4 Truths You Were Told in School That are Lies

I just had to use this pic right from the moment this post came to my mind. Those who know me very well will be able to identify me in the little puny body I had then.

Anyways, let me begin!

Albert Einstein in one of his quotes said: “Education is not the learning of facts; it’s rather the training of the mind to think.”

I bet this quote has one way or the other manifested when you were in school and even after school.

Most times, we think we go to school just to learn Mathematics, English, Biology and other subjects but the truth is; education goes deeper than this, way deep.

I personally wish it’s not, but it is!

Let me ask you something!

What did you learn from Uni (university); I mean your university days? Or let me go deeper.

What did you learn when you were in your secondary school, the six good years you spent there?

I’ll give us some time to chew on that!

While you think of the answer to these questions, let me give my answers first!

Let me tell you about my secondary school days. Well, I’ll say I remember my tough teachers more than I remember my tough subjects. Hmm, can’t forget Mr. Akanbi, I still remember how his weep sounds even though it been more than a decade I left secondary school. I’ll remember how the school trained me from a shy/playful boy to a tough and strong man.

It thought me how to face life. By cutting grass and picking up dirt in the school compound whenever I disobey the school rules and still making sure I don’t stain my school uniform in the process.

Funny right? Yeah funny!

Till today, I don’t remember my tough subjects. In fact, I don’t remember the tough topics, tough projects, tough practicals but I can sure tell you what the school turned me into.

The name of the school? “Igbobi college yaba.” Proud I went to the school then and still proud I’m an old student of the gladiator’s school now.

Let’s go back to the question I asked earlier. By now, you should be able to have answers to the questions I asked earlier. Don’t let the answers go into thin air. Please comment below, it doesn’t matter how it sounds. Who knows, I might have these points later to the already written points here.

So please drop your comments in I’ll love to read them!

Moving on,

Can you remember some of the paradigms (beliefs, standard, training) that were past unto you then in school? If you can, then, we are on the same track. These points I’m about to lay down will resonate with you and even sync with you.

Now let’s go in!

So here it goes…

4 Truths You were Told in School That Were Lies

No 1: The Lie That We Must Always Tell The Truth at All Times

I recently talked about this in my recent post how poor men think and how Ralph Bamigboye thinks but let me just say more. By the way, if you’ve not read this post and you’ve visited us not once, not twice.

Hmm,.. read it so that you can understand another one the same view. I titled it “why Ralph Bamigboye wears women panties”.

“Clears throat!” During my days in senior secondary school always telling the truth all the time was our motto because all teachers wanted us to do this but it didn’t help in school as a student as we were still beaten even if we told the truth for the crimes we committed neither is it helping now.

In those days our teachers flogged us for telling lies and when we told the truth. Immediately we saw that there was no difference in telling lies and telling the truth, we continued our old ways.

Although, I said we, not all of us dropped this in the school premises as at the time we were leaving (graduating). Some of my classmates took this rule to face life. I wish I could see some of them now and ask them how far? But let me ask you reading this.

How has this rule helped you?

Just in case, I gave an example of this point while explaining deep on wisdom and knowledge in “how poor men think and how Ralph Bamigboye thinks”

And note, this point is not an excuse to lie through life. Please reason carefully!

No 2: Lie That You’ll Marry a Good Wife as Long as You’re Rich And Healthy

So some of my teachers told me this in school then so I improve on my grades. I don’t know if they told you also. Truth is, they thought saying this to me regularly will make me serious with my education.

Imagine you telling a teenage boy with hormones raging in his body that if he’s not serious with his grades he’ll end up being poor and will not marry a good wife. In other words, telling me marrying good wives only come to those who have good grades.

To some extent, I’ll say this worked then because I was terrified of marrying a bad woman for a wife just because of my poor grades in school but the funny thing is I still hear this from some of my lecturers these days in my Uni.

Well, I don’t need to be through with school before knowing this is an outright lie. The marriage and singles seminar tell me this.

Sorry to say, you’re on your own if you still follow these rules or so-called lie.

No 3: The Lie That Only Straight “A” Students Will Make it in Life (Will Be Successful)

If you’re still in school, you might have a hard time believing this is a lie. But for those of us that are through and have experience life much better, we know it is a lie that only straight ‘A’ students make it in life.

Personally, the biography of those who failed in school but made it in life opened my eyes. Biographies like that of Mack Zuckerberg, Thomas Edison on so changed my view.

What about you?

Apparently, our teachers forgot to tell us or should I say ignored the fact that not only straight “A” results will make you sky high in life but hard work and persistence. Besides, all these were not really said because our teachers were concerned about our future, all these were said because our teacher was concerned about our grades. Nothing more, nothing less!

And my last but not the least point.

No 4:  The Lie That as Long as You’re Talented, You’ll Make It in Life

Indeed, that’s why some us (the youths) these days have turned out to be lazy and useless. No humility or attitude! We figure we’re indispensable because of the gifts we have and possess not knowing that talent is just what is built after foundation. That is, talent is the building. If Talent is the building, what is the foundation?


Ever read the book “Talent is not enough by John C. Maxwell”?

Look at me asking as if I myself have read it. I’m yet to read the book but I’ve gotten and read through other materials as regarding this subject.

Alright! These are the 4 truths I discovered were lies.

What’s yours?

Please comment below, I’ll love to hear them!


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