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How to Become Successful in Nigeria: 10 Ways



Become Successful in Nigeria

How to become successful in Nigeria. This article is for young Nigerian youths that want to be successful in Nigeria. Are willing to pay the price when I mean price I do not mean paying a bag of money or offering the sacrifice of a chicken to a herbalist. I mean being able to step all out of your comfort zone and doing the needful.

You will understand what I mean shortly as I will be going into the 10 points one after the other and going into to. I do not need to ask if you want to be successful in Nigeria because everyone wants to be successful in their field. But the one thing that makes us different from others is we have different definitions of success.

While I want to be successful in information marketing in Nigeria and the world all over, you might want to be successful in your music carrier. Still, there is one thing that brings us together – the country we’re in and that is Nigeria. At least from Nigeria to the whole world. Yes, and as I was saying earlier, doing this is not possible without a price.

Price is also called principles or laid down rules by some scholars. Every successful man in Nigeria today like the likes of Aliko Dangote (business), Wole Soyinka (Literature), Wizkid (Music), Fela Durotoye  (Public speaking), and Mikel Obi (football) did not just sleep and wake to wealth.

They had principles they had to follow. I got to know about this when I read each and everyone’s biography. And in this article, I will be sharing with you those 10 unique principles that brought these people to where they are today. I am sure these principles will also make you successful no matter the field you are in if you are willing to follow them strictly.

How to Become Successful in Nigeria

Here are the best ways how to become successful in Nigeria today.

1. Belief Success Takes Time

This is the first step to becoming successful in Nigeria. Yes, I know you’ve been told times without numbers that it’s easy to be successful in Nigeria by our celebrities (living a fake life) but I am sorry to burst your bubble – this is not true and I will tell you why.

The number 1 reason is you will not be reading this article now because you will have made it like them.

The number 2 reason is that there will not be so much poverty in the land. I mean Nigeria will not be ranking the poorest country in the world.

People that have told you the road to success is easy here are just trying to rob you of your money to buy their cheap information products. Aliko Dangote borrowed money from his uncle to start his food store business in Nigeria and after many donkey years, he became Africa’s richest man.  

Mikel Obi shuttled local clubs in Nigeria for many years till he was opportune to play for Nigeria at the international level then to foreign clubs and leagues and so on. All these people never found the road to success easy. So put it at the back of your mind that the road to success is not easy.

2. Believe in Yourself always

This is the second thing you need to do if you really want to become successful in Nigeria. There is something about the mind and body, two of them cannot be separated. In fact, it is been said times without number that – It is what you feed your mind it believes.

The thing about this whole psychology is – If you believe you will make it in Nigeria, you will and if you believe you will not, you will not. Your mind is the most powerful gift God has given to you. And one of the ways you can trick it is to always see the good in every problem or challenge and look for solutions.

Solutions even when your friends are seeing hunger. Solutions (how to make money) even when your friends are seeing a recession. Practicing this all the time will help develop your mind and make it rocky (stronger).

3. Be Passionate about Your Work

Successful people in Nigeria like Linda Ikeji made a breakthrough in Nigeria even at the time no one believed in blogging and this was all based on passion. Never underestimate the power of passion in success especially if the passion is on what you love doing. This unique ingredient can take you from lame to fame and from zero to hero.

Continue to drive your passion if you believe you are on the right path; soon Nigeria will get to know you.

4. Avoid Laziness in Business

If you really want to succeed in Nigeria and all over the world, you need to believe that you are not lazy, especially in your business. I know Nigerians are not lazy but I still need to echo it again that you are not lazy. You might have been trying something out and it looks like you have given up.

But then again you are not lazy. You need to put in more power and never give up no matter what. Except you are not a Nigerian youth that is when you do not have enough time on your hands to try different things but you are; so keep trying.

5. Manage your Time Well

It is always said that if you are available for everything you will unavailable for the important things. This is just the way life is; you cannot have time for everything. So the best thing you can do in this case is to use your time wisely if you want to be successful in Nigeria.

Channel all the time you spend at a beer parlor or on other irrelevant things on something you know that will be profitable to you like reading or going for workshops and seminars and your way to success will be much easier and faster. Successful people in Nigeria and in the world do not have more than 24 hours daily.

They have 24 hours like you do (the same time God gave you). They just seem to use their time wisely that’s why they get the best out of their day.

6. Be Willing to Ask for Help

Asking for help is another step that can make you become successful in Nigeria. I thank God for opening my eyes to see that asking for help once in a while is not a big deal (because this has always been a problem for me) especially if successful people (the rich and wealthy) also ask for help.

Since I realized this, I have been asking for help once in a while and I have realized that doing this does not make you a lower person. It just simply means you need assistance on your success journey. So stop the – I can do it all by myself attitude and start spreading your stress. Spread your stress to your friends, and your colleagues. Yes! Doing this will make success an easier target.

7. Imbibe the Never Give up Attitude

Yeah, this is very important if you want to be successful in Nigeria and in the world at large. I know you’ve tried everything and it is not working but you giving up may even be why you are not yet successful. Do not get me wrong I am not saying it is easy trying something over and over again as I too currently face this.

I am just saying maybe the never give up attitude is the last ingredient you need to add. The fact that you have tried it 100 times and it is not working does not mean it is a wreck (failure). Try it one more time and another time after that and another time after that, who knows it might be waiting 108 times before it will work. So keep pushing!

8. Stop the Comparison

If you will allow me to be all out on this, this is one thing every Nigerian needs to stop doing – comparing themselves with others if truly they want to be successful in Nigeria in a short while. The fact that Mr. Ali bought a car with his first salary does not mean that you that earn 25k monthly as a salary are a lesser man.

The fact that your neighbor bought a generator does not necessarily mean you need to buy too even if you can afford it. Stop comparing yourself with your others. That someone you know became a millionaire through the selling of recharge cards does not mean you will also be a millionaire through that same process.

Find out what is unique to you, what works for you and you only, and follow it. This is the surest and fastest way to be successful in Nigeria.

9. Take Calculated Risks

Please take note of the word “calculated”. And when I say calculated here I mean investing in anything as long as you are sure of at least 50 – 60% outcome. If it is starting a business in Nigeria, starting a blog, or YouTube channel, building an app, starting a company in Nigeria, and so on. And finally…

10. Be more Competitive

Yes, because one of the reasons why your competitors are still in business and making more money than you is that you have not been able to beat them at their game by doing more (than what they are doing).

Using business as an example: If your competitor has added a discount to his sales of goods to gain more customers, you can do more than your customers by adding discounts and home delivery to yours. Always looking for a winning edge over others in your game is always advisable if you want to stand out from the rest in your league.


Many times when people talk about success in Nigeria it is attributed to wealth or money but this is not always the case. Success means different things to different people. What success means to you is not what it means to someone else.

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