How to Enjoy Your Life And Still Serve God

Some people believe this is impossible.

How is it possible to love life and love good?

It’s either you love life or you love God. It’s impossible to do both.

Yes’ that’s because you see life in a different manner from the way you should see it and you see God the way you want to see him not the way he wants you to see him.

Welcome guys, how are you?

How is your day going or how has your day been? Like I always say, it will get better but you know this starts with a positive mindset. Remember, ‘as a man thinketh in his heart so his he’ so I want you to say this continuously (it will get better) till you’re convinced that it will get better.

We choose what we want from life, not life-giving us what it wants to give us. As far as I’m concerned we are the masters, life is the slave.

Now, let go to our topic,

Is it possible to love life and love God?

Of cus it is possible but first, you just have to change your mindset. You see; the mind is a powerful tool because It determines who you are and who you will be.

Some people’s mind has been programmed to think that enjoying life is being free and that is; carrying ladies (fornication), drinking (alcohol) and so on and that God can’t be joined with this. Yes, you are right. God can’t be joined with this because he dislikes immorality.

And some only think “what the heck” you can enjoy God but you can’t enjoy life. That is, they think serving God is all about praying, going to church and back home.

That’s why a typical unbeliever believe we Christians are boring, in fact, if there is a worse name much worse than boring, they call us that and we don’t know how to have a good time (we are wack).

NEWS FLASH for you;

When it comes to enjoying life to the brim, it’s only we Christians that have the opportunity to live life to the brim. Unbelievers can just try. Gen 5 – 10, remember Noah’s story in the bible? I mean this is a typical example of loving life, loving God.

The unbelievers believed Noah was not enjoying life the way he should just because he didn’t practice what they practice.

This brings me to my QUESTION!


Is it to punish us? Or is it some kind of scam? No, the 10 commandments are not any of those. They are rules to keep us sane. I mean without these laws we could lose our conscience and most of it all we could lose our minds.

Let me put it this way. The doctors are very good at this; they tell you don’t drink right? This is because they know the end effect of drinking, high blood pressure, kidney diseases and worst of all liver Cirrhosis.

So when your doctor says ‘don’t drink’ it’s because he is trying to protect you in the long run. So is this with God? Only that God is much bigger than that and better than that he is our spiritual doctor.

When God told us not to do this not to do that, (the ten commandments) this is to protect us.

Now, his he saying can you enjoy yourself?

Yes, You can enjoy yourself but WITH LIMITS. So is this enjoying life? Is this how to enjoy life? Yes, it is, trust me. This is how and why we believers have enjoyed life so far. I mean what’s the essence of enjoying life without a long life and without continuity after death.

Another QUESTION is, how can I win against the devil each time he tells me I’m not enjoying life to the fullest or I can’t love life and love God together.

It’s simple, think of the end bargain of enjoying life without God. This is physical and spiritual death (damnation). Let’s put this into practice, Real life cases, each time you want to drink, you remember what the doctor had said about what will happen to you later in life and instantly, you change course.

So it is when it comes to love life and love God. When you are about to lose your way, remind yourself of the end bargain and this will instantly keep you back on course.

MY RESULTS if I do Love life and love God together, when you do this together you are going to be amazed by the results you will see. Each morning there are going to be new mercies, new blessings, renewed grace, grace like a river, you’re typically going to move from glory to glory.

Enough of the sugar quoting. I’m not going to tell you that loving life and loving God is a straight road. No, it’s not, there are some curves, some bumps and so on. In fact, a time you are going to ask yourself. Why are my still taking this road?

But the question should be I’m I taking this road to benefit me or to benefit God. The answer is that it’s to benefit you.


Yes, examples: Noah, David, just that he later fell, Abraham and so on and if you want a practical example in my church. Pastor Seyi is a perfect example. This man has loved life and loved God and he is still loving life and loving God.

I look at him sometimes and tell myself ‘this is an example of waiting. Talk about anything and he’s blessed in that aspect.


No matter how far God has blessed you, don’t allow it get to your head because that’s what happens to most people.

Once the wealth comes and the peace of mind comes. It gets to their head. God despises this because it’s no longer humility, it’s the pride and that’s the end of the road for…

Now that you know it’s possible to love life, love God. What will you do? Will you love in God or love outside God? Like I usually say, it’s up to you BUT KNOW THIS, loving in God is the best because I have experienced this myself and I’m still experiencing it.

ONE LAST THING, Christianity is not boring, if it is to you. Change your mentality, rethink and be reborn. I mean, I’m not boring or do I look like I am? #smiles,

Alright, I drop my pen here.

Love you guys.


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