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Net Worth

Cubana Chief Priest Net Worth

Cubana Chief Priest is a well known celebrity in Nigeria. Check out his net worth.



Cubana Chief Priest Net Worth

What is Cubana Chief Priest’s net worth?

Net Worth:$50 million
Age:44 Years
Born:April 2, 1981
Height:5 inches and 8 feet
Country of Origin:Nigeria
Source of Wealth:Business
Last Updated:March 10, 2024

His real name is Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu, and he was born on April 2, 1981, in Otsu, Imo state, Nigeria. He’s a big shot in the hotel and restaurant world as the co-boss of Cubana Group of Hotels and the owner of club Xhrine in Owerri, which he opened in December 2020.

Cubana Chief Priest became super famous after holding a huge event at the Cubana Grand Hotel, featuring none other than Davido and his fiancée, Chioma. He also attended their wedding CHIVIDO in June 2024. He even won an award for being the Entertainment Person of the Year from City People Music.

Lately, he made headlines by buying a whopping 46 cows to support the burial of Obi Cubana’s mother, a well-known business man and cultural figure from Anambra state. He also went all out by turning her into an eternal memory with a necklace and jewelry worth $100,000. 

Early Life

Cubana Chief Priest, a much-loved person, was born on a bright day, March 26, 1982, and welcomed happily by his mom and dad, Mr. and Mrs. Chibuike Okechukwu, in the peaceful village of Umuhu Okabia, in Imo State. He grew up with his dear sister, Onyinyechi Maryanne, Cubana knew the warmth of a close family. Laughter filled their home and going to church were a special part of their lives.

When Cubana Chief Priest was young, he spent much time in Abia State in Nigeria. Later, he moved to Aba to live with his dad and learn to make shoes. He got very good at it and worked hard as an apprentice in his dad’s shoe shop. But that’s not all – he later got into showbiz, where his persistent effort and skill in promoting made him a big deal in the industry.

In his life’s journey, Cubana met Angel Gold Okechukwu (previously Anunuso), an amazing woman who now owns De Angels Bar and Grill in the city Owerri in Imo State. Their love grew into a lovely marriage, blessed with two adorable sons, Donald and Obinna Okechukwu, who bring endless joy to the family. Donald was born on December 29, 2016 which added sparkle to the parents’ lives. Obinna was later born on April 11, 2018, this brought even more happiness to their family.

Cubana Chief Priest has around 3 million followers on Instagram, his account is not just for fun, but a canvas where he shares his love for his wife and kids. Cubana shows endless love to his family with birthday wishes and big gifts, leaving lasting memories for the future.

Cubana Chief Priest is a big name in Nigeria, doing many things like entertaining, business, and organizing events. He works as a top manager at Cubana Group, a fancy hotel chain in Abuja, Lagos, and Owerri. He’s well known for hosting famous singers like Davido and Burna Boy at the grand Cubana Grand Hotel, which makes him very popular in showbiz.


Cubana Chief Priest is a known figure from Nigeria. He’s not just an ordinary guy. He’s into fun stuff like making people happy through entertainments, managing businesses, and hosting great and large parties. 

In the past, he was studying real estate at a university in Owerri, Imo State. But even while learning, he had that business spirit. You know what he did? He started making and selling cool shoes to his friends. People said he knew how to organize a great party. He also became the person that people go to go to in Owerri for arranging events, which people were eager to join.

In search of more wealth, he left for Lagos. And you know what? Luck was on his side because he met Obi Cubana, a big name in the Nigerian business world. They hit it off, and Cubana Chief Priest got a job at Cubana Group.

He didn’t just glide through work. No, this man worked really hard and moved up to become the top boss, General Manager. He also helped Cubana Group grow by creating nice hotels, cool clubs, and tasty restaurants. And he even became friends with Davido, the music star.

But you know, sometimes you have to go on your own. In 2020, Cubana Chief Priest left his comfortable job at Cubana Group and started his own business called Club Xhrine, back in Owerri where it all started – that’s coming back to where he began. 

Cubana Chief Priest Net Worth

In 2024, Cubana Chief Priest is believed to have about $50 million. His money comes from businesses, sponsorships, and events. His net worth can still change as time goes on because of the Nigerian money value, which is the rise in dollar within the country. 

He helped start the Cubana Group, which has hotels, clubs, and restaurants in Nigeria. He also owns Club Xhrine, a cool nightclub in Owerri. He has worked with big entertainment names like Davido, Burna Boy, and Mercy Eke. Also, he has deals with Bullet Drink and MTN. All these what helped in building his net worth. 

Success Quotes from Cubana Chief Priest 

Here are some inspiring words straight from Cubana Chief Priest himself:

1. “Cash stops silly stuff.” Money’s strength is in quieting problems and petty things. It shows how wealth can change things and help us focus on what’s important.

