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How to Get 800K Subscribers on YOUTUBE



Recently, I started watching youtube and this was based on the fact I just got a new android phone. Not that I was not using an android phone before. I was, it just that very limited. Limited in the sense that there was very little I could do on it because of the memory space. I bought the phone 2 years ago from my boss knowing fully well its problems but because I couldn’t afford a new phone then, I just had to buy it.

Anyways, fast forward to today, I now use the Tecno Camon 11 and I must say the experience is really awesome because I’ve taken my exposure and most of all my learning to the next level. Through the platform, I have met people like Dan Lok, Lingua Marina (Silicon Valley Girl), Grant Cardone, Dexters World and tons.

These guys are gurus in their field. You guys should check them out at their channels. it’s the same names I mentioned earlier they use for there YouTube Channel.

So today, I want to really talk about Silicon Valley Girl because it was through her channel I got to know Jarvis Johnson – one of the first YouTubers when YouTube started way back in 2006 and the secrets to having 800K considering the fact that we’ll soon start our YouTube Channel.

Just in case you don’t know Silicon Valley Girl, here a little introduction on her behalf. Silicon Valley Girl (Marina Mogilko) migrated from Russia to the USA to further her education and from then all her dreams have come true. She now owns 2 companies (i think) and she has 2 successful YouTube Channels.

You can read more about her here.

Yesterday, she shared a video she made with Jarvis Johnson on how to get 800K Subscribers on your channel in a few days and I was wowed. Jarvis was able to really expose some deep secrets about YouTube analytics and how the average viewer on YouTube thinks considering the fact that he has been using the YouTube platform for a long time.

Here is it! Please learn!

How to Get Almost 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube

YouTube video

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