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How to Become an Instagram Model and Get Paid



Become an Instagram Model

In this article, you will not only learn how to become an Instagram model, but you will also learn how to make money from it. Many people think the only benefit you stand to gain from becoming an Instagram model is that you become famous. However, this is not true.

Another contrary opinion is that only women or ladies can become Instagram models. This is not also true as there are many guys (boys and men) that are making good money from modeling on Instagram. So who is an Instagram model? I feel we need to explain who an Instagram model is for our readers to really understand the roles and importance of Instagram models to brands.

Who is an Instagram Model?

An Instagram model is a person who gets paid to post specific content within a specific niche on Instagram. Instagram influencers make money from the fame they have been able to create online specifically Instagram. Their content on the platform usually attracts thousands and sometimes millions of followers as time goes on.

How to Become an Instagram Model

The steps below need to be taken to become a paid Instagram model today.

1. Pick the Perfect Niche

The first step to becoming an Instagram model is to pick a niche. As a model, you need to know and understand what type of products you want to model. It is from this decision you will know how to brand yourself in order to attract brands.

For example, if you want to be an underwear model you have to start with this idea from the first picture you on your Instagram feed. All you do as an Instagram model need to work in accordance with your niche.

Another thing you should put in mind is not to be distracted or fall astray because as time goes by this is what most models do. If you want to be an underwear model become one and stick with it. With consistency, brands will locate you as soon as possible.

2. Create a Modeling Portfolio

The second step to becoming an Instagram model is to create your portfolio. As an Instagram model, you have a portfolio to help you stand out from other models. What is a portfolio you might say? A portfolio is a collection of your work. Example of what you have achieved so far as an Instagram model.

This could be your brand partnerships, sponsorships, and other samples of the work you have done. You can create a carrier portfolio by yourself or simply hire the services of a professional to do it for you. So when a brand wants to have a business deal with you, it is your portfolio that forces them to pay you your worth no matter what they think.

3. Learn Body Composition for Photography

Becoming a model is difficult but becoming an Instagram model is not. All you need to do is learn how to pose. Knowing how to do this is what makes you stand out from other Instagram models. To learn how to compose your body, you need to get informed. You can watch different YouTube videos about how to compose your body.

You can also read different on the internet about this. After learning this, you will not take too much time during your photo shoots as your photographer will have less information to pass to you.

4. Create Good Pictures

How your pics look determines a lot of things. Your pictures need to look professional. Remember that they are for public use. The moment you share them on your Instagram feed it will attract comments for your followers and brands. There are a few things you can do to create good pictures as an Instagram model.

The first thing you should do is hire a professional photographer. This photographer will not just take good shots but also edit your picture before sending them to you.

5. Post on your Instagram Feed Regularly

Many to-be Instagram models think that posting is just about uploading your pic. This is not true, especially as a new Instagram model that wants to attract thousands of followers there are many things you need to do before you click post. For example, you need to add hashtags to your posts before uploading them.

When you add relative hashtags to your post it makes it visible on Instagram to not just your followers but to other Instagram users. If you are a swimsuit model, for instance, you need to add hashtags related to swimsuits in your post.

6. Attract Huge Followings

The number of followers you have goes a long way in determining how well you can influence people and brands. For example, you cannot an Instagram model that has 5000 followers to another Instagram model that has 1000000. I know you get not get to this number of followers, especially as a newbie in Instagram modeling.

However, you should work consistently on increasing your followers that get to that amount. There are two major ways you can increase followers on social media. You can increase your followers organically or through paid followers. The best way out of these two is to increase your followers organically as this has a lot of benefits.

7. Collaborate with Other Brands and Models

To become successful as an Instagram model you need to collaborate with other brands and models. It is easy to achieve goals naturally when you work with others. You can work with many Instagram locally and internationally and you can work with different types of brands as long as you align with them as regards niche.

Collaborating has more benefits. It makes you become more popular because you are introduced to other audiences. It also increases your portfolio making it attractive to clients and more.

How to Get Paid as an Instagram Model

There are a lot of ways you can make money as an Instagram model.

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is the first way to get paid as an Instagram model and the best part about this is that you do not need a huge number of followers to start making money via this method. Even if you have 1000 followers as long as they are organic you can use this number of followers to make money.

There are different types of companies online that you can do affiliate marketing with. Many of these networks pay well depending on the commission you are running expecting. Amazon and Alibaba are still the most common but it does not mean they are the best.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money on Instagram without selling anything.

2. Sell your Own Products

Another way you can make money as an Instagram model is to sell your own products. No matter the followers you have you can be regarded as an influencer. This means that your follower will buy anything from you as long as they love you.

At this point, you can sell anything ranging from clothes to accessories and more. You can even create your own product and call it merchandise.

3. Brand Partnerships

This offer usually comes later on in your modeling career when you have been able to attract a lot of followers and you are consistent. At this stage, so many brands will want to partner with you to promote their products. How much you are paid for brand partnerships depends on how well you or your manager is able to bargain.

4. Media Licensing

This is when you charge a stipulated amount to permit brands to use your content. This can be a good source of income for you because you do not you have already put in the work and you are making money from your content. How much you charge for your content as an Instagram model depends on so many factors.


Becoming an Instagram model is easy but monetizing the profession is not. It is important you hire a manager as he or she will help you make money for you by attracting brands.


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