2. “I am my own rival.” Cubana Chief Priest is all about getting better and growing on his own. He doesn’t compare with others, he just aims to improve. This helps him keep getting better and reaching his goals.

3. “Make your chance, don’t wait for it.” Instead of wishing for good luck, Cubana Chief Priest tells us to make it happen. We should take control of our lives and make our own success.

4. “Winning is not about age, but luck and work.” Cubana Chief Priest says winning isn’t about age or outside things. Instead, he tells us it needs hard work and some good luck. This shows us we need to keep going and trust in ourselves.

5. “To be rich is not about money in bank, but kindness in heart.” Cubana Chief Priest says love, kindness, and care show real wealth, not just money.

6. “Money is like water.” This Nigerian saying means money comes and goes. Cubana Chief Priest uses this to say save money and know it doesn’t last.

7. “We cry for dead, hate the living, envy rich, ignore poor.” Cubana Chief Priest says this to show how society contradicts itself. He says we should value people more than money.

Lessons to Learn from Cubana Chief Priest 

Here are some important lessons we can learn from Cubana Chief Priest:

1. Connecting with people is good: Cubana Chief Priest knows how to use his influence on social media and his many contacts to bring people to his clubs and hotels. He’s also good at teaming up with other successful business people to make the most of their resources and knowledge.

2. It is good to be passionate and persistence about your dream: Since he was young, Cubana Chief Priest has been chasing his dream of becoming a well-known musician and entertainer. Despite facing tough times and setbacks, he hasn’t given up on his dreams. Plus, he’s always finding ways to make his businesses better.

3. Giving back is important: Cubana Chief Priest shows kindness by helping out young business people in his community. It’s a great way to give back to his community and help others succeed.

Cubana Chief Priest’s Houses and Cars:

Cubana Chief Priest is known for his fancy lifestyle, with a collection of luxury cars and high-end homes.

Let’s take a look at some of the cars in Cubana Chief Priest’s garage:

– Rolls-Royce Phantom

– Range Rover Mercedes G-Class


– Lexus LX 570

– Geely Coolray

– Toyota Prado

– Toyota Hilux

– Mikano Pilot truck

– Changan CS85 Coupe

Apart from his cars, Cubana Chief Priest owns housing properties in Imo State, Lagos State, and Abuja. These houses have modern facilities and amenities, and their combined value runs into millions of Naira. Cubana Chief Priest enjoys the finer things in life, and his collection of cars and homes reflects his taste for luxury.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Cubana Chief Priest Net Worth? 

Cubana Chief Priest net worth is about $50 million, roughly 28 billion naira in today’s money. He didn’t just get lucky; he works hard in lots of jobs and businesses to make his money. And his talent and effort got him big awards, like the Entertainment Personality of the Year. His hard work and love for what he does really paid off.

What is Cubana chief priest state of origin? 

Cubana Chief Priest comes from Imo State, Owerri. He was born and grew up there. His family is from Umuhu Okabia in the Orsu Local Government Area. He was born on April 2, 1981. He was the second child in his family, with his sister, Onyinyechi Maryanne. Imo State is very important to him and has influenced who he is today.

What is Cubana Chief Priest age? 

In 2024, Cubana Chief Priest is 44 years old. He was born on April 2, 1981, in Otsu, Imo State, Nigeria. He grew up in Imo State as the second son of Mr. and Mrs. Okechukwu. However, his father left, so he and his mother faced life’s difficulties alone. This surely shaped his personality and determination as he worked towards success.

What is Cubana chief priest net worth in dollars? 

Cubana Chief Priest has about $50 million, around 28 billion naira with current exchange rate of dollar. He got this by working very hard, doing different jobs and starting businesses. He’s won many awards, like Entertainment Personality of the Year. This shows how he never gives up and always tries his best to do well.


Cubana Chief Priest is famous in Nigeria. He is an entertainer, he hangs out with top Nigerian music stars like Davido, Burna Boy, Wizkid, and Dbanj is part of Cubana Chief Priest’s daily life. He’s super talented, leading to him getting the City People Music’s Entertainment Personality of the Year award.

But it’s not all about the fancy stuff for Cubana Chief Priest. He’s a mentor to lots of budding entertainers in Nigeria. They look up to him for his kindness, charity work, and influence. He has loads of followers on social media. He shares not just bits of his fancy life but also inspiring messages that touch his fans. Family is huge for him. He’s happily wedded to Anunuso Angel Gold, and they have two kids.

Cubana Chief Priest’s journey is proof that hard work, commitment, and love for what you do pay off. Even with tough times, he’s become one of Nigeria’s richest and most powerful figures. He’s not just a motivation; he’s a true hero, showing that with the right attitude and work, anything is doable.


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