How to React When Blocked on Social Media (6 Ways)

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to us online is to be blocked by someone or sometimes by the person we claim to love and not be able to do anything about it.

It can be very frustrating sometimes to the level that it can begin to turn us crazy if we are not careful.

This has happened to me many times. So I’m not just talking about this from other people’s point of view but from my experience.

I remember the first time I was blocked on WhatsApp by my ex-girlfriend then-girlfriend. At first, it all looked like a dream that day and I felt it was simple that when I’m done dreaming I will wake and we’ll continue from where we stopped but it was not.

I also thought it was probably from the WhatsApp network. Maybe they had some glitches on the server at that time that everything will be resolved soon from their end but it was not.

I was all over the place and I was annoyed.

Annoyed to the extent I couldn’t do anything useful for days. I began to make silly calls like dialing her number so many times hoping she would pick (something I wouldn’t do on a usual day), sending text messages, and tried chatting her on Facebook, all to no avail.

Because she had already blocked me on the entire social media platforms and decided to ignore my calls. I continued that way until one day I woke to smell the coffee and realized she did not worth all my efforts and sleepless night and I finally looked away.

I did not just take this decision in an instant there were some things I did back then that really helped me and went a long way. It is those tips I want to share with you now just in case you’re also in this same position I was then.

Even if you’re not blocked by your girlfriend or anyone you love on Facebook and other social media platforms, being blocked by anyone can be devastating to us especially if we are sure we don’t deserve such action.

Human beings are social animals we are meant to make friends and communicate so when we are cut off from people we want to have a relationship with it could sometimes times cause so many negative things in our life.

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Negative Effects of Being Blocked by Someone on Social Media

There are many negative effects that can happen to us and our bodies when we are blocked on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and the likes. Some of these effects are stated below.

Some of them might sound absurd but it doesn’t mean they are not true.

These are:

1. Depression

2. Loss of Appetite

3. Loss of Passion

4. Sleeplessness

5. Withdrawal

6. Anger

7. Sadness

8. Nausea

9. Vomiting

10. Laziness

And many more…

If we are not careful these symptoms will move from been temporary to permanent and sometimes – suicide. It is not child’s play and it is not something you should take lightheartedly especially if you’re facing it now.

Reasons to be Blocked on Social Media

Here are some of the reasons why can be blocked on social media.

1. Online Stalking

This is the first reason why you can be blocked on social media. Online staking is when you consistently chase after someone online monitoring everything they do sometimes silently or publicly.

This chase could also extend to leaving rude messages and detrimental comments online. Most times people don’t know when they are been stalked but when they discover by any chance you are stalking them they can block you immediately.

2. Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is when you send intimidating or threatening messages to a person online knowingly or unknowingly.

In as much as some people have developed a thick skin for these can of an act, many others don’t find it either funny or easy when you bully them online so hence they block you.

Cyberbullying is a serious crime in some countries now and you could be arrested for it if you are not careful.

3. Irreconcilable Differences

This is when you guys are really friends online but due to some misunderstanding this person is unable to forgive you. This could result in them blocking you and probably moved on.

This is the most common reason I’ll say people block each other on social media especially celebrities.

There are many more reasons why you can be blocked on social media you can read the details of this in the article “Good Reasons to Block Someone on Facebook”.

The truth is people or friends will always block you on social media and there’s nothing you can do about it from their end. Blocking on social media is never going to end except we no longer make friends and we all know this is impossible.

Blocking, unfriend, unfollow, or whatever it is called on any social media platform will always happen at one time or the other of our life so the best thing for every one of us is to learn how to deal with it.

Yes, you heard me right!


So let’s go into how we can do this right away.

How to React When Blocked on Social Media

1. Be Sure You Were Really Blocked

This is the first step to react when you are bock on Social media because sometimes this could just be a figment of your imagination. It may just be network issues from your phone or from that person’s phone.

It could sometimes even be due to the location you are maybe the internet service there is poor. And if it’s your girlfriend, it might be that she has not been online for some time. Patient does it here.

Take your time and be sure you were really sure before you start thinking of what to do next.

