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Net Worth

B Lord Net Worth 

How did B Lord make his money? Here is everything to know about his crypto journey and net worth



B Lord Net Worth

What is B Lord’s net worth? 

Net worth$5 million
Age26 years
BornMarch 14, 1998
Height5 inches and 8 feet
Country of originNigeria 
Source of wealth Crypto currency, Entrepreneur
Last Updated:March 8, 2024
B Lord Bio

Are you interested in digital money? You might know B Lord, aka the Bitcoin Lord. He’s a young Nigerian who rocks at trading bitcoins. He runs B-Lord Group of Company, which has lots of crypto stuff. He was raised in Delta State, Nigeria where he got into computer stuff. He also obtained a degree from Anambra State University Uli. He left home at 17 to chase his millionaire dream. In 2017, he began coaching on Instagram, sharing cryptocurrency tips

B Lord has faced so many challenges such as handling people who doubt his skills, wins, or worth. B Lord often fights back by asking them to prove he’s wrong or go up against him. He also loves balancing his home activities with work plans. Though he posts lots about his work on social media, he only posts crypto trading.

He also likes staying up on shifts and trends in the crypto world. He also stays true to his God and self even in tough times. He always tries to overcome temptations and serve God diligently. Let’s check out his life, job, money, wheels and much more about his life. 

Early Life 

Meet B Lord, aka Linus Williams Ifejika, a standout in Nigeria’s biz scene. Born on March 14, 1998, in Umuoji Ebenebe, Anambra, the oldest of six. At 17, B Lord left home to chase his dreams. He got into crypto trading and did well. By age 20, he was raking it in. He then set up B-Lord Group, all about crypto. 

They give many good things to people who like online money. They give help and things to make the job easier. It’s a place for everything about online money. B Lord’s story is about doing what you love and making it work. He’s a hard worker, always finding new ways to help people in the online money world.

With B Lord in charge, the B-Lord Group has done very well, with many wins including:

B-Lord Bitcoin shop: A busy place to buy and sell bitcoins.

B-Lord tech shop: A store with new tech, picked by B Lord.

B-Lord fancy shop: A place for high-end fashion and jewelry, chosen by B Lord.

B-lord cars: A top place for great cars, picked by B Lord.

Jetpay dot ng: A new way to send cash fast, led by B Lord.

Billpoint dot co: An app for buying bitcoins, with B Lord’s view.

Wife and Children

B Lord’s wife is Linus Francisca, a doctor, and they have a son, Elliot. They live in a cozy home in Port Harcourt, Rivers state. B Lord is worth $5 million, but stays humble. He is known in Nigeria as a big young biz person.

Family Background 

B Lord, also Linus Williams Ifejika, is a star in Nigeria’s biz world. Born on March 14, 1998, in Umuoji Ebenebe, Anambra state, B Lord is the oldest of six.

When B Lord was 17, he chased biz dreams. He loved crypto and got good at it. By 20, he had a good bit of cash and did well.

But B Lord kept going. He began the B-Lord Group of Company, focused on crypto. They give lots for crypto peeps, like help and goods. It’s like a one-stop for all in crypto!

B Lord is wed to Linus Francisca, a doc. They have a son, Elliot, born a year after they wed. They live in a big house in Port Harcourt. Though B Lord keeps his life off socials, he posts on his biz and crypto wins.


One source says he studied Computer Science at Anambra State University Uli and graduated. B Lord started as a coach on Instagram in 2017, giving tips on cryptocurrency business. Though not formally educated in cryptocurrency trading, he learned through experience. At 20, he became a millionaire and later set up his own cryptocurrency exchange, B-Lord Group of Company. Besides, he mentors young Nigerians aspiring for cryptocurrency success.


B Lord started cryptocurrency trading, entrepreneurship, and coaching. 

Let’s see some of his achievements:

In 2017, he started coaching on Instagram, sharing cryptocurrency business tips.

By 20, he was a millionaire and set up his cryptocurrency exchange, the B-Lord Group of Company, in Onitsha, Anambra State.

Not just that, he owns businesses like B-lord Bitcoin store, B-Lord gadget store, B-Lord luxury store, B-lord automobiles, Jetpay dot ng, and Billpoint dot co.

He’s also into coaching and mentoring young Nigerians aspiring for cryptocurrency success.

