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How Poor Men Think and How Ralph Bamigboye Thinks



Let’s face the facts, I’m not a millionaire.

I’m not even as popular as Dangote or Wizkid but, I must say; the way I think is totally different. You’ll know what I mean by “totally different” by the end of this post.

Let me first start with this, because I know what you’re already thinking.

That since this topic is the difference between the way poor men think and the way Ralph think that that means Ralph must be very rich.

Well, like I said earlier, I’m not a millionaire (yet) and even if that time comes I don’t think I’m going to be the one telling you how much I’m worth. It’s CNNFoxAljazera that’s going to be doing that on my behalf.

It’s not pride, its just life!

Now, I know you went to school. After all, it’s because of that knowledge you’re able to read this post but I’m going to “twist” your brain here just so you can understand my world and how I think. Please let me!

One of those twisting is my meaning of the word “Poor” and it’s opposite. You see the opposite of “poor” means something different to me entirely… it means “success” (a successful man). Yes! It used to be “Rich” until I changed it to “success”. This may sound absurd to you but that how I see it.

It sounded absurd when the wright brothers (Wilbur and Orville) said they were going to break the law of gravity until they broke it and today flying by air seems to be one of the safest ways to travel.

It sounded absurd when Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad told us his views on assets and liabilities until he was able to prove it that, assets should make money for us and not the other way round. Robert Kiyosaki was also able to prove that having life savings won’t make us rich.

Life is not Always About Obeying Laws, Sometimes You Need to Break Laws

I wish I could tell you this one on one but unfortunately, this is the only medium I have for now to pass this. Back in the days, you know our teachers taught us that poor men are the people who don’t have money but this is not true.

Poor men are actually men that don’t have relationships, information, wisdom, EI (Emotional Intelligence) and so on…

As I was saying, one of the laws you need to break if you want to go forward in life is the study laws you were taught in school. I mean, I still laugh at the laws of physics till today. If the wright brothers had listened to their teachers, I think they will have killed every man’s ability to fly today.

How my Life Changed and How Yours Can too

I must say, I really thank God for the mentors God placed in my life right from when I knew my lift from my right.

My journey to finding me started when I met Pastor Henry Nwangwa. He was one pastor who didn’t just have the bible to preach with but, a whole library of his own to preach with.

It was through him I met Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich dad and Poor Dad” and it changed my life. After reading this book, I began to see the world in a new pace. It was as if I something that was used to obstruct me was removed.

Don’t get me wrong, I have been reading books before then but that was the first life changing book I read that why If I want to start with people that changed my life outside my blood family. I’ll start with Pastor Henry.

We talked about everything from money to girls. He knew that’s what every teenage boy wanted to hear then and he used that to draw me close.

He will always tell me, “Ralph my library is always opened to you anytime!” Please be free! And I’ll reply to him with a gentle smile.

In that nutshell, I’ll tell you that’s how my life changed, that was my “Aha moment”!

Your life too can change, you can have Aha moment too! It’s just about you reading the right books and meeting good people not by chance or by luck but by grace…

The True Meaning of Success.

What is success to you?

What does it mean to a poor man?

Although, earlier on, I talked about “success being the opposite of poor”. Which is still my opinion by the way and I’m forcing it on you. But first off, let’s check the dictionary to find the meaning of “success”. According to Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary success means the fact that you have achieved something you want and have been trying to do or get.

What Success Might Mean to a Poor Man

The first thing poor men do as regarding success is to measure money with it. A poor man actually thinks success is equivalent to money. He thinks success is (means) amassing so much money. I was gisting with someone a few days ago and he was telling me about someone he knew that was very successful.

So I asked him one question! What has the man done or what is he doing that made him a total man? And all he could tell me was that he has lots of money and cars.

To this friend the cars and the money is success “an achievement” quote and unquote.

A poor man means a poor mind and a poor mind believes only money will give him rest. Ever heard of this broadcast that was going round on WhatsApp one time?

That: Money can buy you a house, not a home;

Money can buy you a bed but certainly not sleep;

Money can buy food but not good health;

And so on?

That also made me know that in as much they say money answereth all things, there are some things money can’t answer.

I was later able to convince this friend that fact that this man has money does not mean he’s successful and I’m happy he was able to see my view.

But to some men, this has not been the case. They still see money (riches) as a must have, a do or die affair and that’s many men are into bad business today. A business they aren’t proud of telling their family all in the name of hustle.

Enough on this rich-success theory! Let’s move to the main reason why you’re reading this blog post which is how I think so differently!

Poor Men See Money as Fixed Assets but Ralph Bamigboye Sees His Brain as an Asset

Chill! My brain is not made of gold or some other treasure.

Its I.Q is not even up to AlbertEinstein’s.

In fact, it’s useless to you only me, that’s why it’s my brain. Just see this has something that is only useful to you like your brain also.

There’s a saying that says “take everything from a successful man and he’ll make everything back in no time but don’t take his knowledge and wisdom”.

There’s a reason why only successful men see the wisdom in this quote. Seriously, I wouldn’t trade my knowledge (what I know) for anything in this world. I don’t care what it is you’re offering because this is my number 1 source of wealth (riches) and this is why I see my brain as an asset.

The information I have now up there was not the information I had 5, 10 years ago. All that I know now changed my thinking about wealth and success.

There’s another saying that says “a successful man is not wealthy because of what he has but because of what he knows. As far as I am concerned money is a liability especially when you don’t know what to do with it.

Recently, I heard about Mavis Wanczyck, the 53-year-old woman who won $758 million during the Powerball lottery. It was not surprising when I also heard she was issued a financial adviser. Long before her, I’ve also heard of Steve Jobs who was able to build a multi-million dollar company with no worth right from the start.

