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At last! Welcome!

Agidigba MEN came into existence due to the issues in the society and the world at large. From the abusive father, to the homeless boy on the street of Lagos to New York or where ever in the world. It all started from one thing.

Man failing to dominate and conquer the environment (alcohol, porn, masturbation, adultery, fornication…) he finds himself in.

We see this as a huge problem because it’s a vicious circle. It’s automatic that when fathers fail their children fail especially the male ones. It’s not a course; a boy whose father was a rapist will also become one. Any boy raised by a drunkard will also become one.

Another reason why it a serious problem is that Men are the world holders (the four pillars of the world because 95% of world rulers are men [Presidents, Governors, Prime Ministers and the rest].

It is man’s nature to be corrupt because he is born into a corrupt environment. However, it’s not man’s nature to continue to live that way.

What the blog all about;

You ask me what this blog is all about. I’ll tell you it about men (ladies are also welcome).  Where we talk about anything and everything that affects the everyday man.  Will there be solutions? Stick around to find out.

For info’s, suggestions, guest posting and topics you want us to talk about. Reach me via Email: 

Agidigba MEN

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Hi! I'm Ralph Bamigboye! Accountant, Teacher, Writer, and Blogger. I self-funded and started my professional cleaning business in Nigeria. I'm passionate about Nigerian youths (Men in particular) and how they can succeed. How can I make your life better?
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