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Life changing quotes for people who want a sporadic change in their lives. These quotes varies from success, money, persistence, and life.

70 Evergreen Money Quotes You Need to Know

Money Quotes

For some time now we have been talking about money and how to create wealth on the blog and I checked our quotes category and discovered we have not written any article quotes on “money”. So today I want to…

Fearless Quotes that Brings Out The Warrior in You

Sometimes you need fearless quotes to give you the boldness to stare fear in the face and say “no, I’m stronger”. Here are fearless-quotes from fearless people around the world (mostly women) to make you do that. Fearless Quotes Around…

50 Famous Quotes on Failure to Read Now

One of the things a man must learn how to live with is “failure”. I myself have had my fair share of failure and I’m sure it goes the same for you except we are not willing to learn new…

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