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Managing your Emotions by Joyce Meyer: Book Review



Managing your Emotions by Joyce Meyer
Managing your Emotions by Joyce Meyer

The book “managing your emotions” was giving to my sister on her birthday as a gift. This was as far back as 4 years ago but I can say I still remember every little detail about it till today. It was given to her by a close friend of ours and I really appreciated it back then not because the book had an interesting title and it was written by Joyce Meyer but because the giver thought of giving her a book as a birthday gift.

The book fascinated me as at the time it came and I could not just wait to digest it because I knew Joyce Meyer and I knew what she is capable of especially when it comes to teaching and going deep in the word of God. The first time I saw Joyce Meyer was through her teachings on TBN and from that moment I just knew in my heart that she stands out.

It was in that first message I learned about her stepfather and how she was constantly abused by him. Joyce Meyer does not just preach, she teaches and she uses her personal experience to interpret her teachings. Those of us who know her, know this about her. She has really touched lives. So when this book came in as a gift, it was a big deal because come on it was from Joyce Meyer herself.

Seeing and touching the book alone made me feel as if the book was a personal letter handwritten from her to me talking about my emotions and how I can keep them in check. Even before I started reading, I knew the book was going to change me (life) because it was from a woman that has passed through almost everything and yet survived.

I started the book with the permission of my sis to read it first and I finished it a few weeks later. Fast forward to today, I saw the book again today while going through my shelve. I was just tempted to touch and glance through and doing that just brought back some memories and some lessons I learned. So I feel I should share some notes in the book that spoke to me. I hope they will speak to you as you read to.

Quotes From Managing Your Emotions By Joyce Meyer

Here are some excerpts from the managing your emotions book by Joyce Meyer.

“Physical abuse includes not only being beaten and mistreated, it also includes such traumatic experiences as being left alone or locked in a closet or even denied outward demonstrations of love and acceptance.”

“As designed and instituted by God, sex should be the highest expression of a couple’s giving themselves to each other in love within the bonds of holy matrimony.”

“I was just such a “deep thinker.” The problem with it is that a deep thinker never gets to enjoy life.”

“As I told them, nobody will ever reach the place of not having emotions. Nobody will ever reach a point in life of not experiencing a wide variety of feelings.”

“When we are angry and frustrated by something in our life we often take out our anger and frustration on someone else – usually our spouse, children, or someone else with whom we share a close relationship. The problem is not our anger and frustration as much as it is our lack of control.”

“At first it won’t be easy to overcome emotions. It never is.”

“If you are in a relationship with someone who is dependent upon drugs, alcohol, or some other harmful substance, and you become dependent upon that person to make you happy, then you have become co-dependent.”

“Are you in a relationship with someone who is making you miserable by his or her addiction or problem? If so, you need to do something about that situation.”

“Don’t develop a Savior complex. Don’t try to usurp the role of Jesus Christ. Don’t make yourself personally responsible for other people and their problem.”

“If you are hurting and wounded, if you have lost control of your emotions, if you are reaping the bad fruit of the bad roots in your past, then do as I did: quit fretting and start letting.”

“A meek person is not someone who never shows any anger; it is someone who never allows his anger to get out of control.”

“The problem is that many people are love-starved, instead of finding their sense of value and worth in God, their loving father, they try to get the love they crave from sources that are never going to meet their need.”

“I don’t do everything right all the time, but that doesn’t mean I am not a child of God or he doesn’t love me.”

“…But when you start to like yourself, other people will begin to like you too.”

“In my own life, I reached the point of having to transfer my dependence from other people to God.”

“Don’t put pressure on other people by expecting them to never disappoint you, fail you, or hurt you.”

“Children are not afraid of emotions or of showing them. What they feel on the inside is written all over their faces. If they are happy, excited, or enthusiastic, it shows. We can let children be an example to us in this way.”

“Become like a little child. Stop worrying, fretting, and getting all frustrated and upset trying to figure and reason everything out. Learn to relax and take it easy.”

“Until we learn to manage them, our emotions can be our greatest enemy because satan will try to use them to keep us from walking in the spirit.”

“No matter what has happened to you in the past, God can heal you so that you can look at the world through His eyes and enjoy what he has given and is giving you.”

And that’s all I can give you on the book. If you want more, you’ll need to get the book for yourself. Yeah! That’s the best you can do. You can order or buy it here that’s if you like reading e-books. If you don’t, you can buy it at your nearest bookshop.

Also, just in case you want to check out more books that I’ve changed my life, click here!

And please share any other book by Joyce Meyer that you have read that stood out for you. I will love to buy them when next go to the book shop.

What are your thoughts on the book “managing your emotions” if you’ve read or glanced through it and what are your thoughts on Joyce Meyer? What do you think about her and her journey thus far? Please share with me. I’ll love to see things from your perspective.


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