How to be Rich in Nigeria Even with 9-5 Jobs (2022)

Rich in Nigeria

After all my efforts in this organization, this is how they paid me. With all the years I’ve spent here…

…taking the organization from its struggling years to this present years now that it’s doing well excellently, this is all I get. A SACK LETTER telling me “my service is no longer needed; that I should vacate my office and the premises in the next 2 hours”.

These were the sad expressions that came from my close friend when he called and I just couldn’t calm him. I had to let him voice out everything. It’s absolutely normal.

Mind you, about 2 years ago. He had a jaw-breaking offer from a company he just decided to give a try. And the amazing thing about tries is that they usually work. They offered him twice the amount he was currently receiving on his paycheck plus an exotic apartment and a new official car if he’s willing to join the company adding his wide knowledge (the fact that he has been working in that line for long).

He’s also likely to get some tips (you know what I mean) if he does some extra work but he DECLINED THE OFFER.

Why, because,

He’s not ready to leave where he’s currently working. On his high believe that in the next 2 years he’ll be promoted to the position of MD (Managing Director).

Unfortunately, life didn’t go as expected for him. Everything didn’t turn out the way he planned it.

According to him, he was compensated very well for the years he spent because they paid him a 3-month salary. I didn’t say that. He did with a pessimistic voice.

Guess What?

YU “using his nickname” was unemployed for a few months but later the job of his dreams, a job far better than what he had ever imagined. When he paid me a visit, he told me something I will never forget in a hurry.

He said, “Ralph if I get a better offer while on this, I will leave it and go for that one.”

“I have learnt my lesson!”

Here’s the thing:

I know some of us don’t want to leave our current workplace due to some personal reasons which I know sometimes are not sensible enough (FEAR)…

…Let’s face it, life itself is a risk.

Is There Anything Like A Dream Job in Nigeria?

Yes! There’s something we call a dream job. I have, you have. If you don’t know yours yet don’t bother yourself, it’s because you’ve not discovered it yet. To discover it, you just have to do 1 simple thing. Think deep on what you enjoy doing especially for free.

I, for instance, love to change people lives positively. I love it when people men especially come to me that my advice or suggestions have gone a long way for them. I can do this for free. Sharing knowledge, advice, suggestions…

Just to chip this in:

Dream jobs of people can vary according to their sex, upbringing, talents, gifts and so on. The personality you have can even decide what kind of job you’ll love. For example, Sanguines easily picked for OAPs because they are naturally good at talking.

Differentiates From Successful People And Not So Successful People 

One of the characteristics of successful people is their ability to take risk (calculated risk). Successful people dine and sleep with CALCULATED RISK. Sometimes, they even go skinny dipping with risk. I talked more on this HERE.

Sometimes, successful people might not know what a particular job will look like (its requirements) but they still go ahead. Take that risk!

And just in case it doesn’t work out, they are ready to face the consequences. It’s also high time you start taking risk, calculated risk in this part of your life.

Now that you’ve have discovered this and ready to do job transition. Let me tell you things to do first.

Things To Do Before Moving From Current Work To Better One

The first thing to do is…

 Know What You Want

You have to be really sure that this is what you really want. There’s no 2 way about it!

You have to ask yourself! Am I enjoying my current job? Am I paid the amount I’m really worth? Does this organization have the standard of experience I really need?

Please, be sincere while answering these questions. Don’t sentimental or pessimistic about it.

The second thing to do is…

Lay Down Your Guidelines on How You will Transition

The mistake most people make is to wait too much time before transitioning. They do this based on sentiments. These people are always proud that they have spent close to 15 years in their organization and they are still bouncing. They keep bouncing till there’s suspicion of a sack then they start to rush to get another job and in doing that they likely jump from the frying pan to fire.

NO! Don’t do that!

Don’t wait for this moment of the chase. It is always good to prepare your transition from the moment you think there are issues at work and it’s not ending. Write down guidelines on how to leave.

This is a template that can help you out in case you don’t know how to go about it:

Guideline Template

  1. Which companies will I wish to work that will give me that GROUND I need?
  1. What time is the perfect time to send my C.V to the companies? My suggestions: Here it is better for you to choose a particular date.
  1. Just in case I’m called for an interview, which day(s) and time will be the best time for me to go? Suggestions: think and write it down.
  1. How will I manage my expenses during this period because I’m going to be moving a lot? Suggestions: You don’t need to write it down. Just think how it likely going to cost and plan ahead.
  1. Just in case, after the interview I’m told to come start work, when will be the perfect day to drop my resignation letter and when will I finally transit? Suggestions: Just brainstorm to get answers.

The last thing on what to do before moving from our current workplace to another is to…

Plan Time (Years) You Want To Spend At Your Next Work Place And Also What You’ll like to know Before Leaving

Please don’t be like me this way although, I’ve learnt my lesson now. Once you resume at a new company, always have the duration you want to spend at the company and how much experience you want to gather before leaving. Time starts ticking immediately you resume. Please don’t waste time

Enough said on these.

Now, let move to…

Benefits of  Not Having a Fixed Job

If you have not been convinced so far these last part will convince you.

One of the benefits of workplace transitioning is…

  1. The Ability to Gather MORE Experience (Most Especially In your Profession or The Profession You Find Yourself In)

So let’s face it here! A man who has worked for 3 companies in the space of 10 years is not the same as a man who has worked for 1 company in 10 years. No matter what, Mr A will always have more to share than Mr B in terms of “experience”. It’s not rock science, it’s just normal.

Do you know another advantage?

Mr A’s salary is going to be fatter than Mr B’s.

  1. The Ability and Opportunity to Create Better Connections

Yes, the ability to meet more people who are good at what they do is also another awesome benefit. Refuse to be comfortable with what you know, who you know.

Aim higher! Who knows, your next job or work offer might come from these people. And please don’t mess this up with a bad attitude towards them. Focus more on what you can give these professionals, not what you can take from them. There’s always something to offer.

Say this to yourself! There’s always something I can offer!

The 3rd benefit:

  1. It Grant You Better Opportunities to Work in Greater Companies/Organization

Look at the companies you’ve worked with so far to where you are presently.

Has it been good?

Speaking for myself, this advantage has really helped me. Within this short time, I started working I’ve worked in 3 different sectors. I thank God for this opportunity and the fact that I didn’t waste them although I made some mistakes it’s worth it.

Don’t play by your fears and insecurities and you’ll have better chances of working in better companies/organizations.

  1. Power to be Your Own Boss (Starting Your Own Business)

People who follow this trend are likely to be their own boss sooner or later. Why because they’ve taken their time to learn from the masters.

However, you might begin to feel different when you’re finally on your own sit (controlling your business and being your own boss) but not to worry if you follow benefit number 2, in no time you’ll bounce back and be comfortable.

The most important thing is to take your time.

Another tip is when you’re just starting, don’t go full-on. Give the business a trial run first before you start on the full run. Focus on maintenance more than the extravagant. Don’t over staff and don’t also under staff.

You can do it! (start your own business) It’s not as hard as you think.


Work-life is not easy. The deadlines, the meetings, the compromise, the 9am – 5pm’s, everything is not easy. But PLEASE don’t get tired. Don’t do that on me. It’s all worth it!

And also remember we talked about 2 major benefits of doing this act (experience and more pay) but don’t just gather experience like a chicken.

Go to school, further your education, read more, study more, read books, follow men and women who are tops in their game (carrier). This will take you to the skies…

You are a champion!


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