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How to Meet Rich Men in Nigeria (eBook) N2,000 N1,000

The eBook came as demand from you guys needing more information on how to connect with rich Nigerian men in Nigeria and be able to business with them successfully (starting business with the rich).

Now it is here!

What to Expect from this eBook

In this book, you will be able to learn:

1. How you create a positive Mentality.

2. How you can improve your looks.

3. Where you can meet rich men in Nigeria.

4. The rudiments of accounting in creating wealth.

5. How to diversify your income/profits.


   Cheat Guide to Toast Girls on Social Media (eBook) Watch Out!

One of the problems I had years back was the inability to toast girls I liked when I see them.

During those days I will literally choke at the sight of them so I turned to social media has my saving grace to meet girls there but I realize that I still had the same fear there.

Looking back at those days still makes me laugh. Fast forward I have been able to learn from what I call “cheats” to toast girls not only one on one but also on social media.

I’ve written an article on this but in this ebook, I go in deeper sharing my personal experience, things I learned from my dating coaches, the psychology of women, and many more.

What to Expect from this eBook

In this ebook you will learn how to:

1. Build your confidence as a man.

2. Understand the psychology of women.

3. Communicate with women on social media

4. Create long-lasting relationships

How to Get these eBooks

Send me an email to: with your valid email, full name, and phone and we will take it up from there.

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