A Baton For The Youth Race: Principles of Life

I met Segun Somoye in my church when he came for his book launching. Although I already knew him through social media due to his words of wisdom and motivational quotes he shares, I had never met him in real life before and I just didn’t know he was also a writer.

On that special Sunday, I arrived church a bit late so I didn’t meet the worker’s prayer meeting. I only met Sunday school and I was very lucky because it was just starting. On my arrival to my Sunday school class. I was asked to open the class for the day and without wasting time I stood to take over.

As I glanced round to see everybody’s face “don’t mind me, that the way I am” right before starting. I saw him. The much expected Revolutionist. However, I did what I was expected to do, the teaching started, ended and service started.

Fast forward to the book launching, here I was gisting with my fellow choristers on how our ministration went. When I was hearing the speaker introduce this book right from the pulpit.

Immediately, I closed my discussion with my fellow choristers and tried to keen attentively to the amazing details of this book.

Its name? “A baton for the youth race: Principles of life”. Still in doubt about how much information this book contains. I was hungry to know its contents so immediately I took a copy I glanced through it just to feed my hungry eyes and I must say I met what I expected.

I’m also going to boast about this book alongside the author because I love good creations especially ones done with hard work. “A baton for the youth race: Principles of life” is a book truly for the youth and targeted for the youth. They say there are 2 ways of acquiring wisdom. 1. through God 2. through reading (Life-changing books from great men).

No. 1 is important in every man’s life. Every man must pray to God for wisdom. It’s a must to ask from God because the bible says ask and it shall be given unto you.

No. 2 is also important but the issue is people find it hard to do this. They have a problem seeking wisdom from men (men and women).  You begin to hear things like “what does he have to say?” “What wisdom can possibly come out from her?” “Mitcheeew” and no doubt these people will continue being a fool for the rest of their life.

Yes! You are a fool if you don’t learn to get wisdom from people. Whether old or young, man or woman, girl or boy, whoever, no one is too young or too old to pass wisdom. This is something I learned over time.

After reading this book, here are my comments:

Perfect title for a great book: I must say I have seen good books with whack (weak or degrading) title. Is not that these books don’t have good contents, their titles make them look so.

I have also seen books with great titles but little or no content to offer. These books actually deceive buyers to them and at the end of the day end up in the store, far from human eyes but this book (A baton for the youth race: Principles of life) stands out. Its title attracts you and its contents feed your mind.

Great contents yet handy: I have read books as big as a bible and yet not impressed by it contents. This book is not that way. It’s a book of 116 pages but yet every page carries something. It’s handy, so handy that you can take it anywhere you want to go. It can be in your bag or back.

Encyclopedia for youths: Like I said earlier, nothing is left out of this book as far as the youth is concerned. It’s a all info package for youth.

Let me let you in on some of the topics he talked about in the book.

A. Self-Improvement

B. Academic Orientation

C. Your orientation about business

D. Your orientation about life

E. Think about it

F. Relationship and family

G. You need it

A. Self-Improvement

In self-improvement, he talked about purpose. You see, unlike so many writers who write to impress their readers by their writing style. Segun Somoye does not write to impress his readers. He writes to touch his readers.

At least, that was what I felt when I read his book. He jokes when it is time to joke and he scolds when it’s time to scolds.

Now back to the topic, it’s a sin not to know your purpose on this earth. Yeah! I know this is not part of the 10 commandments but it is a sin. It just like saying masturbation is not a sin because it’s not written in the 10 commandments.

“Until man finds purpose, he is not living, he is dead.”  That the motto for agidigba MEN. It’s because of purpose I’m here; it’s because of purpose I’m writing this.

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The writer Segun Shomoye starting with this topic was not a mistake because the purpose is like the engine of a car while every other thing is the body, and the fancy tires, and we all know the engine of a car is the most important part of a car, every other thing comes minor.

Here he also tells us about why you need to know you “your personality”. It’s not a curse, you’ll continue to have problems with the inter-personal relationships until you understand the intra-personal relationship.

B. Academic Orientation

I thought I knew all when it comes to success in academics but I knew nothing compared to what is in this book. If you have been having issues as a student in your academics whether secondary or tertiary level this book will do you good.

Here, under this topic, you also get to know about friends you’re supposed to roll within the school if you really want to make good grades and friends you can roll with if you really want to make poor grades.

This amazing skill or knowledge helps you distinguish these two set of people, gives you the ability to know which is which. Then it will be your choice to choose the one you want.

What about time management?

It’s there because it’s impossible to achieve success in school without time management. Youths of today want to eat their cake and have it. They want to play and still have excellent grades. This book will tell you what to do in this case.

C. Your orientation about business

Someone once told me “every man is created to be a businessman. It just depends on what business he goes to.”

You see, I believe every man (man or woman) is meant to sell something or offer a service but it looks like this is not happening yet and that is because there are so many phobias. Seen and unseen, predicted and unpredicted.

“Your orientation about business,” tells you about how to discover what you like doing and turn it to business, basically switching on the business side of you.

And trust me; you will get this right because he explained this side through his experience as a businessman.

D. Your orientation about life:

What’s your orientation about life? How do you see it? What’s your perception of life? They are all the same question but they sound different. Here segun gives you quotes on how and what your orientation about life should be.

I’m a lover of quotes, proverbs and the likes so this part made me fall more. with the quotes on appreciation, character, courage, dreams, emotion and so on. You can’t just help yourself but to fall in love.

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E. Think about it: and here comes the think about it part. Telling you it’s not by your will. It’s just the grace of God.

I’ll tell you this, I never counted this part of my lifeless serious but the writer’s illustration gave a deeper insight. Think about it and you’ll know all this s not by your power.

F. Relationship and family

We all know at some point in our life we will all get married or start to think about marriage so this part is inevitable. I learned so many lessons from this side of the book but what stood out for me the most was the talk on how to “ how to keep love alive in relationship and marriage.”

At the beginning of all marriages love is steamy, hot, filled with suspense and with this also comes a great sex life but as time goes by this can go soar. This side of the book talks on how to keep the love light or love candle burning not just for the future but forever.

G. You need it

Just the perfect way to end a book. I bet you still don’t know dieting even after all you’ve been taught in school. Don’t kill yourself, the same applies to me. Don’t get it twisted the writer is not a professional dietician but I can say he knows his way when it comes to dieting.

This last part, Segun will take you back to the 4 walls of a school. Reminding or letting you know food nutrients and how important it is to your body. You get to know about harmful foods also, the food you should stay away from.

Asides God granting a long life to humans, food “eating good food” is one of the sure ways we can prolong our lives and fight diseases.

That’s all so far on the book outline. That’s the little cake I can give and share if you want the whole cake go get your copy and read.

Did I tell you later that day we had the privilege of talking? Yes! I was able to meet this great man, and we talked and even gist, and since then we’ve been friends.

As this post touched you, blessed you or inspired you? Make the world a better place by sharing this NOW with your friends… Thanks!

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