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How to Become a Computer Engineer in Nigeria



Become a Computer Engineer in Nigeria

In this article, you will know how to become a computer engineer in Nigeria. You will be informed on everything you need to know to become a computer engineer like: Subjects you need to study computer engineering in Nigeria, and what you need to know about computer hardware engineers.

Computer engineering online courses, how much a computer engineer is paid in Nigeria, how good the computer engineering carrier is and how long it takes to study computer engineering in Nigeria, and more. So read this article to the end to understand why computer engineering is one of the best professions in Nigeria.

What are the subjects from O’level or WAEC you need to study computer engineering in school?

These subjects include the following:

1. Mathematics/Further Mathematics

2. English language

3. Chemistry

4. Physics

5. Any trading subject

If your next question is whether you can study computer engineering online as a course, yes, you can study computer engineering online from any online university inside and outside Nigeria. As for how long it can take you to study computer engineering at any Nigerian tertiary institution in Nigeria.

It will take you a minimum of five years to get a bachelor’s degree. Many will still ask how suitable is the computer engineering career. They want to know if the career pays well and if it can make them a millionaire. Well, the computer engineering profession is one of the top professions in Nigeria.

Some Nigerian tech companies can pay you as much as ₦200,000 – ₦400,000 if you are a professional computer engineer.

How to Become a Computer Engineer in Nigeria

Here are the steps to becoming a computer engineer in Nigeria today.

1. Pass your O’level Exams

The first step to become a qualified computer engineer in Nigeria is to make sure you pass your WAEC/NECO exams – passing all the subjects needed to study computer engineering at the university. It is preferable you have one sitting for all these subjects but if you have two sittings it is not bad.

However, it reduces your chances of gaining admission into any Nigerian university of your choice. Remember, the more recognized the university is the stricter this university will be when it comes to admitting you on their competitive courses. 

To increase your chances of passing all these subjects in one sitting make sure you prepare adequately for the exams well.

2. Pass JAMB/UTME Entrance Exams

After passing your WAEC exams the next step will be to pass your JAMB or UTME entrance exams. To be able to increase your chances of being admitted you need to have a score of 340 in your JAMB. If you can get this score you do not have to do much in your post-UTME exams.

In your post-UTME exams, you can score at least 60/100. This score combined with your 350 score in JAMB will gain you an automatic admission into any federal or state university of your choice. If you or your parents can afford a private university this makes it way better as your score will not really matter.

There are many private universities that are looking for rich students so you will be admitted as long as you can afford the tuition fees.

3. Get a Degree in Engineering

When you gain admission into your first or second choice, you need to start putting in the hard work so your GP can be high. If you want to pass out with a good result from any university you have to start putting in the effort right from 100 level first semester. 

You might also need to get a personal computer or laptop to make things easier for you with your lectures, assignment, test, project, and more. It is not a must for you to use a study pattern that others use. You know yourself better so use the one that best works for you and attend lectures regularly.

4. Gain Work Experience

As time goes by in your carrier as a computer engineer you need to gain experience asides from what you have been taught in school. This on-field learning is known to some as IT while to some it is called SIWESS. This on-field experience must be done for a whole year.

To start with you can look for any tech company of your choice you prefer and apply there as an undergraduate. Some companies pay you despite the fact that you are learning on the job but the money might not be substantial.

5. Get a High Paying Job

Both experience and certificate are what makes you a professional computer engineer. To increase your chances of being paid more like a computer engineer you need to apply to top tech companies in Nigeria. If any of these companies are in your local area you can apply physically.

But if they are distant you can apply through their official emails. While waiting for the big job you can be working as a computer engineer freelance – working and repairing people’s computer Software or hardware.

There are different electronics markets in Nigeria where you can work as a computer engineer. You just need to locate the one closest to you.


Computer engineering is a profitable profession whether you are going to be working under someone or as a freelancer. It is also a carrier that can never go extinct. Asides from all these, you can also make money from computer engineering by teaching people how to repair computers of any kind.


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