Now, if we can notice.

There’s a huge difference between these two or what I might call future occurrence.

The first one is likely to squander of her money if she has no financial adviser and, the second one is still also likely to squander his money even if he also has a financial adviser too but guess what! He will never live broke for long because he has the ability to wealth.

Note: Here I’m not saying money is not important! I’m just saying it’s not an asset to me.

Poor Men Think it’s all About Money, Ralph Bamigboye Thinks it’s all About Success

I don’t judge people who say “once they have money their problems will end”. Or people that believe them being disrespected is because they don’t have money. But as far as I think people who are not successful are even more disrespected than people who don’t have money.

For I’ll rather respect someone who is successful at what he does than someone who thinks he has arrived because of his new net worth.

People like this are found more on Instagram. We see their post every day. They don’t delay in showing us if and when they just bought something expensive. Some won’t even stop at showing us only but also tell us how much it cost.

And when robbers rob them of these so called expensive things, they blame the cops for not doing their job. I’ll say this: Instagram is to be used to advertise what you do not to show what you have or how much you’re worth.

Just saying!

This quote has kept me in control since I heard it. To me, it’s golden!

The next point that differentiates me from a poor man is:

Poor Men Think it’s all About Knowing People but Ralph Bamigboye Think’s it’s all About Creating Relationships

Anyone that has relationships (what we call connection in Nigeria here) has something worth more than money.

That’s my belief but however, there’s a big difference between having a relationship with people and knowing just knowing people. This is something I learnt that has made me unique in my thinking.

Now, what do I mean by relationship as pertaining to financial wisdom? This means not just knowing people but having a relationship with them up close and personal. And when I mean people I mean everyone from the gateman to your boss from the doorman to your neighbour to everyone.

Let me explain deeper as pertaining “creating relationships” by telling you what people who are in relationships do. If you want to really create a relationship(s) with people you can use these rules as a guideline as too.

  • People who are good at relationships call and text people just to know how you are doing;
  • People who are good at relationships turn up when they are needed;
  • People who are good at relationships help when those they call friends need their help;
  • People who are good at relationships send gifts (whether expensive or not) to people they want to create relationship with;
  • People who are good at relationship visit friends;

These are the few I could remember for now. In brief, I see creating a relationship with people like dating. Date people if you want to have a relationship with them. You know what I mean.

It’s time people need to know you actually care for them asides all the benefits.

Poor Men Think it’s all About Today, Ralph Bamigboye Thinks it’s About Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

This point might sound unimportant to you but trust me it’s not.

About some week ago, I did a Whatsapp (broadcast) post exactly on this topic and why we need to live our life based on these 3 occurrences.

I‘ll say this, I’m not a predictive person.

It’s hard for someone who is not close to me to know my move and thought. That’s why people most of the time think I live my life the way each day comes but this is not true.

Part of what made me who I am today is my yesterday what I term “my mistakes”, my today which give me an opportunity to correct my mistakes and my tomorrow which is the perfect picture of how I want my life to be in the nearest future and in the farthest future.

I jot down and write about my mistakes and the lessons I have learnt from them. This is something I’ve learnt not play with if I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Yesterday can be before today or days as far back as 5 or 10 years ago but still, I still refer to these days as my yesterday.

Many years ago; part of my mistakes was making unimportant things important in my life and my important unimportant but I must say, I learnt hard when I saw that I’ve wasted so many time and opportunities but all the way, I still bless God for this mistake as it has made me never to joke with time and opportunity again.  

All that I’ve said so far is absolute nonsense to a poor man as I’ll usually say “sabi” (Nigerian slang) it is when I have eaten I can think about tomorrow “mitcheeew” (hissing).

All the poor man care about is today and what is happening now.

To him, yesterday should also be forgotten.

A poor man will rather collect 3 million naira today rather than wait for it become billions. That’s another thing, they’re impatient with investments.

And Lastly!

Poor Men Think it’s all About What They Know (Knowledge), Ralph Bamigboye Thinks it’s not just About Knowledge but the Correct Application of it (wisdom)

There’s a reason why I retain this for the last. Just like when desert is lastly eaten after dinner.

Now, I must say I’ve seen intelligent people, I have met them, in fact, I have some of them as my close friends but I must say, there’s clearly a big difference between those that are knowledgeable and those know how to apply their knowledge.

This is like picking beans. You know that asides from the stones, there are also beans that look like beans but are not worthy to be cooked.

In future, with the way the internet is going, everyone will likely become knowledgeable but I must also say, not everyone will know how to apply it. That’s how to use the knowledge correctly.

Wisdom makes you know that despite the fact that you were taught in school, to tell the truth at all times, it’s not all times we must tell the truth especially at the expense of neighbour’s life?

Let’s use a simple example here! Let’s say you caught you neighbour’s wife fornicating. Are you going to tell your neighbour you caught his wife with another man? I sincerely hope you won’t.

You see, most people are poor today because of what they were taught in school. Sometimes education can be a disease. Turn a full-grown man into a zombie, walking anywhere his legs take him.

A poor man thinks the only way to make it in life is to obey all that he has been taught in school. He believes this is his only way out to meet with success not knowing that being able to think outside the box is wisdom.

This doesn’t encompass school only. It encompasses all spheres of life, especially business.

To create wealth, knowledge is not enough. To create and sustain wealth you need wisdom. Solomon was able to amass wealth not because of what he knew but because of wisdom and it is only God who gives that.

All these points are what differentiates me from a poor man. What are yours? Please feel free to amaze in the comment box. Itching to hear from you!!!

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