TheInfoWorth Commandments: Keys to Successful Life

My last listed post on What Porn Says About Sex and What Marriage says About Sex turned out well! In fact, it had the highest views and is now going back to back with another powerful post as at the time I published this post.

I believe this 1 is not going to be different!

So here’s it, the 25 commandments of TheInfoWorth (25 Rules to Being an Extraordinary Man).

Rule 1: You shall acknowledge that there is a Supreme Being and that the Supreme Being is God.

Rule 2: You shall know that no matter how young you areyou’re an influencer. In other words, you can influence people both those you know and those you don’t consciously and unconsciously.

Rule 3: You shall respect women not just because your mother is a woman but because you are also going to have one and besides you still have to respect.

Rule 4: You shall dress well because the phrase that says “the way you dress is the way you will be addressed” is still in vogue.

Rule 5: You shall obey your mother but you shall not be tied to her apron strings.

Rule 6: Thou shall be financially intelligent because that is the only way you can create and maintain wealth.

Rule 7:  Thou shall take care of his body inside-outside for it is with it we live on this earth and achieve purpose.

Rule 8: Thou shall guard his heart with all diligence for out of it live the issues of life.

Rule 9: Thou shall not abandon his bedroom responsibilities (married exclusive).

Rule 10: Thou shall not judge himself by the achievement of his friends (others). The fact that these people have made it doesn’t mean you’re lacking behind.

Rule 11: Thou shall fulfil all his responsibilities to his spouse. All responsibilities (financial, romantic and rule 9)

Rule 12: Thou love his friends, colleagues, mates as they are and accept their differences because that’s the way God made them.

Rule 13: Thou shall not live to impress his mates (keeping up with the jones) because this is the fastest way to die!

Rule 14: Thou shall stay away from sex because there’s a new disease in town “sexually transmitted spirits”. HIV, Hepatitis is the list compared to STS.

Rule 15: Thou shall not preach the life he doesn’t live. In other words, do not teach people what you don’t practice.

Rule 16Thou shall not live for money but for value. In other words, provide value first before asking or chasing money.

Rule 17:  Thou shall seek God first in seeking a life partner. He knows all and he can’t lead you astray.

Rule 18: No matter what, thou shall work on his attitude because that the only way to get to the highest altitude.

Rule 19: Thou shall learn the art of buying and selling. This teaches us how to make and sustain money.

Rule 20: Thou shall work on himself day and night, go to seminars, read books and also pass his knowledge to his generation so that this generation can pass it to the next.

Rule 21: Thou shall put yesterday, today and tomorrow in mind in everything thou do.

Rule 22:  Thou shall be careful of what he sees and hears because these are the things that determine how our life will turn out to be. In other words, be careful of what you listen to and watch because these 2 factors determine you.

Rule 23:  Thou shall not lean on his own understanding alone but combine this with God’s.

Rule 24: Contrary to what the world says; Thou shall promote equity and not equality among his fellow men and among women.

Rule 25Follow rule 1 – 24. It will help!!!

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