Top 10 Business Ideas in Nigeria that Move Fast (2021)

Business Ideas in Nigeria

There are businesses in Nigeria that move fast and there are businesses in Nigeria that are slow. 

The fast business ideas always make profits fast thus making it easy to expand the business and make the passionate entrepreneur a millionaire.

This is why many Nigerians today love business ideas that move fast and they want to start such business ideas because they know that it will yield them fast return in no time.

So today, I am going to be sharing with you the top ten fast business ideas in Nigeria that you can start with little or large capital to make good profits.

Are you ready? Here are top business ideas in Nigeria that move fast.

1. Soft Drinks & Pure Water Business

This business idea is a business idea in Nigeria that moves fast. And it moves fast due to the fact that people or humans cannot do without fluids.

Due to the hot climate in Nigeria, there is a constant need for hydration where we must always drink lots of water or soft drinks to replace our lost glucose.

In fact, it is only during the rainy season the consumption of water or soft drinks reduces. Another reason why the soft drinks and pure water business is a fast business idea in Nigeria is that these fluids are also in high demand in parties and ceremonies to welcome guests.

Think of it. There are no parties you attend today that you will not be entertained with drinks. These reasons are the reasons you will never make losses in this fast business as long as you are in the right location.

You can start a drinks business with low capital if you just want to sell to consumers directly or you can start a drinks business with high capital if you want to sell your drinks wholesale.

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2. Foodstuffs Business

This is another fast business idea in Nigeria due to the undeniable need for every food.

No one can survive without food and due to this foodstuff business has become a lucrative business in Nigeria. The business is so fast that you can sell all the foodstuffs you have within the fastest time.

In fact, if you want to start a business today that can get you back the money invested in three to six months foodstuff business is the business you should start.

To start a foodstuff business you will need capital and the capital needed ranges from how much you can afford to start with to millions of Naira.

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3. Provision or Grocery Store Business

A provision store is also the same as a grocery store. A provision store business is also a fast business idea in Nigeria because it deals with the needs of Nigerians.

In a provision store business, you will sell toiletries like soap, toothbrushes, perfume, foods like spaghetti, fashion items like shoes, bags, and other important items that it’s impossible to leave without.

The grocery store business is so fast that you can start making money from it even from the first day of business. And if you are serious with it and you continue to keep proper records and accounts you can start opening branches sooner than you expect.

You can start a small-scale or a large-scale provision store business depending on the capital you have at hand. Provision store business is a business idea in Nigeria that is very fast but it is not a business for a lazy person.

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4. Phone Accessories Business

About 80% of Nigeria’s population use mobile phones and due to this the mobile phone industry or sector has now become a multi-million naira industry. 

In fact, the huge demand for phones by Nigerians increases daily and this has caused a corresponding demand for phone accessories. Except at one point or the other these phones do not need accessories like a charger, earphones, phone casings, and more.

The phone business is a fast business in Nigeria because many Nigerians cherish phones and phone accessories. They will go to any extent to use good phones and phone accessories.

To start this business idea in Nigeria you need a minimum capital of ₦300,000. You can start by buying your phone accessories from the Alaba market to sell to your customers in your area.

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5. Recharge Card Business

Recharge card business is a fast-growing business in Nigeria due to the huge population of Nigerians using phones that need to make calls. 

You can sell virtual recharge cards or data at cheaper rates to attract customers in this profitable business. To start a lucrative recharge card business you will need capital to sell recharge cards at wholesale.

You can start a wholesale recharge card business in Nigeria with ₦50,000 – ₦100,000. The recharge card business is a profitable business idea in Nigeria if you are also at the right location selling your recharge cards.

For example; major junctions or bus stops in your area.

6. Egg Distribution Business

Due to Nigeria’s huge population and the high demand for quality nutrients egg business has become a fast business idea in Nigeria. With a small capital, you can start an egg business to start selling eggs to homes and other food businesses around you.

To start egg distribution business in Nigeria you need to look for local poultry around you and start buying eggs from them to resell. Or you can simply start your own layer poultry farm strictly for the purpose of selling eggs.

On a good day depending on the capital invested into your egg business you can make ₦5,000 – ₦20,000 daily. I have written a detailed article on this you can simply read it if you are really interested in Nigeria this fast business idea.

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7. Cosmetics Business

Do you know that according to Nigeria’s latest estimated population women are than men? Asides from this, more of this female population are youths young girls or ladies.

These young girls want to look beautiful. They want their skin and hair to glow. So this means that there’s a high demand for cosmetics in Nigeria thus the need for the cosmetics business.

Cosmetics business is a business idea in Nigeria that is fast because there is always a constant need for cosmetic products in Nigeria.

To start a cosmetics business in Nigeria you need capital. This capital will be used by your cosmetic products, equipment, and to rent a shop.

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8. Wig & Attachment Business

This is another business idea in Nigeria that is fast due to current fashion trends in Nigeria and the world. We all know Nigeria moves with America and the UK when it comes to fashion trends.

With the new changes when it comes to women’s fashion there has been a huge demand for wigs and attachments. You can start a wig business in Nigeria today with a small capital or a big capital and start making profits fast.

Wig business is a fast business idea in Nigeria for single women or married women.

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9. Restaurant Business

This is another food business idea in Nigeria that moves fast. If you have a restaurant in a busy state like Lagos you will always make money day in day out.

To start a restaurant business in Nigeria you need a huge capital except you want a mama put business instead. This capital will be needed to buy foodstuffs, cooking equipment and to pay for your shop rent.

Starting a restaurant business can be very tasking and this is because the taste of food and quality of service must always remain the best. If you are not strict on your taste and customer service customers will not patronize you.

When you starting your restaurant business it is very important you get your location right so that you will continue to have a huge flow of customers.

To get your location right you have to make sure your restaurant business is located at a major road or bus stop.

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10. Laundry/Dry Cleaning Business

The laundry business is a business idea in Nigeria that is fast too. Due to the very busy schedules many Nigerians have and the current working-class population.

There has been an increase in this service rendering business. You can start a professional laundry business from your home if you do not have enough capital to rent a shop.

To start a laundry business you need capital. This capital you need depends on whether you want to start a small-scale or large-scale laundry business in Nigeria.

How much you can also charge per cloth depends on the kind of cloth. For example; the amount you charge for washing a bedsheet can never be the same as the amount you charge for washing a t-shirt.

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Starting fast business ideas in Nigeria is easy however, it not easy to sustain the businesses as these fast businesses need continuous attention. 

You can also run these fast businesses for a while just to make some money and later close the business. It is totally up to you. But I will advise you to continue running the business especially if the fast business idea is a business that you are passionate about.

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