5 Powerful Life Lessons I’ve Learnt From Children

When it comes to children, life lessons are not far fetched.

Yes, children are children and they will always be one but, what are children doing better than adults that make them unique and special?

How is this possible because children don’t have experience and adults do. With experience, adults learn, but when it comes to the children it’s the exact opposite because children don’t need experience to learn.

Its amazing how children live their lives as little as they are, and still get some things better than adults. Not because they were thought (by their parent or teachers) but because they were wired to do so by default. How I know this? Because I have seen this happen, and I am a living testimony to this.

One of the first things I discovered is that children don’t have a problem learning from kids below them while adults have a huge problem learning from people below them.

And that’s the same reason you won’t read this article to the end. Femi, please go and meet that boy to teach you this so that you can be able to do it well. Then you hear phrases like. That small boy?

I can you tell me to learn from that boy?

Do you know how old I am?

Do you know how many grey hairs I have on my head? What do you believe that boy can teach me?

Kids Don’t Have Experience But They Can Still Teach You


Although they don’t have the experience, they can teach you. Unlike an adult who teaches mostly out of experience whether personal or other people’s experience, kids can teach you because they are naturally wired to do so. It’s like a bird that knows he has to bird a nest to live.

Not that it knows because it has seen other birds do it but it knows because it’s his natural instinct to know.

Same as for babies, immediately they are born and you give them to breast, they start sucking immediately. Will we say they know this because they have seen their mates do it? No! They know this because it’s their natural instinct to know.

I have not heard anyone say this literally but have seen this happen times without number. When someone small is teaching the big and mighty. Someone little, someone puny, someone perceived as a fool proves to be otherwise by showing some wise moves or teaching, and from that day my perception change.

Yes, in as much as wisdom comes with age. Not all wisdom comes with age. Some people are ūüôā old yet, they are still blessed with wisdom. Many adults have not seen this because pride has blindfolded them.

Can we let go of pride, age or whatever it is and just learn?

Yes, this is going to save us a lot of stress.

The earlier we let go of pride, age and ego and just learn, the better for us. There is no place learning can’t be achieved. In fact, wisdom starts when we believe we can learn from anything and anywhere. I can’t tell you how this has changed my life. Learnt from things people find as crazy and bizarre.

I have studied ants to pick one or two things from them. Still writing an article on that too if time becomes my best friend (I pray so). I have studied birds to learn one or two things from them. I have studies on area boys, name it, So what its not bad to learn from these little ones also.

What’s this guy saying? But he was once a kid

Yeah, I never said I was not but I must tell you I have changed from who I used to be then to who I am now, and I can say it’s the same for you. I know you believe the version you are today is much better than when you’re younger and, you don’t need to change anything but this topic might prove you wrong.

Yes, I know you’ve gathered many experiences today that made you a better person, but I’m gonna tell you the experience you didn’t gather as a kid also made you a better person and here’s why.

Children are good not because they are children but because they do some things way better than adults. I think that’s one of the things Jesus saw that made him say they shall inherit the kingdom of God. This is not rocket science. He was just saying if you really want to enter God’s kingdom, you have to start behaving like a child. #Smiles.

A wealthy man once told his son who was living a reckless life to go and live with a beggar in a village for a year and come back with what he Learnt. On hearing this, the boy was angry asking why his father could send him on such a journey. What is he to learn from such a place?

However, the boy went and came back with testimonies, he was glad he went because truly, he came back with lessons to share with not only his dad but the whole family.

He told his dad what he had learnt from the beggar and the dad was so impressed that he asked him to share this testimony with his workers at their annual general meeting (AGN).

So here are the reasons why children are better than adults. Let’s digest it one after the other.

5 Lessons to Learn From Children

1. Forgiveness

Do you know the main reason why 3 out of 4 marriages fail today because of unforgiveness?

No party is willing to let another party go because of what he/she has done. The heart of man has become cold, cold that even the simplest offence is a big deal but this is different to children.

One thing I’ve learnt with children each time I have the change to play with them is forgiveness.

A child can protect his/her abuser from his/her parent as long as he/she asks for forgiveness, that’s the extent children go to forgive, parents, beware! Another thing is you don’t have to stress apologies before they are accepted as long as you’re sincere.

A while back, I was with two kids and I realized that upon the fact that these kids just met themselves for the first time, they quickly got acquainted and started playing but a few minutes later, something happened, something led to another and they started fighting. So I stopped them and settled the fight.

Both of them left each other angrily and sat separately but to my amazement 20 minutes later, I saw these kids playing together again.

2. Friendship

That’s another lesson adults need to learn from the young because friendship is one of the hardest things for adults these days. Somehow men and women have grown so big and matured that they no longer know how to make friends.

We have the “they must say hi to me first” and we have the “I’m not their age mate” these two people are the least when it comes to making friends. They are full of pride.

Adults never let go of their age and status to make friends but children can. A rich kid can let go of who he is and play with anybody. Kids count friendship valuable than anything (their toys) but to adults, to them, friendship is useless there is a benefit.

Most poor men never make friends with the rich because they want to make friends. They make friends because they want something in return.

3. Fun time

Sometimes, I wish we can just throw away our adults behaviours and play for once like kids. Yeah, men pull down your ego and women pull down your awesomeness and just play.

Men have become so manly these days that they no longer smile. It’s like it is forbidden to smile. As for the ladies, they are trying their best they just need to step up.

It’s OK to let out the kid in you once in a while and have a good time. As far as I’m concerned, it’s only the dead that has a fun time. Play, but don’t play rough. I talked about this on one of my articles¬†Main Reasons Why Men Choose Young Women Over Old Women¬†Read it to learn more on this subject.

4. Honesty

A child can be so honest that when he/she is not happy with you, they’ll tell you.

There’s no two way about it. He/she will tell you they won’t give you their biscuit meaning they won’t give you their belongings because they are not happy with you. Funny! but realistic, but again this is different from adults.

People mostly women are so good at this that they pretend nothing is wrong even when there is. My advice to you. Be mindful of these people.

Being honest in all circumstances is the best way to go, doing this shows you’re matured. When you’re not happy with people, let them know you’re not and don’t pretend about it.

5. Trust

You can take everything from a child but you can’t take trust. Children trust their parents that they believe their parent can do anything for them.

I was on my sit one day and a girl came to me to tell me that her dad will buy a car for her even when she knew her dad doesn’t own a car. That’s a kid for you! She still believes in her dad without a single doubt.

If kids trust their parent this much imagine how much trust they will put on God. That’s why It’s no surprise that children’s prayer are easily answered when they pray.

How does this relate to U?

If we can have this trust God without a single doubt our prayers will be answered. Trust God he’s going to do it. After all, you don’t lose anything if you trust him but you lose everything if you don’t.

With all been said so far, it’s no curse that children are better than adult. It’s also no course to in bide these good behaviours (lessons) found in children. One thing I never forget to do is play and I’m very good with when I’m with children. So do me a favour today! Start behaving like a kid from onwards. #smiles,

I’m ready to play with you if you’re willing to play with me as a kid. #lol,

My take away quote!

The true art of being wise is learning from anything and everything. Start learning!!!

Image Credit to Pexels.com/Sharon McCutcheon


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