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The 10 Most Profitable Businesses in the UK



Profitable Business in the UK

Are you residing in the United Kingdom as a citizen or immigrant? Are you thinking of businesses you can venture into that are profitable on a small or large scale? Read this article to the end. In today’s post, we will be sharing with you different types of businesses in the UK that you can go into with little or no capital.

However, before starting any business in the UK there are requirements you need to meet. We will explain these requirements before we move on in this article.

Requirements to Start a Business in the UK

1. Business Plan

Before you can start any business in the United Kingdom you need a well-written business plan. This business plan will not just guide you on how to start the business it will also let you know how you can make a profit from the business. 

Depending on how skilled you are you can write a business plan yourself or simply pay professionals like us to help you out with it.

2. Business Registration

The second most important thing you need to do in terms of starting a business in the UK is to register your business. Until your business is duly registered it is considered an illegal entity. In fact, you can be sued for operating without a license so you need to be registered.

3. Capital

Capital is very important when it comes to starting a business in the UK as you need money to do different things ranging from business registration, getting a location, buying goods, paying workers, and so on.

10 Most Profitable Businesses in the UK

Below are the most profitable businesses in the United Kingdom today.

1. Car Dealership Business 

If you have enough capital or you have enough funding from your investors you should consider starting a car dealership as this business is one of the most profitable businesses in the UK and even in the world currently.

By conducting the market survey before going into this business you will know with type of car dealership (whether you should go into the sales of used cars, new cars, or luxury cars). Which of these should you open to increasing profits fast in the business?

Car dealership is not a small business however; it has the highest profit margin. No matter the kind of car business you want to go into, you need enough space. You should consider this when looking for a location suitable for exposure. The car dealership business requires lots of documentation.

If this business is the right business for you, it is a must for you to understand all the processes needed to buy and sell cars.

2. Courier Business 

The courier business is also known as the delivery business. This is a business where you transport goods or products from business to business (B2B) or business to customer (B2C). The delivery business is another profitable business in the United Kingdom due to consumers and businesses wanting their goods to be delivered to them instead of them going to pick them up.

DHL for example is one of the most profitable franchises in the UK. You can start a franchise delivery business in the UK or you can simply use your own brand. It is important to note that as a delivery business, you cannot do both B2B and B2C together you have to specialize in one.

As a delivery business in the UK, you can work with e-commerce companies like Amazon or food businesses like pizza outlets.

3. Start a Supermarket 

Depending on the capital you have at hand a supermarket business can be considered a small business idea in the UK. Starting a supermarket business is another top business idea in the UK. With the perfect locations such as bus stops you can make huge profits from your supermarket business.

To start a supermarket business there are a few things you need to do. You need to register your business, get a location and get suppliers that will supply you with goods regularly. When running a supermarket business, it is important you take note of the expiry dates of your products. You can be sued if you sell expired products to your customers.

4. Real Estate Business

With a good amount of capital, you can start a real estate business in the UK. It is not a must to start with construction. You can start by simply buying and selling properties. These can be new or old apartments or houses. You can sell properties to individuals or businesses.

However, it is easier to sell to individuals than businesses. If you do not want to go into this type of real estate business you can go into the selling of construction materials or equipment. The real estate business is a profitable business in the UK. No matter the economic conditions you will always make good money.

5. Management Consultant 

Are you good at advising businesses and individuals? Can you render solutions to the challenges faced by businesses and individuals? You should consider becoming a consultant – starting a management consulting firm in the UK.

Despite the fact that much of the United Kingdom is developed, many companies still face issues like the inability to meet up with their sales target, increase profits, and more. You can make good money by advising these companies. You can make more profits when you help a startup to grow too. 

6. Computer Consultant 

Are you good with information technology? Do you know about computers? Can you resolve software and hardware issues? You become a computer consultant. This is another profitable business idea in the UK as there are many companies both new and old that need computers to be supplied to them and require maintenance regularly.

There are many computer consultants in the UK but you can start small and grow your business gradually.

7. Security Business

The security business is another profitable business in the UK. This business is very much needed because many businesses, politicians, and celebrities need protection from thieves, assassinators, and intruders. If you are a former military, this business idea is the best for you because you can gather all your past experience to give your customers the ultimate security they need.

8. Gym Business 

Both Britons and non-citizens love to keep fit because they know the intricacies of not doing so. Despite the population of gyms in the United Kingdom you can start your own gym and make profits. How much you make from your gym business highly depends on your location.

9. Cleaning Business

The cleaning business is a business opportunity for foreigners. This is because the business is easy to start and it does not require much. All you need is to get your business registered and the tools needed and you can operate as soon as possible.

Cleaning business is a profitable business in the UK because the business helps to control the spread of communicable diseases and make the environment clean. As a cleaning business, you can work with other companies or individuals.

10. Auto Repair Business 

To start an auto repair business you need experience and space to accommodate your customer’s cars. The United Kingdom has many car users. These car users need their cars to be serviced from time to time. This is why this business is one of the best to start in the UK today. 


There is a saying that the only profitable businesses in the UK are the businesses under hospitality, transport, and tech. This is not entirely true. There are other businesses that are still lucrative; you just have to give them a try.


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