With these achievements, B Lord’s known as one of the coolest and influential young Nigerian entrepreneurs.


B Lord is into digital cash trade, he owns B-Lord Group of Company which sells crypto stuff. He also helps young Nigerians make it in the crypto world. Many think he’s rich and a big deal in Nigeria.

B Lord Net Worth

B Lord’s cash stack is around $5 million. His journey in crypto trading and business makes him a big deal. He owns B-Lord Group of Company and is a top entrepreneur in Nigeria. He also owns a costly house in Port Harcourt city, Rivers state Nigeria.

B Lord always finds new ways for his money business in the digital cash world. Some things he’s doing now are:

Jetpay ng: send money fast with phone numbers, billpoint co: get stuff with bitcoin. B-Lord luxury store: here he sells fancy things like Rolex watches, Gucci bags. B-Lord gadget store: this is where he sells tech like iPhones, laptops. B-Lord automobiles: sell good cars like Mercedes-Benz.


B Lord had interviews and talks with news sites about his work and views on digital cash. One talk with Vanguard called “B Lord Group is more than just Bitcoin trading, declares the company’s chairman,” he talks about what he does. Talks about what he sells and a new house he bought worth N60 million. He says he’s not in a race with others and works hard to make his business grow.

TheCityCeleb in one of their articles shared “B Lord Life Story which include: Age, Wife, App, Money, Group Site, Kids, Business, Instagram, Children,” this gives a full look at B Lord’s life. It talks about his start, school, work, online presence, home life, and money. It talks a lot about him making a lot of money early, beginning his own digital cash exchange, and becoming one of Nigeria’s richest and most powerful young business people.

A news story from The Guardian tells us that “B Lord’s Real Estate Limited” has government approval to operate legally. They also let us know that B Lord says he feels good about reaching his goal as a Nigerian owner of a large business and talks about how he plans to grow his firms and do great in the digital cash world.

What does B Lord do for fun? 

B Lord likes going for trips, going shopping, drives, and hangs out with his friends. He also plays cricket, as shown in a pic of him with a bat. He is also a fan of magic books, since he named his son Elliot after The Hobbit’s lead role.

What does B Lord hate? 

B Lord does not like: – People who lie, act big, harm others, are cruel, or bring discord. These traits go against what he trusts, drawn from his view of the Bible:

Lax, dumb, or thankless folks. B Lord sees hard work, smarts, and thanks as key to being a hit in the digital cash world. 

Doubters of his skills, wins, or worth. He is not shy to face his critics and foes and asks them to show he’s wrong or up their game.

Fans of B Lord

He is surrounded with a big fanbase and lots of fans, B Lord is known for his skill in digital cash. He’s on Insta talking to 300,000 fans. He has a Facebook group for his fans, “Fans of blord.” Most fans are young Nigerians who want to be like him.

Did B Lord get a house? 

Yes, B Lord owns a house in Port Harcourt, Rivers state. As said, he lives in a big house worth N60 million. Also, he ran a real estate firm called Blord Real Estate Limited, which the government okayed.

What car does B Lord drive?

B Lord own some of Nigeria’s high-end cars such as:

A 2022 Mercedes Benz G-wagon G63 worth N210 million

A 2022 Mercedes Benz GLE 450 worth N80 million. 

A Range Rover Velar worth N40 million. 

A Toyota Camry worth N10 million. 

A Toyota Corolla worth N8 million. 

Also, B Lord owns B-lord automobiles, a firm that sells cars. He shows his wealth and cars on social media.

Has B Lord been arrested?

Yes, B Lord was held by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on August 26, 2020. They thought he was involved in web fraud and money laundering, along with 14 more men in Awka, Anambra state. Yet, he got out on bail and went back to social media and biz after the hold-up.


B Lord rose from poor beginnings to being very rich. B Lord net worth was not just acquired over night, rather he grew from little to big. He leads a big company in cryptocurrency. He’s an example for others. He lives a fancy life in Port Harcourt, Rivers state with his family. He has lots of companies, cars, and houses, making him a very rich and important person in Nigeria.

He’s driven by his Christian faith and the Bible’s teachings. B Lord is strong, hardworking, and confident. He’s always working to grow his businesses and do better in the cryptocurrency industry. B Lord, also called Bitcoin Lord, is a very powerful person.


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