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Jide Ogunsaya: Things You Do Not Know About Him



About a few years ago, we started our journey in the blogosphere without any clue or idea of how things worked on the internet. Then I just had to take the giant step because I was tired of procrastination. I started the blog on Blogger and wrote my first article hoping and believing everything would be fine and bam it was done on me it was not like that – there were many things I was doing wrong.

From the post title to how the article was composed – everything was wrong but fast forward to today it is now a different story all thanks to God and Jide Ogunsanya (Ogbongeblog). Thank God I didn’t give up then, I’ll not been writing this article now. So in this article, I am going to be sharing with you five things you do not know about Jide Ogunsanya.

5 Things You Do Not Know About Jide Ogunsanya

Well, it was due to me wanting to know everything about blogging. One day I googled a problem I was having with the blog and his blog popped up on Google with a solution. I clicked through and the rest as we say is history.

I never knew Jide Ogunsanya the owner of OgbongeBlog one on one but from my little followership I’ve done for 2 years now and the little contribution he has made on the blog has made me feel I’ve known him for a long time.

So today I’m going to be sharing with us some things you do not know about  Jide Ogunsaya in terms of starting and growing a blog from what it was then (in 2008) to what it is now – one of the most popular blogs in Nigeria like and

And if you don’t know Jide and you’re a blogger in Nigeria, let me ask you “Where have you been?” From my view, it’s impossible for anyone to be a blogger here in Nigeria and say he doesn’t know Jide Ogunsanya (OgbongeBlog) because he has been a mentor for all blog starters right from inception till now. Without wasting our time, let’s go into these things right away.

1. He Started First

I guess this is the first thing you never knew about Jide Ogunsanya of OgbongeBlog. From the vivid information I’ve gathered so far before writing the article, he started his blog – OgbongeBlog when he finished from the university Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) in Ogun State and was doing his Nysc.

Back then in 2008 after gaining a little experience from his 6 months weekend course on Java programming at NIIT Onitsha. He was a young graduate passionate about tech and he decided to share his knowledge with (the world) others.

So here’s the thing, many finishing students will have just seen this one year of serving (NYSC) as a way of wining and dining like going to night clubs, having multiple sexual partners, and the like but Jide Ogunsanya of OgbongeBlog saw that time as a time to make every minute count.

I’m very sure he’s friends as at that time must have laughed at him for always locking himself in his room with a computer like a Yahoo boy but he never cared. Aside from this, even though he was a bit skeptical about starting a tech blog, especially in a place like Nigeria, he still had the courage to push on – start first.

Now, look at where he is today. It’s good to know that life rewards hugely those who use their time for valuable things. I’ve many men on this list. The list is uncountable.

2. He was Consistent Always

I know right? It sucks when you should be making money on something at a particular time and yet it not yielding money. In fact, rather than it yielding money, it is consuming everything you possess in return. Consuming things like your money, time, and attention.

That’s another thing that many people did not know about Jide Ogunsanya of OgbongeBlog after starting his blogging journey. He felt it was going to go well but unfortunately, it didn’t and when it didn’t he did not just drop everything and give up, he kept pushing.

Very few of us here can do this today – to keep pushing despite the odds. I mentioned in a few articles ago that I almost gave up on the blog but today I thank God I didn’t. Not because it’s now making me some money or making me popular here in Nigeria but because it’s now going places.

The ability to be consistent in what you do is a true test of success. Another look at this is Linda Ikeji’s story – a failed model turned into a successful entertainment blogger. No one believed in her when she started, not the banks not even her family. Now, her blog makes millions of naira and it is recognized internationally.

It is from her blog she created other businesses like her TV – Linda Ikeji TV and so on. Jide Ogunsanya (OgbongeBlog) also diversified (created) other businesses online as his blog began to go places. We will talk about this as we move on in this article.

3. He Created Trust First

Of cus, the ideal thing for every blogger is to start selling one product or the other after starting a blog and attracting traffic to it but this was not for Jide Ogunsanya of OgbogeBlog. Many do not know this but he was one of the bloggers that took the hard road to success. He created trust first (by giving value for free) before making money from his blog.

Jide Ogunsanya knew it would be impossible for people to buy from him if they didn’t know him so he created trust first between himself and his potential customers by helping them for free. Again this is one of the things many of us can’t do today. “The hard road might not be easy but it pays more in the end than the easy road because its blessings last longer.”

4. Diversifying at the Right Time

Another thing you do not know about Jide Ogunsanya (OgbongeBlog) in terms of starting a successful business online is to diversity at the right time. And the right time like I said earlier is after you have built trust with your customers.

Jide Ogunsaya started with formerly and from there built Net Divo ePin Manager for printing recharge cards then for sending bulk SMS worldwide then finally a place where anybody can get solutions to problems they are facing online.

All these platforms contribute to Jide’s earnings online. Currently, no one can really pin down how much Jide Ogunsanya (OgbongeBlog) makes online (everyone is just giving estimates or making guesses) but we all can testify he’s living well and living large.

5. Not Exposing His Financial Worth

Jide Ogunsanya of OgbongeBlog lives a private life because it is hard for people to know exactly what he is up to or what is happening with his family.

I could remember the last time he was getting married, this was like 2 years ago. It wasn’t until he shared it on his blog that we got to know about it and celebrate with him. It was until that time that other gossip blogs began to publicize it.

He and Linda Ikeji have the same celebrity status in the blogging industry but he acts differently from Linda Ikeji. He loves the low-key life and this is what I love about Jide. Done and dusted. 5 lessons from Jide Ogunsanya owner of Ogbongeblog. I hope you were able to learn a lot from this article as I did when I was writing it.

I hope the article pushes you to go out and do things that will shake the world. I hope it teaches you patience. I appreciate you for taking the time to read it.


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