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The 10 Richest Pastors in Nigeria



Richest Pastors in Nigeria

Nigeria is a very religious country, with more than half the population Christain therefore it is the home to a lot of very influential pastors who have made a significant impact in their communities and have amassed a substantial wealth.

In this article, we will go into the lives and achievements, biography, and net worth of “the top 10 richest pastors in Nigeria” providing in-depth biographies for each individual while also shedding light on their estimated net worth and the work have done to achieve that.

RankingNamesNet Worth
1.David Oyedepo$150 Million
2. Chris Oyakhilome$50 Million
3. Enoch Adeboye $35 Million
4. Matthew Ashimolowo$20 Million
5. Late Temitope Balogun Joshua$15 Million
6. Ayo Oritsejafor$12 Million
7. Lazarus Muoka $10 Million
8. Daniel Olukoya $9 Million
9. Chris Okotie $8 Million
10.Paul Adefarasin $7 Million
List of the Richest Pastors in Nigeria

Top 10 Richest Pastors in Nigeria

Below are the top 10 richest pastors in Nigeria.

1. David Oyedepo $150 Million

David Oyedepo is the founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, widely known as Winners’ Chapel. Born on September 27, 1954, in Osogbo, Nigeria, he is considered one of the wealthiest pastors in Nigeria. Oyedepo’s journey began in 1981 when he founded Winners’ Chapel.

Under his leadership, the church has experienced tremendous growth, attracting millions of followers worldwide.Oyedepo’s ministry extends beyond the pulpit, as he has established Covenant University, Faith Academy, and a publishing house known as Dominion Publishing House.

He also owns several businesses, including Dominion Media, an influential Christian broadcasting network. Oyedepo’s teachings focus on prosperity theology and faith-based principles for success in all areas of life.

2. Chris Oyakhilome $50 Million

Chris Oyakhilome, popularly known as Pastor Chris, was born on December 7, 1963, in Edo State, Nigeria. He is the founder of Believers’ Loveworld Incorporated, widely recognized as Christ Embassy. Pastor Chris has a significant global following due to his charismatic preaching and teaching style.

Apart from his ministry, Pastor Chris has business interests that include television stations, magazines, a record label, and an online Christian social network. Through his Healing School, he organizes healing crusades around the world, offering hope and spiritual restoration to countless individuals.

3. Enoch Adeboye $35 Million

Enoch Adeboye was born on March 2, 1942, in Ifewara, Osun State, Nigeria. He serves as the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). Adeboye’s humble beginnings and dedication to ministry have propelled him to become one of the most respected pastors in Nigeria.

Under Adeboye’s leadership, RCCG has grown exponentially, with branches in over 190 countries. His sermons emphasize the importance of holiness, righteousness, and intimate communion with God. Adeboye has authored numerous books, including “Open Heavens,” which has become a devotional guide for millions of believers.

4. Matthew Ashimolowo $20 Million

Matthew Ashimolowo was born on March 17, 1952, in Kaduna State, Nigeria. He is the founder and Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC). Ashimolowo’s unique background, combining African heritage with Western education, has shaped his ministry and preaching style.

Having started his career as an accountant, Ashimolowo transitioned into pastoral ministry and established KICC in 1992. His teachings focus on prosperity, faith, and practical Christian living. Through his media presence and international conferences, Ashimolowo has impacted millions with his message of hope and empowerment.

5. Late Temitope Balogun Joshua $15,000

Temitope Balogun Joshua, fondly known as T.B. Joshua, was born on June 12, 1963, in Ondo State, Nigeria. He founded The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN), a charismatic Christian ministry with a significant global following. T.B. Joshua gained prominence for his prophetic ministry, healing crusades, and humanitarian efforts.

Despite his humble background, T.B. Joshua rose to international acclaim, attracting followers from various parts of the world. He assisted the ileged through his Emmanuel TV outreach programs, education scholarships, and philanthropic initiatives. Unfortunately, T.B. Joshua passed away in 2021, leaving a legacy of spiritual impact and compassion.

6. Ayo Oritsejafor $12 Million

Ayo Oritsejafor, born on November 10, 1952, in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria, is the founder of Word of Life Bible Church. He served as the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) from 2010 to 2015, a period marked by his strong advocacy for social justice and national transformation. Oritsejafor’s ministry emphasizes the power of faith and the need for personal transformation.

He is an accomplished author and televangelist, using various media platforms to spread his message. Oritsejafor continues to be a prominent figure in Nigerian Christianity, inspiring believers to live lives of purpose and impact.

7. Lazarus Muoka $10 Million

Lazarus Muoka was born on May 20, 1948, in Mgbidi, Imo State, Nigeria. He is the founder and General Overseer of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement, a ministry known for its emphasis on holiness and deliverance. Muoka’s unique healing and deliverance ministry has attracted a substantial following in Nigeria.

He is dedicated to equipping believers with spiritual tools for victorious living. Through his teachings and crusades, Muoka emphasizes the importance of salvation, righteousness, and a personal relationship with God.

8. Daniel Olukoya $9 Million

Daniel Olukoya was born on July 15, 1957, in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria. He is the founder and General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM), a Pentecostal ministry with a focus on deliverance and spiritual warfare. Olukoya’s ministry has gained international recognition for its strong emphasis on prayer, deliverance, and spiritual warfare against demonic forces.

He has authored numerous books on spiritual warfare, empowering believers to live victorious lives. MFM has grown exponentially under his leadership, with branches in various countries.

9. Chris Okotie $8 Million

Chris Okotie was born on June 16, 1958, in Ethiope West, Delta State, Nigeria. Before venturing into pastoral ministry, he gained prominence as a musician in the 1980s. Okotie founded the Household of God Church International Ministries, which attracts a diverse congregation.

Known for his eloquent preaching style, Okotie focuses on biblical teachings and their practical application. He has also been involved in politics, running for the Nigerian presidency on three occasions. Okotie’s multifaceted career and unique ministry have positioned him as a prominent figure in Nigerian Christianity.

10. Paul Adefarasin $7 million

Paul Adefarasin was born on January 25, 1963, in Nigeria. He is the founder and Senior Pastor of House on the Rock, a multi-ethnic, multi-generational church with branches in Nigeria and other countries. Adefarasin’s ministry combines dynamic preaching, worship, and practical teachings.

Through his teachings, Adefarasin encourages believers to live purpose-driven lives and make a positive impact in their communities. He is actively involved in humanitarian initiatives, promoting education, healthcare, and community development. Adefarasin’s commitment to transformational leadership has earned him respect and admiration.


The top 10 richest pastors in Nigeria have not only achieved significant financial success but have also impacted countless lives through their ministries, preaching, and miracles. A lot of people seem to look amazed looking at their wealth which is not okay.

From the dynamic preaching of David Oyedepo to the prophetic ministry of T.B. Joshua and the emphasis on spiritual warfare by Daniel Olukoya, each pastor brings a unique approach to their calling and has not seized to use it for the betterment of Nigeria, Africa, and the world as a whole.

While their estimated net worth may not be steady due to physical influences, their influence and dedication to serving God and their communities remain unwavering, solidifying their positions as influential spiritual leaders in Nigeria and the world in general.


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