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How to Start Hair Salon Business in Nigeria



Hair Dressing Salon Business

If you have been having the thoughts of starting a hair salon business in Nigeria. This article is the ultimate guide for you. In this article on how to start a hair dressing salon in Nigeria, I will be explaining in detail whether the hair salon business is profitable, the cost of starting, the equipment needed, and most importantly the step-by-step guide to starting a profitable hair salon business in Nigeria.

There have been questions if men or guys can be able to start a lucrative hair salon business in Nigeria just like women. This is because, till today, so many women believe it is only women that can make hair. Well, from what I have seen so far men can run hair salons just like they run barbing salons. Women can also run barbing salons perfectly.

Is Hair Salon Business Profitable?

There are so many reasons why the hairdressing business is profitable in Nigeria. The first reason why the business is lucrative is because of the high demand for its services. Nigerian women, ladies, and girls like looking beautiful. For this reason, they spend money to make their hair.

They could either plait it, fix attachments or simply buy wigs to wear to look good. To do all this and stand out they need the service of a hair stylist or hairdresser. Another reason why the hair salon business is profitable is the other services the hair salon business offers.

Hair salons also render services like repair and maintenance of wigs, sales of attachments, fixing of nails, and more.

Capital Needed to Start Hair Salon Business

There are so many questions as to the capital needed to start a hair salon business in Nigeria or the cost of starting a hairdressing salon business in Nigeria. The cost of starting a business like this normally ranges from #500,000 – #2,000,000. How much you will spend as capital to start a profitable hair salon business in Nigeria depends on the area you stay and want to start the business.

For example, it will cost more to start a hair salon business in an urban area than in a rural area. However, you will spend the bulk of your money (starting capital) on equipment needed for your hair salon business and rent for your shop unless you want to start the business from home.

List of Hair Salon Equipment

There are equipment or tools needed to start a hair salon business in a country like Nigeria. These equipment ranges from the most expensive to the cheapest.

1. Hair dryer

2. Salon table

3. Salon Cape

4. Salon Apron

5. Salon towels

6. Salon mirrors

7. Hair clips

8. Hairbrushes

9. Barely brush

10. Scissors (assorted)

11. Curling iron

12. Hair straightener

13. Styling chairs

14. Fans/Air conditioner

15. Generator

How to Start Hair Salon Business in Nigeria

Here are steps on how to start hair salon business in Nigeria.

1. Learn How to Make Hair

This is the first step on how to start a hair salon business in Nigeria. The hair salon business is a handwork. If you are going to employ a worker(s) that will make hair for your customers you need to learn how to make hair. Learning to make all types of hair is necessary so your customers will not have any reason to leave your shop for another hair salon.

The average time you need to learn hairdressing handwork is 3 months. But to make sure you learn everything necessary for you to learn you can learn it for 6 months.

2. Write a Business Plan

The second step to starting a profitable hair salon business in Nigeria is to write a hair salon business plan. This is very important especially if you are investing big capital into the business. If you are not investing a huge capital into the business you can just do the market survey for the business, especially in the area you want to start your hair salon business.

Writing a hair salon business plan has different ways or different steps. You can use online business templates to write or simply hire a professional to write the business plan for you. The professional will write the hair salon business plan based on the capital you have at hand. Or based on whether you want a small-scale hair salon or a large-scale hair salon.

3. Get the Required Capital

Depending on the area you want to start your hair salon business you will need huge capital, especially for the shop rent and the hair salon equipment. You need to make sure you have enough money to start the business before you go into the business so that you do not get stuck halfway.

In the meantime, if you do not have all the capital needed you can render home services first till you have saved up for the capital needed. As I said earlier, the capital needed to start a hair salon business ranges from #500,000 – #1,000,000. Read our guide on how to start a business in Nigeria with no capital if you have no clue on how to start a business without capital.

4. Buy your Salon Equipment

Hair salon equipment ranges from original to fake, expensive to cheap, and new to tokunbo. The kind of hair salon equipment you buy for your hair salon business depends on the capital you have at hand. Many people who go into the business buy tokunbo equipment instead of new ones.

However, it depends on you. When it comes to the generating set, you need to buy a generator that can work with your hair dryer and other important electronics in your shop.

5. Rent a Shop for Hair Salon

When it comes to renting a shop for your hair salon business in Nigeria there are a few things you need to put into consideration. You need to consider the size of your hair salon shop. You do not want a place where your customers can not comfortably stay.

You also need the shop to be able to display other things you want to sell to customers like wigs, attachments, and more.

You need to consider the location of your shop. You do not want to rent a shop in a hidden place – a place customers cannot easily locate you. You should consider looking for available shops at bus stops, roundabouts, t junctions, and major streets. Lastly, you must consider the cost of rent. The shop must not be expensive.

6. Furnishing Hair Salon Shop

After renting the shop you need to furnish it with all the equipment you bought. You will also need bright bulbs to light up the shop, especially at night. The electrician will help you to properly install all electronics in the shop while a carpenter will help you install all furniture in the shop. Depending on what you prefer, you can connect your shop to NEPA or simply run your generator all the time.

7. Start the Hairdressing Business

You can start your business immediately if you furnish your hair salon shop. You do not need to wait for a perfect time before starting. To get your first set of customers, you can simply invite your family and friends to come to make their hair in your salon. If you do a good job with their hair, they will refer you to their friends for free.

You can also inform your church members about your hair salon business. And promise them a discount when they come to make their hair.

8. Profits in Hair Salon Business

There are many ways to increase profits in your hair salon business in Nigeria. The first step is to diversify your business – making sure that you are not just making hair in the business. You can also sell wigs, attachments, cosmetics, and other related products alongside your hair salon business. Asides from this, you can render home services for customers that do not want to come to the salon.


Hair salon business is a profitable business in Nigeria because of its high demand. It is no longer a business that attracts women alone as men too now plait their hair. You too can start small today and build your profits slowly and gradually build fame through consistency.


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