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How to Start Computer Business Center in Nigeria



Computer Business Center in Nigeria
Computer Business Center in Nigeria
Computer Business Center in Nigeria

Are you thinking of starting a computer business center in Nigeria and you do not know the necessary steps you need to take? Read this article to the end. In this article, I will be explaining to you how you can start a profitable computer business center in Nigeria, the capital needed to start the business, and how profitable the business is.

There will always be a need for a computer business center in Nigeria because of the services the business renders. Computer business centers have helped so many individuals and organizations to be able to print, type and access any documents at any time they are needed because of the computers, printers, and photocopy machines available to them.

What is a Computer Business Center?

A computer business center is a place where documents can be typed, printed, photocopied, and laminated for official use. You can also register forms online and do other official tasks in a computer business center. People patronize computer business centers for different reasons known to them alone. 

Is Computer Business Center Profitable?

Unlike the cyber cafe business that is going extinct due to the availability of the internet and smartphones in Nigeria, computer business centers are still thriving and making profits because of the unique services it renders to the public. A computer business center is still profitable in Nigeria today because many Nigerians do not have computers and printers at home to print documents when they need them.

Another reason why computer business centers are highly lucrative in Nigeria is that a good percentage of Nigerians cannot operate computers. Examples of these people are computer illiterates that cannot type and want to make their C.Vs. These people will need the services of a computer business center and a typist to do it for them.

Capital Needed to Start Computer Business Center

The cost of starting a computer business center is not expensive in Nigeria. With low capital, you can start as long as you are willing to grow the business gradually. With a capital of N500,000 – N700,000, you can start a small-scale computer business center in Nigeria.

Equipment Needed to Start Computer Business Center

The equipment needed to start a successful computer business center in Nigeria are:

1. Computer 

2. Printer

3. Photocopier

4. Laminating machine

5. Generator

6. Fans

7. Light bulbs

8. Stapler

9. Spiral binder

10. Cabinet

11. Tables

12. Chairs

Services Rendered by Computer Business Centers

There are common services rendered in computer business centers in Nigeria. These are:

1. Typesetting

2. Photocopy

3. Printing

4. Lamination

5. Spiral binding

How to Start Computer Business Center in Nigeria

These are the steps to start a profitable computer business center in Nigeria today.

1. Get the Required Capital

A computer business center is a flexible business in Nigeria. You can start the business even from your home as long as you have the equipment and you have an available shop. However, many Nigerians that want to go into the business do not have the equipment so they have to buy them.

You need this required minimum capital to buy equipment for the business and to rent a shop. You can either start the business with what you have or simply wait till you have gathered enough capital to start. 

2. Buy the Equipment Required

As the equipment mentioned above are important for your computer business center in Nigeria. The quality of equipment you buy for the business also depends on your capital. You can either buy new equipment or tokunbo equipment.

It depends. But most people that go into the business buy tokunbo equipment instead of new ones. This is because some tokunbo equipment is better than new ones when it comes to durability and lifespan. Lastly, you can also buy one each of all these equipment for starting first. For example, a computer, a fan, a printer, a photocopy machine and as time goes by you can buy more.

3. Rent a Shop or Use a Container

A computer business center can survive in any location in Nigeria as long as you have references from organizations and companies. I have seen people start computer business centers in Nigeria in the weirdest places – places you never imagined a computer business center will be yet they are doing well. An example is a computer business center next to a school.

Even if this computer business center is not facing the main road it will still make profits. But it is always best for you to rent a shop for this business at a place facing the road. This alone can triple the profits of this business. A good location will attract new customers every day, especially passersby.

4. Install and Furnish your Shop

When you are done buying all the equipment and furniture needed for this business you need to install them in your shop. This is where you will need the help of a computer engineer and furniture. All computer electronics should be properly installed to keep them out of harm’s way. Your generator should be kept in a place where its fumes will not also disturb your customers that come to your computer business center.

5. Start your Rendering Services

When you are done with all this, your computer business center can start any day. In fact, you do not need a grand opening to start. Customers will definitely come, you just need to be assertive. You can also inform other businesses in the area for easy patronage.

For example, you can meet cyber cafes, schools, and others about your business. Family and friends can also come in handy when it comes to patronage in this business.

6. Managing your Expenses

Managing expenses in a computer business center in Nigeria can be stressful, especially for a newbie in the business. For example, you will need to spend money on papers, fuel, photocopy machine ink, NEPA, and more. You need to make sure you are not spending too much in your computer business center.

A good way to do this is to track your expenses. Get a book to write down your daily expenses and income and calculate how much you spend and how much you make daily.

7. Profits in Computer Center

Making profits in a computer business center in Nigeria is not difficult but it can be for a newbie. There are different ways you can increase profits in this business.

1. You can diversify by starting another business. For example, you can start a phone charging business alongside your computer business center.

2. To increase your profits in the business you can look for where you can buy your tools at cheaper prices. I know so many computer business centers that buy things as little as A4 paper in bulk at cheaper prices just to reduce their expenses.

3. Lastly, you can increase profits in the business by getting big contracts from other businesses like schools to print or photocopy their documents.


The computer business center is a lucrative business in Nigeria if the business is in a good location and it works hand in hand with other organizations – creating symbiotic relationships. The business can never die. It will continue to exist as long as we continue to have computer illiterates in Nigeria.


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