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How to Get Jobs in Top Nigerian Companies (Easy Ways)



Become an Entrepreneur in Nigeria

Our parents told us the only way we can get good jobs in reputable Nigerian companies is to study hard and get an excellent result. I guess they lied, lied in the sense that they did not tell us the entire truth back then. Because you and I (we) have seen course mates with poor result land jobs in big companies with fat salaries and we have seen coursemates who finished with excellent results still struggling to put food on their tables (doing menial jobs).

If you ask an average Nigerian that has been able to get a job in the company of his choice how this was possible for him coupled with the fact that he’s getting a FAT PAY alongside, he will tell you it was through grace that it was only God that could have done it. Do not get it twisted, in as much as grace played a huge impact in this, hard work made a bigger impact in getting the job.

If I must say here the word “GRACE” has deceived many Nigerians. It has made most of us think it’s not about smart work and hard work, it’s about praying and fasting that our needs are granted. But let’s think about this, if it’s not about smart work and hard work, what is it truly about especially when it comes to getting not just a perfect job but getting anything we want in life?

Do not get me wrong here; I’m not saying there’s no such thing as GRACE because truly I’ve experienced this in so many ways. All I am saying here is it takes more than grace to get something meaning there’s always a level ground (a minimum requirement) that you need to have before grace can work and flourish in your life.

To shed more light on this, let me come in with this scenario. It is possible for an illiterate to get the position of an accountant in a company? Absolutely impossible! No matter the kind of grace that follows this man, it is impossible. And if this graced illiterate man whether by hook or crook gets this job, he won’t last a day on it before he is sacked or even arrested for incurring a big loss for the company. Have you read the book Grace is not enough by Ralph Bamigboye?

You need to so you can get the bigger picture here… Just pulling your legs, I’ve not written any book like that. At least not yet! So how do you get a dream job in your dream company if grace only can’t get you there? That’s what I’ll be sharing with you now in detail and I believe these steps will work for you perfectly if you follow them to the core.

You see; one thing I’ve noticed about people with poor school results is that they give up on themselves easily, easily in the sense that they give up on themselves even before their potential employers meet them. Most of them have the thinking that because they came out with a past result, nobody will employ them. 

This kind of thinking should be killed and buried if one wants to move on and rise above the shame. I will talk more about this in my subsequent point below.

How to Get Jobs in Top Nigerian Companies

Here are steps on how to get jobs in companies in Nigeria.

1. Agree it is your Result

You see the worst thing that can happen to a man or any man, in this case, is to be in self-denial. I agree that the poor education system in Nigeria, missing script, undermarking as a result of personal resentments, and poor recording is part some of the reasons why this entire thing is not our fault, still, I still agree that these results are ours. It’s the only way we can move on.

It was the way I was able to move on during my OND days, although it took me a long time (not that I couldn’t call for my script, I could but we all know how the system is in Nigeria).

2. Do your Reflections

Yes, after no. 1, the second step is not to limit your intelligence to your result. Thinking this way is another way to sink YOU. Believe that you are intelligent, you’re special and you’re unique. Speak well, dress well, communicate well with people when you meet, and use your table manners when you are having dinner with them.

Here’s the thing, when you believe that you’re very good and you act it, it gives people HIGH HOPES & SECOND THOUGHTS about you especially when they finally get the opportunity to compare you with your school result.

3. Read Exponentially

Now that we’ve worked on your mind, it’s time to update yourself. This is where I agree with the saying that says “the highest education a man can really get is the one after school”. Now is not just time to just believe that you’re confident, let there be facts to prove this. Read books! There are so many books out there you can read to improve yourself.

See this as just updating the Android OS on your phone to the latest version. EXPOSE YOURSELF to books and UNRAVEL YOURSELF… …books on Emotional intelligence, exceptional marketing, how to understand body language and so on will do this. Another thing you should consider here is blogs, Blogs that have to do with workplace topics.

I personally read and but there are others flocking the internet. You just need to Google them. These blogs if properly digested will teach you Work ethics, Personal Branding, Business life hacks, Workplace life hacks and so on. And trust me by the time you’re done, your mindsetperception and every other thing about you will change for good.

4. Attend Training, Seminars & Online Courses

This step is almost the same as no. 3 but there is a little difference, a little difference in the sense that there’s a certificate to own at the end and these certificates will boost our C.V of resume. Imagine you have 5 different certificates from training, seminars and online courses in other fields of study asides from your school result…

…Omo that will just rearrange your level totally.

5. Look out for your Dream Company

At this stage, it is necessary to be on the lookout for the company, don’t just assume you know them very well. Read about them online and offline. Online in the sense that you go to their website to read their history, how the company started, what they have achieved so far, and their vision and mission. Read about the CEO too.

Offline in the sense that you ask an insider (someone working in the company) what the company usually look out for when it comes to employing staff, also the questions they are likely to ask during interviews and what the interview process is like.

If they have a particular way or style of writing C.Vs before it’s submitted to their HR department, he should also give you this full info too. Ask these questions, get the answers and you will have better chances of being called for an interview after you’ve submitted your C.V.

6. Construct a Perfect C.V

Yes, now is the time to construct your C.V or Resume. After taking your time to do this, forward it to the company’s mail and if the company accepts a hard copy, go to the company’s HR department to submit the hard copy too. After doing all these and now praying for grace, there’s a 90% chance you will be called for an interview, please do not screw it up with absurd bargaining and other insane requirements.

Remember the main goal here is to get a job, work for free if it comes to this because sometimes the company might say these to test you. Trust me; no time spent in this company is a waste. Even if it’s for 6 months it will add to your C.V that you worked with them. Imagine having on your C.V that you’ve worked in NNPC for 6 months. Do you get the gist?

7. Start work and go to School

At this stage that you’re now a staff, it is not the time to relax, hope and pray things should work out for you for good. It’s time to push YOU further. Do more work, strive and go to school. We have many schools (Polytechnics and Universities) in Nigeria now that run part-time programmes.

Make enquiries; buy their admissions forms and start. You have more work to do here because none of these (your job or education) must lack behind (in terms of your time and attention). Invest all the time you have in this world for at least the amount of years you will be using to get the certificate.

Trust me, it will be worth it by the time you are done with this programme because it will be another addition to your C.V or Resume.

8. Do the extraordinary

I must say its hard TRYING TO KEEP UP with everything. It can be so overwhelming. That’s why my number 8 is telling you not to give up. Don’t be familiar with your work that you begin to toy with your duties e.g not meeting up with deadlines

Now, is not the time you need that; now is the time to beat all odds. Where your mates are GIVEN UP on a project, LOOK DEEPER to see how it can work. Where your mates are IGNORING company/organization rules, follow those rules to the CORE. Where your mates leave work EARLY, stay for OVERTIME.

All this improves you and your C.V at the end. And do not forget, it’s not about working harder all the time, it’s about working smarter.

9. Gather Experience, get a Promotion

If you have gotten to this stage here and now you’ve gathered all the experience need. The promotions and the new school certificate should make getting a new job way easier. Now is the time to bid the organization goodbye and look for a better job.

However, make sure you get a better job first before dropping the current one. This is a wise decision any lion will take.


Last words… Success does not come easy but it is achievable. You can achieve anything in this world if you put your mind in it and don’t give up. Cheers to the new job!


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