Top Best 101 Products to Sell Online in Nigeria

Are you planning to start an online business in Nigeria? You want fast selling products you can sell in Nigeria through social media or through Nigeria’s top e-commerce websites?

This article is for you.

In this article, we will show you hot products to sell online in Nigeria that are lucrative and tips on how you can make profits selling these products.

These top products can be imported straight from China using their big e-commerce Chinese websites like and or bought locally to be sold online.

It all depends on so many factors. Factors like how much you want to invest in the online business, what fast products you plan on selling (types of goods), and how much you currently have.

Benefits of Importing Products from China

There are many benefits you get from importing your fast products from China to sell these products online in Nigeria but I’ll just mention two.

A. Discounted Prices

Yes, you get many of these fast products at prices you never believe you can get them thus you are able to make double profits from your online business in Nigeria.

B. Quality Products

You also get quality products when you import your goods from China especially when you demand high-quality products. In other words, you can trust the source of your products and trust the quality of your products.

But like I said earlier it really depends on how much you want to invest in the online business in Nigeria.

Fast Selling Products to Sell Online in Nigeria

There are different kinds of fast and best products to sell online in Nigeria.

We have classified these products into 7 major groups for specialization purposes just in case you are the kind of person who likes to specialize in one type of product.

Top Best 100 Products to Sell Online in Nigeria

1. Fashion Products

Fashion products are the number one best products to sell online in Nigeria because all Nigerians like fashion and they cannot do without wearing clothes.

From suits to native wears for men to dresses, kimono,  swimwears for women. Nigerians cannot do without wearing good clothes. Because of this, they spend good money online shopping for clothes, bags, shoes, and necklaces.

This is why I made a list of the most fashionable items Nigerians buy online.

You can pick which area of these you want to specialize in like selling only wristwatches only or sell every item under fashion. This decision is solely based on you.

Fashion Products to Sell Online in Nigeria

These are top fashion products to sell online in Nigeria.

  1. Shoes
  2. Singles
  3. Sandals
  4. Slippers (rubber and leather)
  5. Shirts
  6. Ties (bow and straight)
  7. Watches
  8. Boxers
  9. Bra
  10. Panties and tights
  11. Dresses
  12. Necklace
  13. Bangles
  14. Waist beads
  15. Bags
  16. Wallets
  17. Purses
  18. Socks
  19. Suits
  20. Trousers
  21. Perfumes
  22. Weaves / Hair Extensions
  23. Wigs
  24. Swim suits

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2. Baby Products

Baby items are another products to sell online in Nigeria because baby items business is a lucrative business.

It is a profitable business offline not to talk of online and this is because Nigerians give birth to thousands of babies daily if not a million.

And out of these numbers of babies, there are probabilities that about 10% of this population will be twins.

Asides from the population of Nigerians being a good reason why baby items products can be a profitable business in Nigeria, fashion is another reason.

Nigerian parents now take the way their babies look and appearance seriously and are now buying designer clothes and shoes.

Baby items products is another best product to sell online in Nigeria.

Baby Products to Sell Online in Nigeria

  1. Diapers
  2. Baby Food
  3. Baby shoes
  4. Baby clothes
  5. Baby singlet
  6. Baby caps
  7. Baby toiletries
  8. Baby bowls and bathtub
  9. Baby mosquito nets
  10. Baby carriers
  11. Toys

3. Phone Products

This is another fast products to sell online in Nigeria.

Nigeria is one of the largest consumers of phone products in Africa and this is because the average Nigerian which is a youth cannot do without a phone to connect with people and to be online.

Nigeria consumes android phones; it consumes iPhones, and the other small phones that are used for just phone calls and text messages.

These are the reasons why phone business is a lucrative business in Nigeria both online and offline. It is one of the businesses that can make you a millionaire in Nigeria if you invest properly in it.

In the phone business, you can go into selling different kinds of phone brands or sell just one brand of phone.

Phone Products to Sell Online in Nigeria

  1. iPhone
  2. Techo phones
  3. Redmi phones
  4. iTel phones
  5. Xiaomi phones
  6. Huawei phones
  7. Nokia phones
  8. Infinix phones
  9. Samsung phones
  10. Gionee phones

4. Phone Accessories Products

If there is a high need for phones in Nigeria there will also be a high demand for phone accessories products thus the emergence of phone accessories business in Nigeria.

Phone accessories business in Nigeria came into existence shortly after the arrival of phones.

