Buy Live Turkeys and Chickens in Lekki, Lagos

It is often said that you are what you eat. There are no exceptions to this especially if you eat chickens and turkeys a lot.

The fact that you are buying live poultry birds for consumption does not mean that you are eating right and this is because of the feeds amateur farmers buy just to avoid spending money.

The quality of feed and the environment animals are kept in also determines how delicious and nutritious your poultry will turn out when they enter your pot.

This is why OYE POULTRY FARM is different from any other farm in Lekki, Lagos.

OYE POULTRY FARM has quality turkeys and chickens both for slaughter and for rearing. At our farm, we feed our birds organic feeds and we raise our birds in a healthy environment where they can play and sleep.

Call us to buy your live chickens and turkeys now at a huge discount

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