4 Kinds of Churches You Shouldn’t go to Make Heaven

Or you may be doom for hell if you go to these kinds of churches. That’s if the topic I chose is too harsh for you. Now, let’s dive in straight away into the topic.

You know most time when we visit churches (especially we youths) we don’t talk about what we learned while visiting, we only talk about what our eyes noticed, like the amazing all-glass toilets made for members, the outstanding church structure, the astonishing motor park that automatically parks cars on members behalf and brings it out when they are about going.

The amazing musical instruments used by the instrumentalists, the miraculous AC (air conditioner) that hugs our skin while we were there and so on, the list is countless. It’s just like a tenant who just rented an exotic apartment. The excitement and the adrenaline won’t make him see flaws in what he has gotten.


So we basically talk about everything we see but not what our heartfelt. Don’t get me wrong, this is not bad, it’s absolutely normal, but when this is becoming a habit (an every time thing) each time we visit churches then we need to be careful.

Here’s my little secret;

I must say, I’m a church “visitor” if there’s any word like that, and I’m not shy to call myself that. Actually, there’s a name we call at my church but I’m glad I can’t remember this now. Which is kinda good!

As I was saying, I’m a church goer and I visit other churches well, but unlike some people, I don’t visit churches just for visiting sake. I visit churches on various reasons best known to me. I’m not stingy, Let me share some.

My number one reason why I visit other churches asides from my church is for music (choir ministration): They say “it’s until you visit a neighbour’s farmland before you realize that your dad’s farmland is not actually the biggest”.

Now, because I’m a lover of music, I visit other churches to learn more on music.

My number two reason is the WORD: In as much as I read my bible, Sunday school manual and the rest, I still like listening to other men of God (ofcus with caution) talk about some fabulous topics in the bible. And asides all this, I also listen to these men to be able to create new topics and ideas to talk on.

Finally, I know this might sound awkward to you but my number three reason why I visit other churches is to change the environment, yeah! Just like when you decide to change your environment by visiting Bahamas or Paris during your holidays.

Please wake up if you’ve not, this topic is not strange;

Trust me; this topic I’m talking on right now is not strange to you. Nah! It’s not; it just needs to be awakened in your conscious and for you to wake up and smell the coffee!

Cus I did and I was able to notice something is wrong. It took a long time for me to do this but I sure noticed. I began to ask the question and the answers came forth…

I know God created man (everybody) with a purpose but come on; did he call everyone to start a church? This is the question we need to ask ourselves… at least, I know I don’t need to start a church before I know I’m fulfilling my purpose here on earth.

This is the purpose!

What I’m doing now is purpose and it goes beyond all what you see here.

There are so many grounds (ways) of which you can reach God’s people, you just need to know which, after, you’ve known your purpose.

For about 3 decades I’ve been on this earth, I must say, I’ve seen not all but almost, from the white garment churches which I term as “the Old Testament Church”, to the Pentecostal, and to the new generation church.

Please beware!!!

I am not saying everyone that goes to these kinds of churches I’m about to talk on is going to hell.

No! That’s the reason why I added another topic which has may, because as far as I’m concerned, your ability to be with God in the last days also depends on your personal relationship with HIM and how sensitive you are in the spirit.

I visited a church about 3 years ago (name withheld) and I heard the pastor in charge say something awful, something I like to call heresy meaning “saying a belief or and opinion that is against the principles of a particular religion” according to Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary.

Do you know what he said?

He said in the last days the deaf will not ascend (go) to heaven because they will not be able to hear when the trumpet shall sound. Even if this was said jokingly, I believe there were people who believed him according to the reaction I saw from the crowd.

I was disheartened (not happy) that day when I heard this because we all know this is not true! Absolutely not!

Moving on,

4 Kinds Churches You Should Not Worship

The Celebrity Church

Now, I’ve not gone to this type of church before (visited live), but I watch them on TV. Did I hear you ask how I identify celebrity churches? That’s a good question. How do you know if someone is rich? Now you get? Ok!