Although as of then it was not lucrative due to the number of people that use phones then in Nigeria and not many accessories but now it is a different story.

Today, phone accessories as gone beyond changing the phone batteries, it is now a fashion statement. They are top products to sell in Nigeria

Phone Accessories Products to Sell Online in Nigeria

These are:

  1. Phone chargers
  2. Power banks
  3. Memory cards
  4. Phone casings
  5. Car chargers
  6. Earphone
  7. Ear pods
  8. Screen protectors
  9. Wireless phone chargers
  10. Bluetooth speakers

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5. Computer Products

Computer products are also products to sell online in Nigeria

Although not in demand as much as computer accessories products computer products are also needed by Nigerians.

At least the working-class youths and Nigerian university students, in general, need the computer to learn different skills on the internet and to practice these skills so has not to forget.

Those that do not need computers for these reasons need them to type documents and articles. The need for a computer in every home whether a laptop or desktop cannot be underestimated as everyone needs the computer for one thing or the other.

Hence, the high need for computers. Computer products can be sold online to Nigerians if you know where to buy your computers at good prices and where online you can sell them.

Computer Products to Sell Online in Nigeria

  1. Laptops
  2. Tablets
  3. Desktops
  4. Computer systems

6. Computer Accessories Products

Another products to sell online in Nigeria.

If Nigerians buy computers they will surely be in need of computer accessories products due to the ones they have getting spoilt or wanting to upgrade to better computer accessories.

Computer accessories business is a lucrative business in Nigeria. It is profitable even when you are selling the products offline not to talk of you selling it online.

The only disadvantage here is the products are fragile so you need to know how to always convey them when you are buying them and when you are delivering them to your customer’s residence.

Computer Accessories Products to Sell Online in Nigeria

  1. Computer Screens
  2. Keyboard (wired or wireless)
  3. Mouse (wireless or wire)
  4. UPS
  5. Mouse mat
  6. Laptop batteries
  7. Laptop chargers
  8. Processing units

7. Electronic Products

This is another top products to sell online in Nigeria.

Nigerians cannot do without electronics. They love to feel comfortable and relaxed whether they are at home or in the office. With this comes the high demand for electronics products in Nigeria hence the profits you will make in the electronics business.

Here are the lists of some electronics products you can sell online in Nigeria.

Fast Electronic Products to Sell Online in Nigeria

  1. Televisions
  2. DVDs
  3. Sound systems (home theaters)
  4. Fans (table fans, standing fans, and ceiling fans)
  5. Irons
  6. Air conditioners
  7. Toasters
  8. Blenders
  9. Microwaves
  10. Electric cookers
  11. Generators
  12. Refrigerators and deep freezers

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8. Furniture and Fittings

Furniture and fittings are another type products to sell online in Nigeria. The Interior décor business is becoming a lucrative business in Nigeria because now we pay more attention to how our rooms and office asides just living in them.

Here is a list of some fast furniture and fittings products you can sell online in Nigeria.

Hot Furniture and fittings Products to Sell Online in Nigeria

  1. Shelves (TV and Wine)
  2. Chairs
  3. Curtains
  4. Cabinets
  5. Center rugs
  6. Dining tables and chairs
  7. Doormat
  8. Mattress and pillows

9. Foodstuff Products

Foodstuff are daily consumable products. There are fast products to sell online in Nigeria.

With rice being the most scarce and expensive foodstuff Nigerians are now looking for where they can buy foodstuffs at cheaper prices online.

Foodstuff business is another business venture you can go into if you know where you can buy your foodstuff at the cheapest prices.

Fast Foodstuff Products you can Sell Online in Nigeria

  1. Rice
  2. Beans
  3. Yams
  4. Garri
  5. Semovita
  6. Yam flour/elubo
  7. Indomie or any other brand of noodles
  8. Spaghetti
  9. Seasoning cubes
  10. Tomatoes and peppers

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10. Poultry Feed Products

I have been into the poultry business for some time now in Nigeria and there are times that I want to buy chicken feed for my chickens and they are not available at the shops where I buy them.

With this, there have been instances where I had to buy my poultry feeds online. If I do this once in a while then I am sure there are other poultry farmers that also buy their poultry feeds online.

You can also sell poultry feed online this is products to sell online in Nigeria if you are already a feed producer.

Poultry Feed Products to Sell Online in Nigeria

  1. Chicken feed
  2. Fish feed
  3. Rabbit feed

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