qualities of a wife material which means you’ll be able to notice one when you see one. I hope when you finally meet her, you’ll talk to her about me. Success…


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