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4 MUST-Dos that Makes New Year Goals Achievable



Sometimes, we do not achieve our goals not because they are too much, cumbersome but because we don’t have other laid down rules to help these goals come into place.

I say this as sometimes the problem of a storey building might even be its foundation but its pillars (I guess you never thought of that!)

It was until I discovered this myself my life began to change.

What did I discover again?

There are New Year goals and there are things you have to follow so that the New Year goals can manifest. Think of this as an instruction manual!

Let’s look at it this way:

How will you fill when you’ve set all your yearly goals and the doctor say you’ll die in March or June or unfailingly before the ember months? Of cus, you know that is not my wish for you… but in 30 seconds, imagine yourself in these moments.

Or how will you feel if you lost job even before the half of this year and you’ve set financial goals? This very much happens when men and women write goals and don’t have laid down rules to lead them to achieve these goals.

So, today, I want to talk on 4 must-dos that will help you make your new year goals or plans come into action, come to pass but before we go into that.

How Big Are Your Goals? Are They Achievable?

Are they achievable? Or they are just dreams and visions.

Some people set New Year wishes and they say they’ve set New Year goals…

Some people set New Year dreams and they say they’ve set New Year goals…

How To Know If My Goals For This Year Are Achievable

Sensible: I will not specify here how many are sensible and how many are not because this is relative. I might be having 15 goals for this year and it can be termed as too much, way overboard and they are still achievable compared to a man who has 10, 7 goals.

So, you see, goals are relative but I can certainly tell you this: you’ll know if and when your goals are over listed.

Visualization: Yes, another way to know if your goals are reasonable, achievable is by just visualizing them. Close your eyes and take a road trip in your mind. What can you see? You can see from where you are into the future how they (your goals) will work out. You don’t need to be a telepath to do this. Trust me!

Asides the no1, sometimes just visualizing your goals, you can be sure how achievable they are.


Habits (Behavior): Most times, your habits can also tell you if whatever plan or goal you set is possible for example Someone who procrastinates should know goals like starting his own business,

a blog will be extremely hard.

These 3 points should work for you as it has worked for me but just in case you have more, please add them to the comment box below, I want to read them.

Now, let’s dive into the must do’s that will help make your goals achievable this year, this new year.

 How to Plan and Achieve New Year Goals

Let’s start from the very first on my list:

1. Being Time Conscious (Creating a TimeBank)

To achieve your goals this year and onwards, it’s time to create keep a time bank.

Listen to me carefully; it’s time you start prioritizing your time. Just like your bank account that you don’t withdraw money anyhow for anyhow sake. You need to start using (spending) your time on what is really important.

Before you invest your time in that particular hangouts, outing, visits, ask yourself what this yield? If it won’t yield relationships, business connections, income, ideas and the rest, ignore it.

When you begin to invest your time on the important things, you’ll achieve more, be able to work more, be able to earn more, be able to explore more and besides, you’ll be using those extra times you get to face your goals and towards them…

When you create time for a particular thing (purpose, business, your gift), it will always reoccur in you. Yes, we have 24 hours in a day, at least 672 hours in a month and over 8064 hours in a year but then

again think about it, what were you able to accomplish last year with this enormous time?

Nothing or almost nothing!

2. Take Care of Your Body/Take Care of Yourself

When I mean take care of yourself, I mean you should take good care of you emotionally, mentally, physically, your whole being. There are men, women who look okay, seem okay but don’t sound okay. I guess you have also noticed this…

I’ve heard of men, young men break down and die before daybreak without showing any signs of disease a day before.  Men, women who look okay but are emotional bullies due to depression.

All these are to tell you now that what you see, what your eyes see can be deceiving. The human body, mind, and soul are so complicated that it takes only a rugged mind to understand it.

It’s time you start taking care of yourself if you want to achieve goals this year.

You can be walking around with high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV, Hepatitis and the rest. Not that I pray this for you but I just don’t want you to be ignorant about this.

Drink water when you need to and when you don’t need to, make sure you eat a balanced diet daily, rest when you need to and see your doctors when there are scheduled appointments. Don’t ditch all this, they have a huge role to play. They will prolong your life.

Looking at our bodies holistically like a car.

You’ll see some people taking good care of the bodies of their cars, they can change the color 3 times in a year and yet ignore the engine, the quirky sound that comes out of it, ignore the cracks in the engine till the car becomes immobile.

Please, let’s not be like these people. Let’s not ignore our engine (our kidneys, our heart, liver, brain, bladder and so on) and use a nice bleaching cream to cover our skin. If you are like a car, you will need fuel (adequate water and balanced diet), you’ll need to go for servicing (visit the doctor). Put this at the back of your mind.

Is it possible to drive a car on an empty tank? No! (Is it possible to go out for the day without eating a complete balanced diet? No!)

Is it possible to drive a car without its engine? No! (Is it possible to live without your organ or not taking care of your organs? No!) And so on…

So you can see it’s important to take care of your body first before thinking of your goals for if your dead your goals are unachievable.

3. Get closer to God/Use this Year for God

We all say we’re nothing without God but in a real sense, this is not entirely true. Not entirely true in the sense that some Christians don’t go to church, don’t like going to church and they believe this is not a problem.

We also have Christians who go to church regularly. Call any meeting, they are there but these men and women don’t have a personal relationship with God. We have people whose dreams have been stolen by satan.

Let me ask you these questions. Are you dead spiritually? I seriously hope you’re not!

It’s time you and I stop all these wastefulness and try to connect that broken, decayed cord back to God because really our goals are just halfway there if God is not with us. Those of us that are on 3G connect, let’s improve our connect to 4G and those of us that are on 4G should improve their connection to 4.5G.

I’m sure we can do this Agidigba Men.

4. Pasting a Copy of your New Year Goals Were it Can be Visible all Times (Preferably Your Bed Side)

This must-do is very important. It has worked for me. I remember those days I used to write my New Year goals in a book and just drop the book somewhere.

I must have thought then I was a magician because, by the end of the year, I’ll be waiting for the magic to happen. I deceived myself!

Until Lanre  Olushola told me to try this technique. Paste a list of my goals at my bedside then my life changed.


Because putting your listed yearly goals at your bedside gives you the ability to always see your set goals especially before going to bed every night and when you wake and by doing this. Do you know what will happen?

These goals shall be pinned, glued to your mind and when it pinned you’ll be able to chase them easily.

It’s not enough to write goals, it’s enough to write them and paste at a place where you can always set your eyes on it.

All these will work if you can always follow these must-dos. That’s it!

I want to use this time to thank everyone who has been part of this journey, to everyone who has been reading this blog and to everyone who has commented so far on our post. I truly appreciate you all.

We are 2 years and it has been amazing so far.

We promise to make it better. Please watch out for more horrific, heart-melting, hard on, power stretching posts from us.


That’s all in this article. As usual, let me know if I missed any part of this article. Also, let me know if there are topics you want me to write about on the blog or talk about on our YouTube Channel or maybe our podcast.

Do well by following us on all our social media platforms, listen to our podcast, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. We have awesome content there too. You can also support us by donating a little token for the sustenance of the blog. Check out our copyright terms here.

Finally, share this article with someone you feel might need it.

Image Credit To Pexel.com/Breakingpin

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