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Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Live in Africa



Cheapest Countries to Live in Africa

Are you planning to leave Europe due to the high cost of living? Or want to leave the country you are living in Africa to a better country where you do not have to spend too much? Read this post to the end. In this article, we will be exposing the best African countries you can live in according to their cost of living index.

For starters, you can visit these countries first just to see how the economy runs generally before you move finally. Here are the cheapest countries to live in Africa today.

Below are the cheapest countries you can live in Africa according to their cost of living index.

RankCountryCost of Living Index
3. Algeria 30.54
4. Uganda31.72
5. Nigeria 31. 75
6. Rwanda34.10
7. Morocco34.59
8. Tanzania35.07
9. Zambia 35.59
10. Kenya39.26
Cheapest Countries to Live in Africa

Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Live in Africa

Here are the cheapest countries you can live in Africa.

1. Tunisia

Tunisia is the first cheapest country to live in Africa due to its cost of living index of 25.43. The government of Tunisia is the main reason why the cost of living is at a minimal level. The Tunisian government provides basic foods like bread, milk, and most especially petrol by subsidizing them.

This has made the cost of food moderate for all its citizens so that even the poor can afford three square meals daily. Tunisia is located in North Africa. It is the most affordable country you can live in Africa today.

2. Egypt

Asides from how hostile Egypt might look to immigrants, Egypt is the second cheapest country in Africa. Although the country’s main religion is Islam, you can still live in the country no matter the religion you belong to. At 29.09 Egypt’s cost of living is very low. Egypt is also located in North Africa just like Tunisia.

Its currency is the Egyptian pound. It is very weak as compared to other popular currencies like Euro, the US Dollar, and the British Pounds. So many immigrants that have traveled to Egypt testified to how cheap and easy it is to afford and access basic things like food and transport.

To try out Egypt and see things for yourself you can travel with a tourist visa. With $2 you can afford good food and with $0.30 you can get a one-way bus ticket.

3. Algeria

This is another country in North Africa that is the cheapest to live in. With Algeria’s cost of living index at 30.54, their food is very cheap and we all know when food is affordable the major problem is solved. Transportation is also relatively affordable. Algeria is the largest country in Africa.

It has different landscapes that range from the Sahara Desert down to the Mediterranean coast. The cost of living in the major cities in Algeria might be a bit different from the smaller towns. However, in general, Algeria is one of the safest and cheapest counties to live in Africa.

4. Uganda

Uganda is located in East Africa and it is well known for its beauty in nature. Its citizens are also friendly people. Uganda’s cost of living index is at 31.72. With this, food and other basic things needed to live well in the country are affordable. Uganda’s cost of living is considered low.

Its transportation is also affordable for everyone in the country. Uganda is the fourth cheapest country to live in Africa.

5. Nigeria

Nigeria is the fifth cheapest African country following Uganda. With a cost of living index of 31.75 and the basic meal in the country costing around $1 – $2, you can live comfortably as an immigrant. Nigeria has beautiful nature, many nature reserves and it has many mineral resources.

It is said that it is the largest country on the continent. However, security is not at its maximum so you might need to stay in safe states if you are considering moving. As of today, Nigeria is the fifth cheapest country to live in Africa but we cannot say if this will remain the same when fuel subsidy is finally removed and the cost of transportation increases.

6. Rwanda

This is another cheapest country on our list. Although Rwanda has been plagued with bad governance in the past few decades, the country has made a recognizable growth in economic development.  According to Rwanda’s cost of living index of 34.01, it is the 6th cheapest country to live in Africa.

Rwanda also has beautiful nature asides from its evident economic growth. Its well-preserved nature has made endangered animals like the mountain gorillas increase their population. This means that asides from living a sustainable life there is also much to see in the country.

Rwanda has achieved a lot after the genocide in 1994 that claimed over 800,000 lives.

7. Morocco

If you are not exposed to traveling you might not know that Morocco is one of the African countries that offers a very reasonable standard of living. Morocco is very rich in culture due to their long-time preservation. Morocco’s cost of living index of 34.59 is due to its good weather conditions and moderate labor costs.

The farmlands in Morocco are very rich and this increases the harvest of different crops like fruits, olives, and wheat. Food is very cheap in Morocco and it is available all year round. You can move to the country with your family because it is very safe.

8. Tanzania

Tanzania is located in the eastern part of Africa. It is known for its wildlife and tall mountains. It is the eighth on our list due to its cost of living index of 35.07. Tanzania is considered a safe country and its citizens are not hostile to immigrants. With $700 – $1800 you can live in the country comfortably.

Before moving to Tanzania it is important you check for the cost of living in its cities as they are different from each other. Tanzania is the 13th largest country in Africa and the 31st largest in the world and its national language is Swahili. It is an East African country known for its vast wilderness areas.

9. Zambia

Zambia is a landlocked country in southern Africa, with a tropical climate, and consists mostly of high plateaus with some hills and mountains. Although it relies on imports from the countries surrounding it, its cost of living is around $600 – $1200 on average if you have a small family.

Zambia is the top 10 most economical county in Africa with its cost of living index at 35.59. Its citizens are welcoming so you can be rest assured that you will be welcomed when you move there. Their diverse cultural heritage is also what makes them stand out from other African countries.

If you are thinking of a place to stay with a nice community Zambia is one of the best and the cheapest African country you can live in.

10. Kenya

Comparing the living expenses in Kenya to the United States of America, Kenya is 45% lower. However, if you considering staying in Kenya’s capital Nairobi it is around 50% cheaper. Generally, Kenya’s cost of living can range from $700 – $2500 on average. Kenya is the tenth cheapest country to live in Africa.

With their cost of living index at 39.26 you can be rest assured that you can live comfortably in the country. Kenya is located in East Africa and its official language is Swahili and English.


Knowing the cheapest country to live in Africa is not only the factor you need to look at if you want to live well. You also need to look at the work you want to do in these countries and how much you are likely to earn. Asides from this, you need to check the cities and compare the cheapest ones to know the most preferable for you.

Expenses on electricity, water, and others should also be considered to be sure which of these countries is the most suitable for you. In all, your safety should surpass all these as there are currently insecurities in some African countries.


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