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Tiwa Savage Net Worth

Here is an in-depth article on how Tiwa Savage made her money. Her music career and her net worth.



tiwa savage Net worth

What is Tiwa’s net worth?  

Net Worth:$17 million
Age:44 Years
Born:February 1980
Height:5 ft 5 in
Country of Origin:Nigeria
Source of Wealth:Singer/ Songwriter
Last Updated:February 28, 2024
Tiwa Savage Bio

Here we have Tiwa Savage, called the Afrobeats Queen and one of Africa’s top artists. She is a singer, writer, and actor from Nigeria. People love her mix of afrobeats, R&B, afropop, pop, and hip-hop. She sings in English and Yoruba, Nigeria’s own language. She has won many awards at home and abroad.

Apart from music, Tiwa helps others. She also engage in things like education, health, and women’s power. Stay with me and let’s see the best parts of Tiwa Savage’s life. She started in London and now has done many big things in music, so let’s get into it. 

Early Life

Meet Tiwa Savage, Nigeria’s amazing singer, songwriter, and actor. She’s known as the “Queen of Afrobeats.” Tiwa was born on February 5, 1980, in Lagos, Nigeria. She started singing when she was young.

Tiwa’s story is a strong and talented one. She went to London when she was 11. She found her voice singing with stars like George Michael and Mary J. Blige. Now, Tiwa is famous all over the world. 

She has won lots of awards, like the Best African Act at the 2018 MTV Europe Music Awards. Tiwa’s music and stage presence amaze people. But she’s not just a music star, she is excellent and has touched lives positively in so many ways. 

Tiwa started school at Isale Eko Elementary and later went to Isale Eko High School in Lagos, Nigeria. She did really well in school. Later, she went to the University of Kent in the UK to study Business Administration. She also performed excellently during her studies in the university. 

After Uni, Tiwa got a job in accounting at the Royal Bank of Scotland, but she always loved music. At 27, she decided to follow her heart and went to Berklee College of Music. This famous school has had famous students like Quincy Jones and Lalah Hathaway.

With her business skills and musical talent, Tiwa used her smarts to handle the music industry. From making deals to managing money, she’s a real powerhouse in the business.

Tiwa Savage, a famous singer, writer, and actor from Nigeria, got called the “Queen of Afrobeats.” She married Tunji Balogun, known as Teebillz, who was a manager and CEO of 323 Entertainment. Their story began with a big wedding in Lagos in 2013 and then a fancy wedding in Dubai in 2014. They had a son named Jamil Balogun in 2015.

But, despite a good start, their marriage had problems. There were rumors of cheating, drug use, and money issues. This led to them separating in 2016. They later got a divorce in 2018. Tiwa got custody of Jamil.

Even though their romantic relationship ended, Tiwa and Teebillz still have a friendly relationship for their son’s sake. They work well together as parents and support each other.


From 2010 to 2015 is Tiwa’s career beginning. After some time, Tiwa went back to Nigeria in 2010 and got a deal with Mavin Records in 2012. She put out her first music album, “Once Upon a Time,” in 2013. 

The album got a lot of praise from music experts and got nominated for different awards. Tiwa worked with other Nigerian singers like Wizkid, Flavour, Don Jazzy, and Patoranking. She became a very popular singer in Africa and did shows at different big music events like the MTV Africa Music Awards and the BET Awards.

From 2016 to 2019, Tiwa became a global star. She signed a deal with Roc Nation in 2016, making her the first Nigerian artist on the label. She then released her second album, R.E.D, in 2015. It had popular songs like “My Darlin” and “Standing Ovation”. In 2017, she released her first EP, Sugarcane, with catchy tracks like “All Over”, “Ma Lo”, and “Sugarcane”. During this time, Tiwa Savage became a strong global music star.

Tiwa Net Worth 

By 2024, Tiwa’s net worth is said to be around $5 million to $17 million. That’s a big range, but it shows her success, she deserves it. 

How does Tiwa make all that money? Not just from music and shows. She also gets paid for her songs, live shows, and big brand deals with Pepsi, MTN, Maggi, Konga, and Pampers. She’s also good at business.

And there’s more – Tiwa has a nice home in Lekki, Lagos, and many fancy cars. With her smart money moves and great talent, Tiwa Savage shows us what it means to be a real boss in music.

Success Quotes from Tiwa 

Below are some of the success quotes from Tiwa:

1. “Tough women still need help.” Tiwa’s words show that even the strongest women need support at times. It’s a reminder that asking for help is okay and doesn’t make you weak.

2. “Meeting someone you really click with is like winning a game, it almost never happens. But when it does, don’t mess it up.” This saying points out how rare true connections are and tells us to value them when they happen. It’s like finding a special thing in a big ocean.

3. “I feel like a new artist again who is working hard. That’s how I think, I don’t expect anyone to know who I am when I enter a place. I’m just here to find a spot.” Tiwa’s view shows modesty and determination. It stresses the importance of staying humble and putting in the work to reach success, no matter what you’ve achieved before.

Lessons to Learn from Tiwa 

Below are some of the lessons to learn from Tiwa

1. Keep getting better: Tiwa Savage always works to be better. She finds ways to make her work and brand stronger. This helps inspire new artists and business people.

2. Take big chances: Tiwa isn’t scared to try new things in her job. She likes to take on challenges. This helps us learn it’s good to go after what we love, even if it’s not easy.

3. Speak from the heart: Tiwa is great at reaching her fans with real talk. In her songs, on social media, and in talks, she stays true. This shows how important it is to be truthful and open to make good bonds with others.

4. Chatting with others helps you link and build trust with them. Tiwa Savage, while learning Accounting and liking music, found that love alone wasn’t sufficient. So, she focused on growing many skills and talents. This improved her make a successful job in many parts. Being skilled lets you adjust and manage various situations well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Queen of Afrobeat?

Tiwa Savage, true name Tiwatope Omolara Savage, is from Nigeria. She sings, writes songs, and acts. People know her as the “Queen of Afrobeats” because she mixes music styles like afrobeats, R&B, pop, and hip-hop really well. She sings in English and Yoruba, which is a language in Nigeria. Many people love Tiwa for her lively shows and her skill to mix African sounds into her music.

Was Tiwa Savage born in Nigeria?

Yes! Tiwa Savage was born in Nigeria. She was born on February 5, 1980, in Isale Eko, Lagos State. She is of the Yoruba ethnic group, which is an important part of Nigeria’s culture. When she was 11, her family moved to London, making her life more diverse.

Tiwa Savage Net worth in dollars real age?

Tiwa Savage has a net value of $5 million to $17 million in 2024. She gets cash from selling songs, receiving fees, doing shows, marketing stuff, and putting money in things. Tiwa was born on February 5, 1980, in Isale Eko, Lagos State, Nigeria. She’s 44 now and will be 45 in February 2025. Tiwa is seen as one of the most important and winning women singers in Nigeria and Africa.


Tiwa Savage is a good singer, writer, and actor from Nigeria. People call her the Queen of Afrobeats. She is a top woman in music in Nigeria and Africa. By 2024, she has $5-17 million, from music and other money-making things.

Tiwa has more than just wealth. She has said words that can lift you up and make you want to reach your goals. She is a hero to lots of new singers and has pride for her land. Her life shows that if you keep on and work hard, you can do much.

Tiwa is a great lady who has done lots in her music and more. With her songs, she has shown the wide range and mix of African music and ways to people all over. Her win and bright view have made waves. She earns the Queen of Afrobeats crown and will be a name to last.


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