Road Less Traveled That made Men World Rulers

The world leaders of today and the past didn’t just stumble on the fame and wealth they had, they worked hard and followed a particular pattern.

Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Alico Dangote, Oprah Winfrey all these people worked extremely had to become who they are today. Life was not easy but they took it on and fought it like a gladiator.

Can I be frank with you? Life does not favour anyone and everyone only God does. So it’s high time you stop self-pity, stop crying, stop wasting your life because life has been unfair to you.

Nothing that has happened to you that has not happened to anyone around you. It either you don’t see them because you are too busy wallowing with yours or these people are perfect at hiding their sorrow and discomfort.

Oprah Winfrey was raped at a tender age, Steve Jobs was a college drop out, Nelson Mandela was jailed several times because he chased a course that no man has chased before. Enough is enough. To travel the road that leads to success.

First, you must relieve yourself of all the heartaches because without you doing this you won’t go far.

Secondly, You need to identify yourself. Know yourself. So many people today don’t know who they are. Ask them; who are you? They are mute.

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How can you know who you are? Ask yourself this question and be sincere while you are answering them.

What do I love?

What is my passion?

What are my strengths and weaknesses?

Until you answer these questions you don’t know who you are.

Thirdly, Develop your passion: people that is good at what they are today didn’t just stumble on it and didn’t just start being professionals at it. They developed it. I mean they practised every day. One of my choir mate who is extremely good at playing the sax once told me, he said, I play it every day and night.

I mean my parent even complained that it’s disturbing them each time I play it. I never get tired. In fact, l play it also at mid-nite because the acoustic then are extremely clearer and I can hear every note. #smiles, that’s Seyi there.

I can also remember when I started writing. It started with two sentences to three, to a paragraph, to five paragraphs, to a draft till where I am today. I did much research both online and offline. Now, I have written two books although they yet to be published I’m working on it.

Develop your passion. Go for courses, do what you do for free. I mean let people know you and what you are filled with. Note: I said do it for free. I mean render it for free to people. Trust me, It will help you. When people know you, they will pay any amount just have you or your product.

Do you know when tea bags production started it was given to people free and when the (producers) saw people starting getting used to it? They started selling it.

That’s the power of addiction…

Fourth, The simple road or the hard road. The simple road is straightforward, not bumpy, has streetlights and also a short route. That’s the road today’s youth like. That’s why Nigeria spends billions on lotto/sports betting every year.

The average youth complains about how hard the country is due to the recession yet plays a minimum of #500 on lotto and sports betting.

They have a dream of winning big and their sorrows will end. No more oshi (nonsense), that’s our word when we hammer. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying you should not play lotto/sports betting or it’s bad to win.

No, I’m not saying that, but can you stop giving flimsy excuses on how the economy is and brave up. Sweat it out. It looks like I’m stepping on some toes. I’m sorry but I have to frank.

It’s like wishing to have six packs and all the muscles, still, you don’t want to exercise.

My pastor will always say “you say the economy is bad yet there are people building mighty structures (houses) every day, building multi-billion naira companies, making it big yet you say the economy is bad and it doesn’t favour you.

As a man thinketh in his heart so is he…

The hard road, this is a road with curves and turns, bumpy, without street lights (you barely know where you are going). This is a road we today’s youth don’t like to pass. I mean we can’t afford the stress.

Do this and you’ll get this, you hear words like; that’s too stressful I can’t do that and I’m like which road among the hard roads are not stressful? If it is easy many boys, girls, ladies, guys, youths would have passed it.

Hellooooo! That’s why it’s called the hard road.

Now, let’s bring it down. Enough of looking for easy ways out.

Read when you are suppose to read, practice when you are suppose to practice, go to lectures and tutorials when you are supposed to do. Do let’s anyone force you to do this. It all for your betterment…

Work hard today, it pays, trust me, when you become great tomorrow you’ll be proud of who are and what you have become.

One last thing, DON’T GIVE UP.

That’s the last success secret. All the people I mentioned above are great because they never gave up. On what? Their dreams. Abraham Lincoln had the dream of being U.S.A’s president and he never gave on that even after losing elections repeatedly for more than three decades…

So guys don’t give up when you are about to, picture yourself in that place you want to be and this will rejuvenate you.

God bless you…

The road less travelled. ($uccess secrets)

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