One of the sure ways you can identify a celebrity church is by the number of celebrities that troop in the church every now and then. The celebrity church not just a church but a social gathering for celebrities. Asides this, the message that comes from the pulpit says it all.

Because celebrity churches aim for celebrities mainly, they usually, don’t have what I call ‘normal members’ and if they have, it’s just a tiny puny amount.

Also, this kinda churches focus on physical things. They like to wow you right from their gate to their auditorium.

Remember I talked about their message earlier? Yes! The messages that come from the celebrity church are not bible driven. And if they are, they are taken from the side that profits.

The Socialites Church

This is very common. I’ve gone this kind of church very well but before I explain what this church is all about, let me quickly break the meaning of the word “socialites”. According to Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, socialites mean “people who go to a lot of fashionable parties.”

Now, how does this apply to a kind of church? Have you ever gone to a church whereby every Sunday is like owambe (a party)? As if they are always celebrating something. That’s the socialite’s church for you!

All their Sundays are to show you the new material they just sow and how expensive it is. They say you know more about a church when you see the senior Pastor’s dressing (what he wears) and what you hear him speak on on the altar.

The pastor of a socialite church will always speak on prosperity and why it is extremely important to dress well. Again, I’m not saying speaking on prosperity is wrong, but if this becomes an everyday anthem, we need to watch out.

The New Age Youth Church (NAYC)

I tag (name) this church the new age because of the youth churches that already existed in Nigeria and all over the world. The youth churches, not the new age youth church were crafted out of the old existing churches to create a youthful community were new ideas from young elites are used to take the gospel to the next level.

Here is an example;

In the old church, you will find things like tracts for evangelism and in the new church (a youth church) you will find the use of  ICT (Information Communication Technology) for evangelism. Can you spot (see) the difference? That’s why a (the) youth church is very important in this modern world. Now, let go to the new age youth church. Where I feel there are issues.

I went for a program at a church and right from the entrance my eyes were filled up.

Can’t say about anyone who was also a visitor but I noticed something about almost all the members, their dressing. In fact, the lady that sat right in front of me was putting on a kind of see through skirt. Now, this wouldn’t have been a big deal for me if she was a visitor like me but she was not, I found out she was a member.

Hearing the senior pastor of this church speak also made it worse. Yeah! Fortunately, he spoke on dressing and some other things I find … but what I picked up that day was basically dressing. In his words, “it’s not about they dress, what they are putting on but about their mind and their heart”.

You can also see a good reflection of this in this church’s choir. I mean their outfit.

And finally, they also preach less on fornication but more on adultery. That is, it’s ok to sleep with your girlfriend and vice-versa as long as you both love yourselves and you’re committed (in a relationship) but however, it’s not ok to sleep with a married woman or married women.

This might amaze you but I have heard some church say this.

And lastly,

The Connection Church

Sorry, I tried getting a more suitable name for this church but …. Let’s just move on. About 2 years ago, a close friend of mine finished his university degree served and still was not able to get a job for himself until he went to this church (the connection church).

After about 3 months of joining this church, he got a fabulous job, and everything began to work fine for him. Seriously, what else could he ask for? He earned a fat salary, had a luxurious car and an exotic apartment.

The connection church was made to connect people (members). While you see the senators establishing more connections in the church with the high and mighty, you see the unemployed also establishing connections with the rich to get a job.

In this kind of church, it’s not really about the bible, it’s about success seminars, the “how to’s” when making it big and life. You know what I mean. One more thing, before I leave this part. Did I tell you my friend’s spiritual life as seriously declined?


It has, that I had to drop him along the way, was not happy doing this but I just had to.

Hmm, enough said on kinds of churches, 1800 words are enough to establish a point on a topic.

May God help us.

And continue to guide us in life.


Feeling churchy in here and I’m loving it!

Image Credits to Pexels.com George Webster


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