Another thing you should not do in this waiting period is to start creating scenarios in your mind –thinking about negative things that have happened in your life and the ones that are about to happen.

No matter what don’t do this! I know this can be hard for you to do but it is not impossible. Trust me; I have been through this too.

Make attempts to communicate with the person offline. Call them and send text messages not asking why they block you rather asking how they are doing.

During your conversation with them, you will be able to guess if truly they have blocked you or not. People are simple and sometimes you can be able to read them through the tone of their voice.

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2. Keep Yourself Busy

Yes, this is the second way to react when blocked on social media. Get a life! You need to keep yourself busy.

They say “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. We all are not far from this if we don’t use our time wisely. And when I’m talking about using your time wisely here I’m not talking about you going to the club or watching movies all day.

I’m talking about doing something worthwhile with your time. Something you can do now that will yield profits in a good time.

This can be doing what you are passionate about like playing a musical instrument, making YouTube videos, writing a blogpost just like what I am doing now, or any other thing that fancies you.

And if you don’t do any of these passions you can just put more effort (all your time) into your work – what you do for a living.

It will go a long way for you in terms of making more money for you because putting more time in your work is literally overtime for you and your company will definitely pay you for the extra time you put into your work.

3. Ask Why They Blocked You

Another way to react when they block you is to ask why they did. It can be very hard to move on sometimes if we don’t know the real reason why people hate us all of a sudden and block us on social media.

Although sometimes we might not be able to find out these real reasons even after meeting these people and asking them why they blocked us, there’s no harm in asking.

Asides from asking to get answers, asking helps us to subconsciously to find peace.

So ask these people and when you are doing so ask in a calm voice to make them know you have moved on and their attitude with you has helped you to become a better person, not someone worse.

When they give you these answers, whether they sound good to you or not accept them, whether they tell you it is your fault or not accept it.

At this point, it is not about proving who is right or wrong neither is it about pointing blames to third parties. It is about sorting all misunderstandings, trying to salvage what can be salvaged, and then moving on together or individually.

You are not knowing why they block you to also seek revenge. This should be the last thing you should do because you will keep going in a round circle and will not able to move on permanently.

Do this not to do anything negatively but to get cover.

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4. See if you Both can Continue

Another way you can react when you are blocked on social media by your ex is to see if you both can continue. Relationships don’t have to end because someone blocks another especially if you both have reconciled. The next stage for you here is to see if you both can continue from where you left off.

So you both should sit down and see if you can still move on together in your relationship. It is not a must to continue at the same level of intimacy you were before you can start with a little “Hi” and “Hello” and see how it goes from there.

If you’re meant to be together you will end up being together. Don’t push things, take it slow.

So many relationships will end and some relationships will continue. It all depends on many factors but from my experience, it mostly ends.

At least, 2 out of every 3 but as I said earlier this is from my experience. Who knows yours might be different.

5. Make More Friends

Some people say the best way to move on with a sad relationship is to move on with new ones. You can only do this is by making new friends online.

The next step for you at this stage is to make more friends. Add friends as much as you like and start creating new conversations. Be free and see how it goes.

The last time I checked facebook permits you to have more than 4000 friends, Twitter doesn’t count how many followers you have likewise Instagram so start making friends.

Live your life online and offline. Also, follow your interest online.

6. Live Life Offline

In as much as the internet is good as regards keeping you busy and also helping you in meeting people, you need to try as much as possible to live your life without it.

Never let the friends you have on social media be more than the friends you have in your actual life.

Strive to meet people, go out to social gatherings more where you can meet more people and gather more contacts some connection for work’s sake and some for just the sake of making friends.

Start having real conversations (one on one) not screen-to-screen conversations. If you do not do this living your life on the internet might make you an introvert 100% and this will not be good.

You need to learn to socialize and learn to enjoy yourself outside the screen of your phone.

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Emotions are good. God gave them to us for a reason but never allow them to rule over you. Never allow them to take away your senses and make you feel worthless.

If you have loved someone before and somehow it did not work out don’t bother yourself about it. Move on and as time goes by you will fall in love again.

Our hearts are made to fall in love. If we don’t find it with a particular person online we can find it somewhere else. We just have to look hard enough.

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