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Net Worth

Regina Daniels Net Worth

How Regina Daniels made her money, her acting career and her net worth.



Regina Daniels Net worth

What is ‘Regina Daniels’ net worth?

Net Worth:$15 million
Age:24 Years
Born:October 10, 2000
Height:5 ft 5 in
Country of Origin:Nigeria
Source of Wealth:Acting, Business, Brand Endorsement and Sponsorships
Last Updated:February 28, 2024
Regina Daniels Bio

Regina Daniels is a big name in Nigeria’s show biz world, wowing audiences with her acting in films like The Jericho, Royal Dreams, The King and The Python, and Shekira: The Selfie Queen. But she’s not just an actor; she’s also a businesswoman, starting her own business in 2020.

Regina’s private life is also in the news, mainly her marriage to Ned Nwoko, an experienced 60-year-old man. They got together in 2019 at Ned’s big house in Delta State, sparking lots of talk online. Despite all the talk about their age gap and society rules, Regina and Ned are still devoted to each other.

Digging deeper into Regina Daniels’ story, we see a tale of grit and willpower. As a young Nigerian woman making it big in a tough industry, she’s faced lots of challenges and labels, breaking the norm and making her own path. Through her journey, we learn about the ups and downs of fame, love, and self-growth, connecting with fans who respect her strength and realness.

Early Life

Regina Daniels was born in Lagos, Nigeria on October 10, 2000. She grew up in Asaba, Delta State, in the south of Nigeria. She has five siblings, three brothers and two sisters. She is the second youngest. Her mother, Rita Daniels, is an actress and movie maker, which inspired Regina’s love for acting.

Regina went to Hollywood International School in Asaba, Delta State, where she finished her primary and high school education and where she got her First School Leaving Certificate and West African Senior School Certificate.

In 2018, she joined Igbinedion University Okada, Edo State, Nigeria’s top private school, to learn about Mass Communication. But in 2019, she left and went to a school in the United Arab Emirates.

Regina Daniels married Prince Ned Nwoko, a 59-year-old rich man from Nigeria. Before they married, Ned said he married Regina as a virgin and has looked after her for years. They got married in 2019 when Regina was 19. Their age gap caused much talk, Ned is 40 years older. Before Ned, Regina had a boyfriend called Somadina.

Ned, from a polygamous family, sticks to traditions that let men have many wives. He believes in quick marriage, he says love grows in marriage. They have two kids: Munir Nwoko and Khalifa Nwoko. Munir Nwoko was born on June 29, 2020, coincidentally on the same day as Regina Daniels’ first son. Then, Khalifa Nwoko was born on June 29, 2023, making his birthday the same as Munir Nwoko’s second birthday.


Regina Daniels started acting when she was a kid, with her mom, Rita Daniels, who is also an actress and helping her succeed. Rita gave Regina strong support as she began her career in Nigerian movies. Her first movie, “Marriage of Sorrow,” was the start of her successful career. After that, she acted with famous actors like Ini Edo, Chika Ike, and Mercy Johnson, and became well-known in the industry.

The movie that made Regina famous was “Miracle Child,” which she starred in when she was 10 in 2010. Aside from acting, she does other things like modeling, making movies, owning businesses, and influencing people on social media. Regina has made many Nollywood movies and started her own magazine in 2020.

Regina’s talent has been recognized with many award nominations. In 2015 and 2016, she was nominated for City People Movie Awards’ Most Promising Actress. Also, in 2016, she got a nomination for Best Supporting Actress of the Year.

In January 2019, Regina Daniels became the Youth Campaign Coordinator for Atiku Abubakar, a person running for president. Using her social media power, she helped gather young voters and boost support for Atiku’s campaign.

In February 2020, she started her own book, Regina Book, talking about fun, life, clothes, and looks. The book has talks with stars and big people, giving readers a view into different parts of life.

In March 2020, she began the Regina Daniels Group, a group set on helping and backing young people, especially girls. With plans on learning, health, and getting skills, the group wants to make a good change in society.

In April 2020, Regina Daniels became the face of Maple Group Nigeria, a big house company. She also backed big names like House of Glasses and Zaron Cosmetics.

In June 2020, she became a mom to a boy named Munir Neji Ned Nwoko. She shares sweet pics of her baby on the web.

In June 2023, she became pregnant again and bore a boy name Khalifa Ned Nwoko, she also shares his sweet pics on her Instagram account.

In July 2020, she made her own clothes line, Regina Daniels Fashion, for all women.

Here’s a summary of her recent activities:

In August 2020, she started her show, “Our Circle,” where she talks about her life on her YouTube channel.

In September 2020, she held a fun event for kids in Delta State.

In October 2020, she had a big party for her 20th birthday and got a pricey watch from her hubby.

In November 2020, she began her own skin care line, Regina Daniels Beauty, with all-natural items.

In December 2020, she acted in and produced the film “The Enemy I Know,” alongside her husband and other actors, the film shows betrayal, wanting more money, and how families work, giving viewers a good time at the movies.

Regina Daniels Net Worth

Regina Daniels is worth $1.5 million to $15 million in 2024. She made her money from acting, brand deals, and business. Also, she’s married to rich Prince Ned Nwoko.

Regina started acting at 7. She acted in hit movies like “Miracle Child,” “The Jericho,” “Plantain Girl,” and “Dumebi in School.” She got nominated for awards too. Regina also does charity and runs a magazine. All these contributed greatly to her net worth. 

Success Quotes from Regina Daniels 

Here are some success quotes from Regina Daniels:

“I began acting at age seven. My mom, Rita Daniels, acts too. With my family’s help, I got into the business. My first movie, Marriage of Sorrow, made me 10,000 Nigerian Naira.”

“I’m not scared to try new things. I think each problem can teach us.”

“I’m proud of where I come from. I know what I want to do. I feel good about life. I always do my best and hope to inspire others.”

Lessons to Learn from Regina Daniels

Here are some valuable lessons we can learn from Regina Daniels:

Do what you love: Regina started in movies at seven and has been great since. Even with problems, she kept going after what she wants.

Be sure and strong: Regina faced many issues but stayed strong. She stayed firm and tough when things got hard.

Love many ways: Regina loves her Igbo past and married an old man from another place. She likes all cultures and keeps her own while showing her own ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Regina Daniels husband Net worth? 

Regina and Ned are married. Ned is a big business and politics person in Nigeria and other countries. People say he has about $1.1 billion. He made the Ned Nwoko Foundation to help with schools, health, sports, trips, and culture.

How much does Regina Daniels have?

By 2024, Regina Daniels has about $1.5 million to $15 million. These come from her acting job, business deals, and marriage to rich Prince Ned Nwoko.


The talk about Regina Daniels net worth has make more people talking. She acts in Nigerian movies and makes money there too. She has done lots in the time she’s been acting, getting prizes, making talk, and sharing her life. Regina Daniels is not really new to Nollywood, and she started to act when she was 10.

Since then, she’s been in big films like “Miracle Child,” “The Jericho,” “Plantain Girl,” and “Dumebi in School.” She’s up for prizes at the City People Movie Awards, and they see her as the top new actress and for her part in films too. Regina Daniels married to Ned Nwoko, who has been said to do bad things by some people.

Without minding what people say, she still does good work in her own unique way. She made a book and helps with a big name’s campaign. She’s an inspiration to young people who want to be stars. She’s bright in her films, and out, she’s keen to do good.


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