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The 10 Richest Skit Makers in Nigeria



Richest Skit Makers in Nigeria

In one of our articles, we explained how to make money from comedy skits in Nigeria. In that post, we explained the different ways in which the richest skit makers in Nigeria make their money. Laughter they say is the best medicine but these skit makers do not actually make money because they make you laugh.

They make money due to the medium they use online. These major monetizing social media sites are YouTube and Facebook. Skit makers in Nigeria produce content continuously and post them on social media and with consistency they start making money from their talents as time goes by.

So in today’s article, we will be looking at the top 10 richest skit makers in Nigeria and their net worth. Before we dive into the list, it is important to note that the number of subscribers or followers these comedians have on social media does not really play a major role in how much they make.

What really determines how much they make is the engagements such as click-through rates (CTR), watch time, and views they receive. 

Top 10 Richest Skit Makers in Nigeria

Below is the list of the richest skit makers in Nigeria as of today.

1. Broda Shaggi: $200 Million Net Worth 

Broda Shaggi whose real name is Samuel Animashaun Perry is currently the richest skit maker in Nigeria. The comedian’s Net worth is estimated to be around $200 million. Although he does not have many YouTube subscribers as much as Mark Angel, Broda Shaggi makes more money due to the ridiculous engagement he gets especially on YouTube. 

Shaggi also earns money on Facebook but YouTube is still his main source of income. Asides from mainly making money from YouTube Partnership Program (YPP) from his 1.75M subscribers, He also makes his money through endorsements, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing.

Over the years Broda Shaggi has been able to master the act of viewer retention which is the ability to make viewers watch his videos from beginning to end. As of today, Broda Shaggi owns properties in Nigeria and many luxury cars. He is not yet married as his relationship status is not publicly disclosed.

2. Mark Angel Comedy: $180 Million Net Worth

If you remember this is not my real-face comedy skit many years ago then you will know how long this comedian has been into making comedy skits. Mark Angel Comedy is the second richest skit maker in Nigeria. With a whopping 8.8m subscribers, he is the Nigerian comedian with the highest subscribers on YouTube.

When Mark Angel started his comedy skit he acted with like Denison Igwe, Emmanuella, and others. A few years ago, he reached out to aunty success when he discovered her amazing talent on social media and she became part of his team ever since then. Mark Angel is versatile and very intelligent as those that know him would say. 

He also owns many properties and luxury cars but he does not flaunt them. He is married with children.

3. Mr. Macaroni: $160 Million Net Worth

Till today, there is still an argument as to who is richer between Mr. Macaroni and Oga Sabinus also known as Mr. Funny. Indeed, there was a time they both had almost the same net worth but as of now, Mr Macaroni is leading as his earning as increased.

Mr. Macaroni has been able to captivate his fans and viewers with his character Daddy Wa, chasing young girls and impressing them with their money. His fans never get tired of his funny character. As of today, Debo Adebayo also known as Mr Macaroni has an estimated net worth of $150 million.

He makes most of his money through YouTube, Facebook, Affiliate marketing, and sponsorship.

4. The Cute Abiola: $150,000 Net Worth 

The Cute Abiola also known as Lawyer Kunle is one of the richest skit makers in Nigeria. Asides from being a comedian, he used to be a naval officer, however, recently he resigned from his job to face comedy and his political appointments. Recently, The Cute Abiola built a house for his parents to appreciate them for all they have done for him.

According to sources TheCuteAbiola estimated net worth is around $150,000. He used to make money as a salary earner while he was in the Navy but now all his earning comes from his comedy skits. The Cute Abiola’s real name is Abdulgafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin. He currently has 360k subscribers on YouTube.

5. Oga Sabinus: $145 Million Net Worth

Oga Sabinus whose real name is Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekiru start his comedy skits in Port Harcourt, Rivers State but he is now one of the most popular skit makers in Nigeria. Although, he does stand-up comedy when the need arises but he is at his peak when he is making comedy skits.

Oga Sabinus plays the role of a poor man who has a sugarcoated mouth he uses to impress women and cheat men and his fans love his content as they find the very funny. He has amassed huge followers over the years that there hardly any Nigerian that has not heard of him.Sabinus earns most of his money on YouTube and Facebook.

He takes his brand seriously and does not tolerate improper use of his content or image by companies to promote their products. As of today, Oga Sabinus Net worth is estimated at around $145 million

6. Taaooma: $99 Million Net Worth 

Taaooma’s full name is Apaokagi Maryam. It is impossible for you to list the top 5 famous female comedians in Nigeria without mentioning her name. She came into the limelight by playing the role of an African mother who never seizes to punish her children when they commit an offense.

Asides from the fact that Taaooma is a very popular skit maker she is also one of the youngest. She has over 905k subscribers on YouTube as of now. Her net worth is estimated at around $99 million.

7. OGB Recent: $50,000 Net Worth 

With over 450K Subscribers on YouTube, OGB Recent has been able to build a brand for himself and earn a good amount of money from his skills. His real name is Michael Charles and he is from the Ijaw tribe in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. 2021 was the peak of OGB Recent’s comedic skits.

Despite in his skits, he plays the role of cultism, he has always advocated that Nigerian youths should stay away from cultism. His net worth is currently estimated at $50,000.

8. Brain Jotter: $40,000

Brain Jotter is also on the list of the richest skit maker in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $40,000. Asides from the fact that the majority of his earnings are from the monetization of his videos on YouTube and Facebook, Brain Jotter also makes money through endorsements and affiliate marketing. As of recently, he has over 930K Subscribers on YouTube.

9. Kie kie TV: $40,000 Net Worth 

Kie kie is not only a comedian she is also a fashion icon. During the course of her carrier, she tried different businesses and failed until she finally settled for comedy. Through her consistency, she has garnered over 421K Subscribers on YouTube and her net worth is estimated at around $40,000. Despite how active Kie kie is on social media, she keeps her family life private. 

10. OluwaDolarz: $38,000 Net Worth

Oluwadolarz is not just a comedian but a musician. His real name is Ogunleye Babatunde Olamide. His date of birth is not known online we only know that he celebrates his birthday every 11 of October. Oluwadolarz is very funny and talented. He has collaborated with so many comedians, especially Kie kie.

His net worth is currently estimated at $38,000. And he has over 295k subscribers on youtube.


The ability to create content is a unique gift and it can be highly rewarding. However, it takes consistency and hard work to be able to make money as time goes by. You too can start creating comedy skits if you are passionate about making people laugh. What do you think about this list? Do you like this article? Click here to read more of these interesting articles.


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