How to Meet Rich Men in Nigeria (5 Tips)

Socializing is very important to the Nigerian man especially if he wants to move with the high and mighty.

As I have mentioned in some of my earlier articles, connecting is very important. It can make you rise from zero to hero and it can also take you back from hero to zero – if done wrong.

Most people think mingling with the rich or what I call socializing is only possible if you’re also rich but this is not true as I’m a living testimony to this and some of my friends.

Being able to meet rich or wealthy guys and develop a relationship doesn’t demand your blood.

It just demands you upgrading. Upgrading in the sense that you drop some ugly characters and develop characters the rich love.

Creating a stable relationship with the rich or wealthy is something I have practised time and time again without counting so trust me I know by beans when it comes to this and shortly, I’ll be telling you the secrets behind this.

And hopefully, if you’re willing to apply all I’m about to teach you, your life will change for good.

Now, for some time I’ve been talking about your mindset in each of my articles. I think like 4 articles back. I can’t say I’ve lost count. I don’t why, but I think it’s for someone that is giving up on himself.

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And as far as this article is stretched, mindset also comes into play here too. It is also important if a man changes his level by just making friends with the rich.

Benefits of Making Friends with Rich Men in Nigeria

There are many things I’ve gained just by making friends with the rich in Nigeria and I’ll share some of them with you shortly.

A. Help in Getting Jobs

I’m not trying to boost but almost all the jobs have gotten so far in life were based on connections – me knowing someone high on the social ladder.

So yes, making friends with rich people can get you good jobs.

B. Favour – when I Needed Them

There were times I needed help; some financial and some non-financial. Making friends with the rich has helped me get this – when I needed them.

I could remember the time I needed help in transporting my family my maternal hometown once. A rich friend of mine surprised me by making his exotic car available for the trip.

C. Wining Contracts

My friends have won big contracts just on this fact because fortunately, their rich friends knew the right people.

There’s so much more. Name it!

Why You Should Meet Rich Guys in Nigeria

You’ll realize how important this is if you were the one opportune to meet Davido instead of Chioma (if you’re a girl). The girl is cruising on everything he has just based on relationship. Her Instagram page shows this clearly.

But the one I relate with the most is being friends with Don Jazzy. I know this will change your life because even been a follower on his Instagram or Facebook page allows him to give you money not to talk of being his friend.

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This is why you should meet the rich the movers and shakers of Nigeria.

 Steps to Meet Rich Guys in Nigeria

Step 1: Work on How You Approach Them

Permit me to say this – many men still need to work on how they approach people generally not to talk of how they approach rich men.  Some men don’t protrude confidence and some protrude shyness.

When I asked a friend of mine why this is rampant in Nigeria, he said it is the way we are raised.

Ordinary men can manage this attitude but I’ve noticed rich men can’t. They smell this far away and it irritates them.

This is the reason this should be the first thing you must work on if really you’re charging towards this. You can start with random guys first. When you’ve perfect this, you can now work on how you approach the rich in Nigeria.

Here are some hints that can guide you. I’m going to share at least 3 with you.

1. Throw your Voice

By this I mean you should be audible enough to protrude confidence in your voice and use the right tenses if you feel the person your meeting speaks well and like people that do the same.

Don’t: Avoid overdo what we call faking your accent in Nigeria, this might come as off when they notice this.

2. Lookup (Into Their Face) not Down

I used to do this too until I realized the response I get when I talk to these people. I could read their mind saying “why is he not looking at my face?” “Is he scared of me?”

And with all these thoughts, they move away because they can smell it that you don’t have what it takes.

3. Smile and Make Jokes – When You Need to

The rich also get nervous. They don’t have a golden heart or a heart made of steel. One of the ways you can make them feel relaxed is to smile when talking with them and make jokes when you feel there’s tension in the air.

This is very good because it makes them feel cool and relaxed when you’re around and because of this they’ll always to be around you.

So just work on these 3 I’ve mentioned above. It can be a good start for you.

Step 2: Change Your Wardrobe (If You Need to)

You might want to change your wardrobe too especially if it’s filled with worn-out clothes and replace them with clothes that are brightly coloured.

I’m not saying you should buy expensive clothes here, just saying you should replace them with clothes that are brightly coloured and fitted.

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Don’t forget the saying: the way you’re dress is the way you will be addressed.

Step 3: Have a Total Body Makeover

Your appearance is also important because of the rich pay attention to looks.  They know people who pay attention to their bodies and those who don’t.

And the thing about this is they associate this to whatever you are and have and assume it’s the same way you treat what you own.

Example, If you the type that keeps long nails as a guy. They’ll automatically assume you’re a dirty person and therefore think that visiting you might be a no-no.

Having a total body makeover make you look new, fresh and you don’t get to be judged by the way you used to look.

“Looking fresh like the rich is very important especially if you want to make friends with them.”

Step 4: Going to Places Rich Men Gather

After doing step 1, 2 and 3 at this stage it’s time to start visiting where rich men meet. We have so many of them here in Lagos you might wanna check for the one in you state particularly your area.

Start visiting these areas and try studying these men communicated with their other rich fellows. Do these for some days so as to know how they want to be approached and communicated with.

And after some days of fully studying them, you can start to approach them and introduce yourself.

Always make your first time of meeting them light and quick. As time goes on when meeting them again you can make a longer conversation.

Step 5: Create an Evergreen Relationship

Yes, this is an integral part especially if you want your relationship to last for years and wax strong. So I’ve outlined 4 character building tips that will help you achieve this.

A. Be a trustable Person

This is very important. Don’t just act like it, be someone that can be trusted – with money, goods, assets. When you’re called to help them do something, don’t steal.

For all you know, it might be a test to know if you’re someone that can be trusted.

B. Look for Ways to Give Instead of Receiving

It is so surprising that some people think the rich don’t need anything from them.

Well, while this might be true to some extent because they can afford anything they want, there are little things you can do in terms of service like seeing them off to an occasion or assisting them with jobs you know they can’t easily do.

Making friends with the rich in Nigeria should not only be about asking for help but rendering help when it’s needed. In fact, this should be the number 1 thing first.

They will also appreciate it if you remember days that matter to them like their birthday, wedding anniversaries and the rest.

C. Be Available

Availability is also important when it comes to making a long time relationship with the rich. The amount of time you’re available can determine whether your relationship go deeper or slimmer.

Now, note, I’m not saying you should be available at all times (even when you have something else do). No, I’m saying you should be available when they need your help.

Step 6: Ask for Favours When You Need One

Yes, this is the main reason why you created the friendship in the first place so feel free. But before you start doing this; make sure your relationship is a year old or more than 2 years (my personal advice).

Also, don’t take it personally when you ask for help and they don’t render this help (even when you know they can do it).

If they don’t help you out on this, they will surely help you out on the ones to come and for all you know, this might be another test to know why you’re friends in the first place.

Where to Meet Billionaires in Lagos

There are many areas you can meet billionaires in Lagos. Some of these areas can be on the mainland and some of the areas can be on the island but the most common areas are the island in areas like Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Lekki.

Specific places on the island you can meet billionaires are:

  1. Quilox Night Club
  2. Oriental Hotel
  3. Elevation church Lekki
  4. Four Points Hotel
  5. KICC Lekki


When it comes to meeting and connecting with rich men in Nigeria it is about what you can give and really proving who you are.

Are you someone who is an opportunist or you are someone who just wants to connect to get help in your business, ideas or to increase your social wealth.

Your actions with all determine this.

By the way, if you feel you did not get enough information on this article, you can download the ebook giving rich details on how you can do this and where you can meet the rich in Nigeria.

Download here

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